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Top Ten Most Beautiful Gardens in the World

Top Ten Most Beautiful Gardens in the World

Every person loves some natural beauty which is always refreshing for their eyes and soul as well. Nature is a thing which can fully revive the person and can be healthy for the body. There are many beautiful places in the whole world which are worth visiting for the people all around the world. The world best plots are not only natural, but some human efforts are provided to make them more beautiful and attractive for the people coming there. It is said that a person can feel completely refreshed only by hearing the name of plot. Plot is considered as the place which provides peace for the mind because of the incredible smell of flowers, birds chirping, fresh breeze and many others features there. The morning walk is always conducted in beautiful plots which are blessing one. These world best gardens are amazingly designed, made and are named as the best blessing of nature for the people of the world. We all know that most beautiful gardens in England are famous but those which will be discussed here are in the eyes of the people.

The following are 10 top rated most beautiful gardens located in the whole world:

10. Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg, Austria:

top 10 most beautiful gardensMirabell is a classical garden which is located in Europe. It is a palace which also has a beautiful garden which is made on the pattern of their cultural heritage and also a big part of their historical background. This incredible palace was constructed in 1606 by the Prince there and was then redesigned in 1690. It also has oldest hedge theater there and also some music program for the music lovers. It mostly plays classical music which is suitable for the whole environment and theme of the plot.

9. Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Australia:

top 10 most beautiful gardens in the worldAustralia is the place which is known for its natural beauty and so is their plot with the name of Royal Botanic Garden and is an internationally known place there which is located near Yarra bank. It is located on more than 100 acres and also different parts including kid’s garden, discovery walk, heritage walk and many other special events there. It also provides yoga etc. services to the people. It is a most famous place of Melbourne which is visited by almost 1.5 million individuals in each year.

8. Ji Chang Yuan, Jiangsu, China:

top rated gardens in the worldJi Chang Yuan is located inside the park called Xihui and is the park of the 16th century which is also known as Garden of Ecstasy. It is charming place which provides everything including breadth, depth and height as well. It also has an artificial mountain area which has yellow rock side surrounding the area and enhances its beauty. It was then completely restored in the 19th century with some new ideas and much improvement to its beauty as well. This garden is in the list of most beautiful gardens on the east coast.

7. Bagh-e Fin, Kashan, Iran:

beautiful gardens in the worldBagh-e Fin is the plot which is located in Kashan of Iran which is entirely historical and Old Persian garden. It consists of the Kashan fine bath where Amir Kabir was murdered by the king in 1852. It was then fully completed in 1590 and is named as the oldest plot located in Iran. It is located on 2.3 hectares and is entirely surrounded by the circular towers. It seems like paradise because of the waterfalls and some other attractions there. It also has fantastic and rare trees there.

6. Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, Arizona:

beautiful gardens in the world everDesert Botanical is located in Arizona and was established in 1937, and it consists of 21,000 different plants. It is exquisite place which is named as one of the best one and unique because of the variety of trees and flowers there. It is the very extensive park which is completely surrounded by red rocks. It is the scorched and heated place to be visited which is a mostly common feature of the plot.

5. Kenroku-en Garden, Ishikawa, Japan:

amazing gardens in the worldKenroku-en is named as one of the best and beautiful place of Japan which are complete peace provider to the people. It is located in an area of more than 11.4 hectares which is located next to Kanazawa Castle. This beautiful place is maintained by the famous Maeda family there. It looks fabulous in spring season because of the rare cherry blossom and many others things. In spring, the first two weeks are entirely free for the visitors coming there.

4. Gardens at the Versailles Palace, France:

stunning look gardens in the worldThis is basically historical gardens which are the main attraction and most impressive part of the whole Europe. It is located in the area of more than 800 hectares and most of the area there is landscaped. It is very luxurious plot which also has a palace of the Prince there. Most of the visitors there can spend many days there to enjoy the nature of mountains, flowers, and views there. It is also named as the most visited public place of France which is visited by almost 6 million visitors in each year.

3. Majorelle Garden, Marrakech, Morocco:

top rated beautiful gardensMajorelle is the place which is located in the area of more than 12 acres and is perfectly landscaped by the professionals. The most famous brand of the world called Yves Saint Laurent who is a legendary designer has also named his cosmetics to range right after it. It was made in 19220 and is the primary attraction for tourists. It is much known for its paintings, jewels and ceramics used there.

2. Claude Monet`s Garden at Giverny, France:

lovliest gardens in the worldMonet`s is beautiful plot located in France. This garden looks like a painting because of the location and whole arrangement there. Flowers there are of the very rare type and its design is amazing. It took almost 43 years to complete it which is a water and flower garden. It is named as the most spectacular garden located there. It looks like a painting rather than a real garden.

1. Kirstenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa:

top ten beautiful gardens in the worldKirstenbosch Garden is named as the world famous national garden which is located in South Africa, which consists of 22,000 rare and precious plants there. It is charming place which has the amazing garden. It was established in 1913. It is the main attraction of tourists all over the world. The plants there need some smoke and bush fires to reproduce them correctly. This garden is enriched with most beautiful plants.

Most Beautiful Gardens in the World

Sr No. Name Area
1 Kirstenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa 528 hectares
2 Claude Monet`s Garden at Giverny, France 400 hectares
3 Majorelle Garden, Marrakech, Morocco 12 acres
4 Gardens at the Versailles Palace, France 800 hectares
5 Kenroku-en Garden, Ishikawa, Japan 11.4 hectares
6 Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, Arizona 140 acres
7 Bagh-e Fin, Kashan, Iran 2.3 hectares
8 Ji Chang Yuan, Jiangsu, China 2.5 acres
9 Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Australia 100 acres
10 Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg, Austria 80 acres


These are most beautiful flowers gardens and natural places to be visited which is quite a peaceful place for the mind and soul of the people. Almost millions of the people visit these gardens all over the world and tourists as well because of their beauty. Gardens consist of different precious and rare plants and much designed as well. People only know the list of top ten most beautiful gardens in Europe, but you will find the best variety of wallpapers here.