Romantic Destinations in Europe for Couples

In this article, we will talk about top 10 most luxurious and romantic destinations in Europe for couples. Most of the couples of the world either married or engaged wanted to go to different holidays with their partners to enjoy with them and spend some time together. Couples think that they can understand each other well when they will spend more time together. Europe is the first choice for most of the vacations because of its beauty and attractive places that are seen in the pictures and different movies and attract people towards them. Couples need some romantic places where they can live comfortably and enjoy their tour. Most of the couples prefer to go to these places for their honeymoon after marriage, and Europe is most famous for it. In Europe, there are not only romantic places but some romantic sea sides, cities and shopping malls as well. It is considered as the popular place to be visited by their couples for their honeymoon, Valentine’s Day and their wedding anniversaries. The best places in Europe can be chosen according to your budget of the vacations and hotels can be booked according to that.
The following are top 10 most romantic places in Europe to be visited by couples:

10. Budapest:

Top Ten Most Luxurious Destinations in Europe for CouplesBudapest is the place that has the large Buda castle in the background which is very historical building. The famous first bridge that was Hungarian capital is now considered as the monument of Budapest, which is the main attraction for the tourists and couples because of its romantic environment for the couples. People can also walk up to the top by using a tunnel that on the top provides a whole beautiful view of the Budapest. The bridges there and the shopping malls there are also very developed which are equipped with all the famous brands of the world.

9. Bruges:

Top Ten Most Romantic Destinations in Europe for CouplesBruges is a very beautiful place in all types of a season either in winters or summer. It is a very beautiful place that has stunning places for the people and famous for wedding photo shoots because of attractive locations. It is named after the most popular photographed place in the whole Europe because of the beauty. Most of the pictures printed on the postcard are taken there and are considered as the perfect sceneries. Couples love to go there especially for their honeymoons to get some different experience and spend time together on the beautiful locations.

8. Santorini:

Top 10 Most Luxurious Destinations in Europe for CouplesSantorini is the most popular and romantic place right after Greece. It has many beautiful places and clear water places where couples can enjoy and get some different experiences. The island there is considered as the best wedding destination in the whole Europe for couples. The famous island of Santorini is Caldera and is very romantic. The pictures clicked there are no less than a dream because of the beauty and the romantic sceneries there.

7. Florence:

Top 10 Most Romantic Destinations in Europe for CouplesFlorence is the place that is very famous because of its historical background and the masterpieces of art located there which cannot be separated from this place. It was declared as the World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1982 because of the Roman monuments and their art worked located there. The beautiful Pitti Palace located there was the main attraction in the 16th century as at that time, Florence was the capital city of Italy.

6. Biarritz:

List of Top 10 Most Luxurious Destinations in Europe for CouplesBiarritz is considered as a very romantic place that is named as the pearl of the Atlantic. It is the very luxurious place because of the beautiful rocks there, perfect climate and the attractive coastline there. It is the best destination to be visited by couples that are beautiful and appealing at any time of the year. The tennis stars of this place are famous in the whole world that has made this place popular and known in the world. It also has a strong history related to the Napoleon III and its stories.

5. London:

Top Five Most Luxurious Destinations in Europe for CouplesLondon is the most famous and attractive place of the whole Europe and no one in the world needs an introduction about it. This place is the perfect mixture of the sweet, cool and ideal views. The views of London are Panoramic especially for the Valentine’s Day dinner dates of couples. The history and culture of London are very strong. London is always considered as in highest demand of couples for spending some memorable time together and is the ideal place to be visited during the whole year.

4. Sintra:

Top 5 Most Romantic Destinations in Europe for CouplesSintra is the beautiful place that is located between the sea and the mountains. It was discovered by the strong historical background and the beautiful location. The culture and nature of the place are perfect for the visitors from the world. It is considered as the most romantic place because of its location and complete privacy. It is the best place to be experienced once in the life of the couples. Sintra is basically the capital of Romanticism and most visited place by the couples from the whole world.

3. The Cinque Terre:

Luxurious and Romantic Destinations in Europe for CouplesThe Cinque Terre is the place which has perfectly preserved the nature and the beauty. It is also very historical place and the development projects and well-developed roads. The human activities and the culture there is very strong which provides a completely different experience to the people visiting there. It has a beautiful large stone wall that is similar to the Great Wall of China. It is a very beautiful place that should be visited by the couples once in a lifetime to get some unique and memorable experience.

2. Paris:

Top Three Most Romantic Destinations in Europe for CouplesMost of the couples travel to Paris to celebrate their honeymoon right after their wedding because it is considered as the best country for the honeymoon in the world. The romantic environment, walks, restaurants and everything provides you to cherish the memories in the whole life. The decors there have attracted all the love birds from the world during the whole year. The shopping there is also very famous and nightlife is also very exciting for the people and especially couples.

1. Venice:

Luxurious and Romantic Destinations in Europe for CouplesVenice is the place that is totally situated in water and is the beautiful place in the whole world. It is very different kind of place. The experience there will surprise all the visitors that will entertain you. The celebrations and the festivals are the main attraction for the people visiting there. The whole environment there is very romantic and is the best site for the couples to get some best experience.

List of Luxurious and Romantic Destinations in Europe for Couples

Sr.No. Names Area Population
1 Venice 414.6  km² 260060 (2012)
2 Paris 105.4  km² 2.244 million (2010)
3 The Cinque Terre Tourism Site Five Towns
4 Sintra 319.2  km² 377835 (2011)
5 London 1572  km² 8.539 million (2014)
6 Biarritz 11.66  km² 25397 (2009)
7 Florence 102.4  km² 361679 (2012)
8 Santorini 90.96  km² 15550 (2011)
9 Bruges 138.4  km² 117377 (2011)
10 Budapest 525.2 km² 1.732 million (2012)


The above ranking of top 10 most luxurious and romantic destinations in Europe for couples is given according to nature, environment and the places in Europe. All these places are very beautiful and are well developed. Most of the couples wanted to go to different places to spend time together after their wedding that will provide them the lifetime experience. Europe is very famous in the whole world, and all its destinations are loved by the people.

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