Luxury Sunglasses Brands

In this article, we will talk about top 10 most luxury sunglasses brands of the world. We as a whole realize that these days everybody needs to look fantastic and jazzy. The pattern of elegant items has expanded in recent years like marked packs, sunglasses, and so forth. Sunglasses are not just utilized by individuals to shield their eyes from the sun yet are an image of style too. Sunglasses of various well-known brands are extremely costly which are considered as a materialistic trifle in the public eye. The costs of sunglasses continue changing because of the cost of material utilized as a part of them which makes them moderate for everybody. In the leading most expensive sunglasses are made with precious stones and gold that expands their costs and are fair to rich people as it were. There are numerous celebrated brands in which are influencing sunglasses to like Bulgari, Gucci, and so forth. For the most part, their accumulation is affected restricted in number more for big names, to mold symbols, and so forth. Many duplicates of various brands are accessible in the market that is awful in quality and can be unsafe to eyes also. By perusing this article, you will have the capacity to think about best ten best sunglasses brands.
The following are Top 10 Most Luxury Sunglasses Brands in the World:

10. Lugano Diamonds Sunshades:

top ten most famous sunglasses brandsLugano Diamonds is a privately owned jewelry company that was established in 1974. It is operating its business in California. When this company started to launch their glasses, range they hired a famous designer Barton Perreira. All glasses were made with different frames like made with gold and silver. Some of them were very expensive which have pink diamonds, leopard print, black diamonds and many other expensive ones. Glasses made by this brand are very famous and successful as well. The price of their glasses is almost $27,000. The design of their glasses is unique and stylish as well.

9. Bvlgari Parentesi Diamond Sunglasses:

most famous sunglasses brandsBvlgari is very famous luxury brand that was established in 1884 and belongs to Rome. Rome is not only home for this brand but an inspiration as well which is clearly represented in their products. They have started to work in the field of glasses in some recent years that are made with precious diamonds and gold. Gold used in these glasses is extracted from their traditional temples. These glasses were made in a limited number only ten pairs to make people more curious and attract them. Its price was almost $31,000.

8. Bentley Platinum Sunglasses:

top ten most popular sunglasses brandsBentley is a very famous company all over the world because of its luxurious cars. It is also known for producing one of the most expensive cars in the world. Only few years back this company started to work in the field of glasses with a limited edition that will be a complement to their cars. Its price is almost $45,276 which is very expensive to afford by everyone. The design of their glasses is very different and stylish as well which captures the attention of buyers.

7. Bulgari Flora Sunglasses:

top ten most luxurious sunglasses brands of the worldBulgari is very famous brand all over the world due to its luxurious products. The whole frame of this flora glasses is made up of 18k white gold, and its body has blue sapphires and diamonds which further enhanced its beauty. These glasses are available in $59,000 which is very expensive. The floral designs on its sides make it more attractive and stylish as well and can be used formally as well.

6. Maybach “The Diplomat I”:

top ten most famous sunglasses brandsMaybach is also a Car brand that belongs to Germany and was started in 1909. It was given the title of the brand of the year in 2013. Then they launched glasses to relate it with their luxurious cars. This design was made only in limited quantity with 50 pieces that has 18k gold and 147 diamonds on it. Its price is almost $60,000. These glasses are very stylish and attractive as well with the logo of this brand on its sides.

5. Luxuriator Style 23 Canary Diamond Sunglasses:

most famous sunglasses brands in the worldIt is a very famous jewelry brand that is making products for men and women as well and belongs to Los Angeles. This specific shades belong to luxurious collection and costs about $65,000. The body of the frame is made of 18k gold and also further enhanced with 132 diamonds also on the corners. Its lenses are made with latest features like which can adjust it according to light. The design and style of these sunglasses are unique and attracts the audience from all over the world.

4. Clic Gold 18 Carat Gold Sports Sunglasses:

most popular sunglasses brandsClic Gold is very famous eye wear brand that is working in this field for more than 35 years. First they were only involved in making of expensive reading glasses but later they teamed up with famous designer Hugh Power for the creation of sunglasses. Each piece of these expensive glasses takes almost 40 to 50 to make them complete. Every part of these sunglasses is made with pure gold. This brand only produced 100 pairs only. Its price is almost $75,000. The whole design and shape of these glasses is unique than all other brands.

3. Shiels Jewellers Emerald Sunglasses:

most luxurious sunglasses brandsShiels Jewellery is very famous company that belongs to Australia and was started in 1945. At that Time Company was only producing jewelry items and gift-ware but later when this company was sold then it started to produce sunglasses in 1977. The emeralds used in these sunglasses make them more expensive. Their glasses range is inspired by Roman Emperor. Its frame also has diamonds on it to make it more attractive. The price of these glasses is almost $200,000.

2. Dolce & Gabbana DG2027B Sunglasses:

most famous sunglassesThese sunglasses were named as the most expensive glasses of the world for many years. Dolce & Gabbana is belonged to Italy and famous for its quality products. Their glasses are luxurious and make the people speechless by its beauty. Its frame is made up of gold, and its lenses are tinted with brown color. Its arms are also enhanced with diamonds. Its price is almost $380,000 which is very expensive not affordable by everyone.

1. Chopard De Rigo Vision Sunglasses:

most luxurious sunglasses brandsMost expensive sunglasses of the world are made by a famous Swiss brand Chopard. This brand joined hands with a famous designer De Rigo for the creation of luxurious and stylish glasses. Its price is almost $408,000. These specific glasses has 24k gold used on it while the arms of glasses are equipped with dotted gold to make them attractive. The logo of this company “C” is written on its arms to recognize the product that is also written with diamonds.

List of Top Ten Most Luxurious Sunglasses Brands at a Glance

Rank Brands Name Average Price
1. Chopard De Rigo Vision Sunglasses $408,000
2. Dolce & Gabbana DG2027B Sunglasses $380,000
3. Shiels Jewellers Emerald Sunglasses $200,000
4. Clic Gold 18 Carat Gold Sport Sunglasses $75,000
5. Luxuriator Style 23 Canary Diamond Sunglasses $65,000
6. Maybach “The Diplomat I.” $60,000
7. Bulgari Flora Sunglasses $59,000
8. Bentley Platinum Sunglasses $45,276
9. Bvlgari Parentesi Diamond Sunglasses $31,000
10. Lugano Diamonds Sunshades $27,000
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