Guys that Women Like Mostly

Most of the men are always trying to impress women and have applied different tactics to impress them, which sometimes give them success while sometimes failure as well. Women have set different criteria in their mind on which they wanted to find a guy for them. Every woman is different from other in different features which include needs, likes, wants, dislikes and also experiences.

It is said that a group of friends could like different types of men because each one of them has a different choice. As some girls like short boys according to their height while some prefer tall boys. Men always wanted to impress women to develop some relationship with them. They always want to know the preference of girls related to boys which will make it easier for them. It is considered as a big problem among the young generation.
The following are top 10 types of guys that women like all over the world:

10. The Brainiac:

List of Top Ten Types of Guys that Women LikeAlmost every girl doesn’t want any dumb guys, and they are always looking for the smart guys who grab the attention of girls. Both men and women have to spend much time together during different activities which include talking, eating, watching movies and many other. It is the reason they wanted intelligent men. The people with an intelligent brain are much interesting and entertaining which will be able to make much money and also take perfect care of babies which a woman needs in life.

9. The Jerk:

Top Ten Types of Guys that Women LikeJerk is the type of men which mostly women got in their life, and they cannot stay together for long prefers. They always want to treat their women with normal things and are only wildly successful as they don’t want to wear formal shirts and also not own the expensive cars for their lifestyle. But love can easily change a person and women say that they can easily change the personality of men and can make a jerk into the guy who can worship her.

8. Mr. Fix-it:

Types of Guys that Women LikeEvery house needs continuous improvement and also different things need to be fixing it which only perfect men can do. The house also has different plumbing problems which need to be fixed. Most of the best men have this quality to fix different problems faced at home and is handy one. Women avoid these kinds of problems as they care much about their hands and manicure which is done with the price of $60 and needs to be maintained so they need a guy who can fix everything on their behalf.

7. Hero:

Top 10 Types of Guys that Women LikeMost of the kids are fond of super heroes, but some girls also love super heroes who can also perform some tasks of police officer or a firefighter in different conversations etc. The feeling of safety is much big thing which women wanted to have while living with the men and they can sleep without any tension because they have hero sleeping next to her which can also avoid the girls from different criminals.

6. Manager:

List of Top 10 Types of Guys that Women LikeManager is the symbol which is used for power which has made different famous stories all over the world which depict the powers of men due to their status in the society. Most of the men are enhanced with super powers to support their women. Even Barack Obama is known for doing different work even making French fries for his wife. It is said that powerful man can make anything happen in the world which has made it easier for the women to live happily in their life and much comfortable lifestyle as well.

5. The Guy Similar to her Dad:

Top Five Types of Guys that Women LikeMost of the women are grown up by looking up to their father and made him as their role model in life. Most of the women prefer to have guys which have similar qualities to their father and wanted to marry them instantly. It is said to be a good reason for selecting the guy in your life and also prefer to have men in the same professional of her father which then becomes little difficult job in selection.

4. The Artist:

Top 5 Types of Guys that Women LikeIt is said Jay-Z is named as the most handsome and good looking guy. His face is much gigantic and known for his thick accent. Most of the lades prefer to have artists as her life partner because of their passionate lifestyle. It is more responsible towards the women of their life. They are much more passionate about life and the stuff related to it.

3. Already Taken Guy:

Top Three Types of Guys that Women LikeMost of the girls wanted to have the guys who are dating other girls and either their friends. As they are mostly impressed by their features with which they are treating their current girlfriends. Its make them jealous and wanted to have them as their boyfriends.

2. The Rich Guy:

Top 3 Types of Guys that Women LikeHere comes the rich guy who is the preference of every girl which is named as the most demanded guys. If we took the example of Bill Gates he was named as the most demanded guy because of his bank balance. Rich men have much brighter and good chance in getting beautiful and best girls. Every girl wants different features in her life partner, but the main one is he should be rich.

1. The Comedian:

Best Type of Guy that Women LikeFunny guys are highly preferred by the girls as they are named to be more successful for the women. They lighten up the life of girls by their sense of humor. It is also proven by the science that 80% of the women needs a perfect sense of humor as the most desired quality in their men. They have the quality to boost up the mood of the person in any situation of emergency or sad conditions.

Types of Guys that Women Like – Top Ten

Sr.No. Name
1 The Comedian
2 The Rich guy
3 Already taken guy
4 The Artist
5 The guy similar to her dad
6 Manager
7 Hero
8 Mr. Fix-it
9 The Jerk
10 The Brainiac


Women have different preferences related to men in their life. They want different qualities in them, and the choice differs from person to person. All these qualities explained above are the main qualities and are most demanded by the women. Women wanted to satisfy their different needs which are satisfied by the men with the qualities explained above. These qualities makes the couple perfect and they can stay happy for the rest of the life.

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