Luxury Places to Visit in Dubai

Here we will discuss Top Ten Best Luxury Places to Visit in Dubai. It is considered as the best place so spend excursions. Dubai is the Best state to visit in the United Arab Emirates. This city is brimming with tall structures and shopping centers. The past abandon put is transformed into a luxurious setting where people wish to come and live. Shorelines of Dubai are likewise well known for the vacation destination. Touring attractions are various in Dubai. There is world’s tallest building is available in this state Burj Khalifa. Shopping centers in Dubai emerge entire aquariums. There are additionally social places in Dubai like Bastakia District. Separated fabulous spots we can likewise observe common Arabian culture here. Be that as it may, in genuine sense extravagance is done in Dubai. If you need to visit luxurious places of Dubai, you should have a lot of cash. So we have made a list of top ten luxurious places of Dubai you can visit accordingly.

10. Burj AL-Arab

most famous places to visit in dubai This hotel is world’s largest hotel. Its height is 321m.  It is situated on Dubai Coastline.  This is an artificial island owned by this hotel. Structure of this building is worth watching. This building is like a flowing dhow sail. The entrance of Burj al-Arab decorated by choreographed tinted light show. Scattered in all ways possibly.  This one of the most expensive hotel in world. A layman cannot afford it. You must be a billionaire to spend vacations in this hotel. There are luxury suits in it. The expense of one night is over $15000 in this luxury hotel. Those who possess unlimited money can enjoy its underwater restaurant Al-Mahara Restaurant. You can have dinner in floor to ceiling glass panels giving the view of sea life. You can have afternoon coffee at Sky view Bar situated on 27th floor giving you the view of the whole city.

9. Dubai Mall

top places to visit in dubaiIt is Dubai,s leading mall giving you the entrance for Burj AL-Khalifa. It also leads you towards Dubai Aquarium. You can enjoy a lot of things here. There is ice skating rink, cinema complex, gaming zone and many other entertainment options. If you are looking for entertainment, then you must visit this place. People around the world come here for best shopping. There are also many food outlets here. Dubai’s best events take place here. This mall is famous for its fashion shows, music concerts and movies promotions. Many famous fashion festivals organized in Dubai Mall. Dubai Shopping Festival held in January and February, Dubai Summer Surprises Festival in July and August.  This mall is situated on Doha Road near Shiekh Zayed Road.

8. Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheikh Ziyeed RoadThis road is the main highway in Dubai.  It runs via Dubai modern downtown business district. This is eight lane roads. It is brimmed with tall buildings, rising cut-glass, and luxury malls beside with its stretch. All the main attractions of Dubai surround this highway. You can also find other places around off strips, very first crossing and roundabouts.  In 6A street, there is courtyard gallery. It has an amazing collection of pieces of art for art lovers. All these paintings belong to Arab artists. Dubai World Trade Tower is also situated at Shiekh Zayed Road. Its observation deck is present on the top floor. It gives you an amazing view of the city. Another important place that is situated at Sheikh Zayed Road is the Gold and Diamond Park and Museum. It is a one stay place for shopping lovers. You can buy jewelry of all kinds here. In this shop, there are 118 creators and 30 stores in one place. In museum, you can see ancient production of Arabian jewelry. You can also visit the plants where it is manufacturing.

7. Diera Souks

most famous places to visit in dubaiIt was established in 1830s. It is located in north on Dubai Creek.  In twisting streets, you can see people from different countries came here to earn bread.  You can see on modern bank ancient dhows loading and unloading at the shore. From the tourist point of view, Diera is the ideal place to visit because of its traditional marketplaces. It remains crowded whole day. In Deira, there is a Gold Souk that famous for its gold. It is world’s largest gold market. It is the reason due to which Dubai is known as “City of Gold”.  All types of jewelry are found here. Traditional old or blend of these two can be seen in Dubai. Deira is also the center of spices of all kinds. You can buy cumin, paprika, saffron, sumac and chilies. Fragrant oud wood rose water and incense can also be found here. You can see wooden corridors, doorways, and traditional Arabian architecture. For observing local customs, you can also visit the fish market here.

6. Jumeirah Mosque

most famous places in dubaiIt is considered as most beautiful mosque of Dubai. It is copied off the ancient mosque of Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo. But this mosque is far smaller than Al-Azhar Mosque. According to a rough estimation, it is eight times smaller than Al-Azhar Mosque. Jumeirah Mosque is the example of best traditional and Islamic architecture. The stone structure is exactly like the Fatimid tradition. The two minarets are standing erect that representing the splendid past of Muslims. Breathtaking taking stonework details are worth watching. It gives an amazing view in evening when lit with floodlights. There are guided tours organized by Shiekh Mohammad Bin Rashid Centre for cultural understanding. These guided tours are organized to tell that what actually Muslim’s faith is. These tours can be enjoyed daily at 10am excluding Friday (Muslim’s sacred day).

5. Dubai Creek

most popular places to visit in dubaiIt bifurcates the city into two towns.   In these two towns, the Deira is situated in the north, and Bur Dubai is in the south. Dubai Creek plays an important role in the development of the city. It charms immigrants to fish and pearl dive. There are small villages that settled 4000 years ago along with this creek. But modern civilization settled in 1830s here. Bani Yas tribe laid the foundation of modern Dubai. Along Dubai Creek in the north of Al-Maktoum Bridge, Dhow Wharfage is situated. This area is also occupied by small traders. They come from the Gulf. Some Dhows are present here over 100 years old. The loading and unloading of cargo can be observed here. There vessels for tourists to visit. You can also make a tour of Kuwait, Iran, and India from here through vessels. The remnants of Dubai’s old tradition can be seen here.   To travel across the creeks, you need to take a cruise, ferry or vessel.

4. Shiekh Saeed Al-Maktoum House

most famous places to visit in dubaiHe was the head of state. He ruled from 1921 to 1958 as grandfather. His current generation is still ruling the Dubai. The residence that he used previously is museum now. This museum is a fine example of Islamic architecture. In 1896, the original house was built by his father (Shiekh Saeed). This house is extinct, but the new house is built on old lines. There are thirty rooms around the courtyard. You can see carved wooden doors and windows in this house. In museum, there are old photos of era 1948 to 1953. This house and museum are splendid examples of Arabian architecture and Islamic heritage.

5. Bastakia (Old Dubai)

most ancient places to visit in dubaiThis area was constructed in early nineteenth century. Originally by Persian merchants. These merchants were sellers of pearls and textiles. They came here for tax-free trade across Dubai Creek. It is situated on eastern side of Bur Dubai. You can see coral and limestone buildings here. It is famous for wind towers. These towers provide the ancient form of air-conditioning. Wind trapped by the tower process down in inner house. In Bastakia there are broad streets symbol of traditional Arabian culture.

2. Dubai Museum

most popular places to visit in dubaiThis museum is situated in Al-Fahidi Fort constructed in 1787. It was constructed to defend Dubai Creek. This is traditionally build with coral walls with incorporation of lime. The courtyard gives way to different traditional boats and palm leaf house. You can see the weaponry and musical instruments in this museum. In the ground floor, there are display halls. There are also 3000 to 4000 old graves according to Al-Quasi archaeological site.

1.Burj Khalifa

most luxurious places in dubai
Burj Khalifa is the sign of Dubai. This building is world’s tallest building. Its height is 829.8m. It was completed in 2010. Observation deck is situated on 124th floor. Views of city from this building are breathtaking. If you want to visit this world’s tallest building, you should visit the night. In night, you can see the amazing view of the city. In elevator, you can see the city from 360 degrees. The high-speed elevators can take you in seconds from the ground floor to the top floor. In ground, you can see the buildings with beautiful gardens and walkways. Dubai Fountain is best water feature of this building. You can enter in this building through Dubai Mall. It is situated near Sheikh Zayed Road.

List of Top Ten Most Luxurious Places To Visit In Dubai at a Glance.
Rank Places
1. Burj al-Arab
2. Dubai Mall
3. Sheikh Zayed Road
4. Diera Souks
5. Jumeirah Mosque
6. Dubai Creek
7. Shiekh Saeed Al-Maktoum House
8. Bastakia (Old Dubai)
9. Dubai Museum
10. Burj Khalifa
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