Expensive Athletes Homes

Athletes are very famous in the world, and they have millions of fans all over the world. These athletes belong to different games and are perfect in their respective fields. All of the famous athletes are famous that is the reason they are very rich as well. All of them have played many successful sports that made them more successful. These sports persons are willing to pay large amount of dollars on purchasing their luxurious homes that are comfortable and best as well. As they are always playing so, they need more comfortable luxury homes to relax from their normal routines. Their luxury home plans are not like the ordinary one`s but are best and well equipped with all facilities that most of them have gyms, swimming pools and some of them have their hair salons as well. All these facilities make their homes a symbol of luxuries which made them more famous in the world by purchasing the most expensive homes. Their expensive homes have made a record in the world because of the high price tag that are only affordable to them.
The following are top most expensive athlete homes in the world:

10. Mark Cuban`s Dallas Palace:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Athletes Homes in the WorldHe is the owner of Dallas Maverick team. He has made his home in Dallas which was considered as the 9th most expensive one in Dallas in about 1997. That home is very comfortable and best of living and playing his game as well. It has a large basketball court for the practice and conducting games of his team. It is a very large home that has almost 10 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. The total value of that home is estimated to almost $17.2 million which is very expensive for a house.

9. Ivan Lendl`s Expansive Connecticut property:

Top Ten Most Expensive Athletes Homes in the WorldIvan was a very famous tennis player and is serving as the team coach as well. He has been the champion of 8 major tennis tournaments. He bought his home in 1980, and the value of that home was almost $20 million. Then that home was also kept on sale. It was a very large home on 450 acre that had many major facilities in it like a long staircase, gym, and steam room as well. As it was a luxurious house, it has a swimming pool, guest house and tennis court as well. Not only have these but the big beautiful gardens and horses enhanced the beauty of this home much more.

8. John Henry`s Boston Beauty:

Top Ten Expensive Athletes Homes in the WorldJohn is the owner of the Liverpool football club that is very famous and successful in the world. He has a large mansion in Boston which has almost 33 rooms and the value of this home is almost $21.3 million. He purchased the land and constructed his home in 2009. The most beautiful thing about this home is its entry gate that is very luxurious and beautiful as well. It also has a big home theater in his house. It is considered as the most expensive home in Brookline.

7. TIE Randy Johnson’s Mountainside Mansion:

Top 10 Most Expensive Athletes Homes in the WorldRandy Johnson belongs to San Francisco and is retired pitcher as well. He has a very large mansion of 25000 square foot on the base of a mountain in a valley that is very beautiful. The total value of his large mansion is almost $25 million. It has 7 rooms, 12 bathrooms, and a guesthouse as well. It has all luxurious facilities in it like gym, home theater and many others as well. He also has another house in Dana point which was later sold in almost $6.25 million.

6. TIE Greg Norman`s exclusive sports club paradise:

List of Top Five Most Expensive Athletes Homes in the WorldNorman was a very good golfer of the world. He owns a very large house in Boca Raton, and the value of that house is almost $25 million. It is claimed by the Real Deal that still this house has the same price. It is a very expensive house plane that has 7 rooms and 19 bathrooms in it. It has almost 4 floors and ten big garages. The beautiful greenery of this house has enhanced the beauty of this house. Then again, he got a loan to enhance his house more.

5. Paul Allen`s modern Silicon Valley Mansion:

Top Five Most Expensive Athletes Homes in the WorldPaul is the owner of Portland Trail. He is a billionaire and has a very large house in Silicon Valley. The value of this house is almost $27 million while the asking price of this house was almost $31.8 million. He not only owns his large house but many expensive places like Hawaii, Seattle, etc. It is full of luxuries in it like Movie Theater and separate guesthouses as well.

4. Tiger Wood`s Jupiter Island golf paradise:

TOp 5 Most Expensive Athletes Homes in the WorldTiger Woods is very famous golfer of the world. He purchased his new house in Florida and then moved into it in 2011. His house is very beautiful as it has a very impressive ocean view from large windows. It is equipped with all the luxurious facilities like a golf course, running track, etc. It also has large swimming pools to cool off this player. This house not only has a golf course but also tennis and basketball court as well. The value of this house is almost $45.5 million.

3. David Beckham`s West London digs:

Top Three Most Expensive Athletes Homes in the WorldEveryone in this world is well aware of David Beckham as he was a very famous soccer player. He is retired now. In 2013, he purchased a new house in Chelsea for almost $57.1 million and were very large house. It is very beautiful house and has almost 7 rooms and 5 bathrooms. He decorated this house by his friend who is a famous interior designer who made this house more beautiful and luxurious as well.

2. Tom Hick`s Dallas Estate:

Top 3 Most Expensive Athletes Homes in the WorldTom is the owner of Liverpool which is very famous and one of the most expensive football club. He has his home in Dallas which is popular with the name of Hicks Estate, which is now kept for sale. The value of this home is almost $100 million. It is a very large home that is made on 25 acres of land. It is full of luxurious facilities like garages, picnic places, Movie Theater. It also has a large pool outside it and also a helipad for his helicopter.

1. Stanley Kroenke`s massive Midwest property:

Most Expensive Athelte Home in the WorldStanley is the owner of Arsenal FC. He purchased his house in 2012 in Augusta Montana at that high price tag of $132.5 million. It is a very large house that it has a capacity for cattle keeping and agriculture as well. It is very beautiful house situated in the mountains and the most expensive one as well. He is also the 8th biggest landowner of the country.

List of Most Expensive Athletes Homes:

Sr.No. Names Total Value
1 Stanley Kroenke`s Massive Midwest Property $132.5 Million
2 Tom Hick`s Dallas Estate $100 Million
3 David Beckhams West London Digs $57.1 Million
4 Tiger Woods Jupiter Island Golf Paradise $45.5 Million
5 Paul Allen’s Modern Silicon Valley Mansion $27 Million
6 TIE Greg Norman`s Exclusive sports club paradise $25 Million
7 TIE Randy Johnson`s Mountainside Mansion $25 Million
8 John Henry`s Boston Beauty $21.3 Million
9 Ivan Lendl`s Expansive Connecticut property $20 Million
10 Mark Cuban`s Dallas palace $17.2 Million


We conclude that all the athletes of the world are best in their respective fields and are very successful as well. They have won many big tournaments of the world which made them more famous. All of these athletes discussed above are very rich and own most expensive homes in the world. Their homes are very luxurious and large as well with a high price tag that takes them to this list.

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