Nail Polishes for Nail Art Designs

There are many things that are getting common in the society with the passage of time. Most of the people are concerned about styling themselves and look fashionable according to the latest trends. In past, only normal nail polishes are common which were available in a different color but Nowadays the concept is changed. Now there are many types of luxury nail polishes brands which are used for making fingernail arts on the nails to make them more attractive and different designs are made on the nails. In the market, many fingernail art machines are also available for the people with different prices that make this nail art easy for the people. Most of the rich people prefer to purchase expensive things to maintain their status and high-class luxurious lifestyle. These expensive nail paints are made with expensive materials like diamonds etc. to make the nails more appealing and high class. Most of the celebrities show their nails with different designs to make them common among the people and make their nails royal according to the color scheme of their clothes.
The following are most expensive nail polishes for nail art designs with their prices:

5. An Evening to Remember by Red Carpet Manicure:

Top Five Most Expensive Nail Polishes for Nail Art DesignsAn Evening to Remember by red carpet manicure is not the cheap nail polishes but is little cheap than all other included in this list. It is still expensive to be affordable for everyone as its price is estimated to be $1,000. The texture of this fingernail gloss is a very rich jelly type that provides the best look on the nails, and further black diamonds can be enhanced by it to provide it a luxurious look as a whole. It also has been used by the famous celebrities like Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera and Rihanna which made it more famous among the people and in the market as celebrities make the products famous not only among their fans but all around the world.

4. Iced Manicure:

Top 5 Most Expensive Nail Polishes for Nail Art DesignsThis iced manicure is the best one that is the most expensive one that is commonly used for the French manicure, and the whole liquid of the fingernail gloss has diamonds in it which are of 10 carats. It is a very expensive treatment that is only available through a proper appointment as it is an expensive one as its price is estimated to be $51,000. It is also the responsibility of the salon to remove the diamonds when the person wants to remove it because it is very expensive and the diamonds must not be lost. By its look in the bottle, it looks very normal one but it is amazing in its work and texture.

3. I Do by Elle Cosmetics:

Top Three Most Expensive Nail Polishes for Nail Art DesignsThese luxurious fingernail polishes are also available at the famous Sephora store. It is also an expensive fingernail gloss that is available at the price of $55,000. It is very lavish fingernail gloss that was made by the collaboration between Allure and Elle cosmetics and British Platinum supplier. It was loved by the people because it was the creation of the big joint venture and also proved that it is best. It was introduced in Las Vegas first in 2005 and now commonly used all over the world. It’s little affordable version is also available in the market at the price of $250.

2. Gold Rush Couture Nail Polish:

Top 3 Most Expensive Nail Polishes for Nail Art DesignsGold Rush Couture is the fingernail polish that is introduced by Models Own and is the 2nd most expensive fingernail gloss in the world. It is not enhanced with any luxurious diamonds, and the price of this fingernail gloss is almost $130,000. The bottle of this polish is also made from the pure gold and is also studded with 1100 crystal diamonds to make it luxurious fingernail gloss. The bottle is made very luxurious so that when the fingernail gloss is finished still users can cherish it by its bottle that is also beautiful and luxurious. It comes in a small box to maintain its luxurious look.

1. Azature`s Black Diamond Nail Polish:

Most Expensive Nail Polish for Nail Art DesignsAzature`s Black Diamond fingernail polish is the most expensive nail polish in the world which is available at the price of $250,000. It is enhanced with the 267 carats of black diamonds. The small bottle of this nail polish that is of 0.5oz contains a single black diamond in it. The replica of this fingernail polish is also available at the price of $25. The owner of this expensive nail polish considered it as a fine jewelry and enhanced the style of the nails with the perfect quality.

Most Expensive Nail Polishes for Nail Art Design Names

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Azature`s Black Diamond fingernail shine $ 250000
2 Gold Rush Couture fingernail shine $ 130000
3 I Do by Elle Cosmetics $ 55000
4 Iced Manicure $ 51000
5 An Evening to Remember by Red carpet manicure $ 1000


The above ranking of the most expensive nail polishes used for nail art designs is given according to the price of these nail polishes in the market. Nail polishes are a very trendy thing in the fashion which most of the use. Nail polish and nail art is very common among the people who is available in different designs and are further enhanced with diamonds and gold to make them luxurious and expensive. Most of the celebrities are seen with these kinds of expensive nail art designs to make them common in the world and among the people. These nail polishes are not affordable for everyone because of their high prices, but rich people can afford them to main their luxurious style.

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