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Most Expensive Haunted Houses in the World

Most Expensive Haunted Houses in the World

There are different places in the world which are famous for many reasons, and people wanted to know more about them because of their curiosity. People are always afraid of haunted places and wanted to avoid them that still in the world there are some haunted places which have very high value, and people can mainly use them for different theme parties especially Halloween. These places are considered as the main priority for the television shows which create magic at these places and depict the stories of ghost related in them to attract the people towards them. These homes are very scary but people should know that these are real houses on which people should believe, and some of their stories are also real. These beautiful homes are located at different places of the world which have high value and claim to have much paranormal fame related to them. These houses are very scary for the normal people because of their stories and depiction.

Franklin Castle:

most expensive banglow

Franklin Castle is the house which was displayed for sale in 2011, and its estimated value was almost $260,000. As compared to all other haunted homes of the world it is much cheaper one because of its location. It has faced many legal issues in it, and this home was under the ownership of a banker. It was built in 1865; it has experienced much-unexplained death in it which has created problems for it. It also faces different weird sounds in it.

Kimball Castle in Gilford N.H:


Kimball Castle, which is located mainly in New Hampshire, consists of almost five bedrooms with three bathrooms and is located on a total area of 23 acres. It was constructed in 1897 which was completely inspired by the amazing castle which is located in Germany. The cost of this house at that time was $50,000, but now its value is estimated to be $879,000. It is said now that its construction is much old one and people have heard the sound of horses in it.

Amityville House in New York:

Amityville House in New York

Amityville house is the one who is the major location for different books and movies related to different paranormal activities in it. It was also the residency of the person called Ronald DeFeo in 1974 who has killed almost six members of his family in it while they were sleeping. Then this homes was left by him while all the furniture and things in it were not taken by him and are created a much haunted experience for the people. The estimated value of this house is $1.15 million.

The Surgeon`s House in Arizona:

The Surgeon`s House in Arizona

The Surgeon`s House is famous with this name because it was owned by the chief surgeon and was constructed in 1916. Then it was transformed into the breakfast and bed in the year of 1992 and many guests were staying in it have witnessed the dancing of ghosts and person walking to different rooms carrying a doctor bag and the estimated value of this house is $1.2 million.

Lalaurie House in New Orleans:

expensive house

Lalaurie house is the one which was purchased by a couple in 1831 which was poorly maintained by the slaves of the home. It has faced fire in 1834 which has killed many slaves in it, and it is said their souls are wandering there, and people have experienced there screams, and they walk in balconies. This was owned by the actor called Nicolas Cage, and the value of this beautiful house is almost $2.3 million.

Britannia Manor II:

most expensive banglow in world

Britannia Manor II is the house which is named as the most famous haunted house because of the movies has done their shooting in it in 2007 which made it famous. It was constructed in 1987 and is located in Austin which is located on the top of the hill. It has faced many paranormal residents which are named as the best location for most of the fun parties mainly Halloween parties there. The value of this amazing house is $4.1 million.

Ennis House:

Ennis House

Ennis House is most beautiful one which was designed by the amazing designer called Frank Lloyd in 1923. It is made from the concrete block its entire exterior and is made in very different style. It is named as the home for many haunted movies of Hollywood and sci-fi films as well which made it famous as well all around the world. It has the very high value which is almost $4.2 million.

The White House in Washington D.C:

most expensive home in washington

It is one of the most difficult haunted houses which is a main attraction for the ghost hunters, and it has a large number of stories related to this famous house. It is said that the wife of President John Adams is the oldest ghost in it which is quite famous. It has witnessed different paranormal stories related to it, but this house is named as the most famous house in the world with the value of $110 million.

Winchester Mystery House:

World expensive house

Winchester Mystery House is the one which consists of 160 rooms in it which are known for its beautiful architectural design. It provides the amazing feel and simple one which consists of different secret passageways which have additional séance room and is an amazingly constructed house there. It has large grounds which are well maintained and is worth it to be visited once, but people are afraid of it due to its different stories.

The Cassadaga Hotel:

The Cassadaga Hotel

The Cassadaga Hotel is the one which is famous for the paranormal activities which have many spiritual stories related to it. It has much small older cottages which are considered as the home for different spiritualists and stories related to it. It is said that it has many powerful energies in it which has created problems for the people. The value of this hotel is not specified because of the market value, but it is much expensive one due to its whole located and construction.

Most Expensive Haunted Houses – Scary Houses

SR NO. Name Price
01 The Cassadaga Hotel $126 million
02  Winchester Mystery House $115 million
03 The White house in Washington D.C $110 million.
04 Ennis House $4.2 million.
05 Britannia Manor II $4.1 million.
06 Lalaurie House in New Orleans $2.3 million.
07 The Surgeon`s House in Arizona $1.20 million.
08 Amityville House in New York $1.15 million.
09 Kimball Castle in Gilford N.H $50,000,
10 Franklin Castle $ 2,60,000