Luxurious European Train Trips

Everyone knows that Europe is very beautiful and attractive place for nature lovers and tourists around the world. Europe is a very well developed place and the standard of living there is very high, which the people living there are fully enjoying. Europe has perfectly developed transportation facilities there including air, roads, and sea as well. Trains are the most common transportation measure that people of Europe are using because of the most luxurious trains there and the facilities in them. The trains there are very comfortable and efficient that have comfortable seats and special compartments for the privacy as people have to travel in them for long hours.  Trains there are fastest means of traveling and provide a memorable experience to the people traveling through them. Most of the people there prefer to travel through trains either going to their offices or any other trips. The tickets charged by these trains are different as they are determined according to the different places to which passengers travel. These trains are made with latest technology that makes them fast and their glass automatic doors are the true depiction of the new techniques used in them.
The following are top 10 best Europe train trips in the world:

10.  Luxury on Wheels: The Transylvanian Odyssey:

List of Top Ten Luxurious European Train TripsThe Transylvanian Odyssey is the train that travels from London to Istanbul in Turkey, and the total duration of the journey is of 8 days. It is a private train that is equipped with all the modern facilities, classical look, and perfect food facility. It also provides a walking trip to the medieval town that is an amazing experience for the passengers. The journey on this train also includes the stay at two important places which are Budapest and Istanbul.

9. Roughing it by Rail: Balkan Flexipass:

Top Ten Luxurious European Train TripsBalkan Express is the train that provides unlimited traveling for the people for many days according to their passengers. The main route of the train includes Belgrade, Serbia, and some others. The night club of this train is very entertaining, and the beer bar provides a luxurious impact to the people at night. The charges of the train are different according to the route of the passengers and also increased due to the extra time taken due to some delays. The regular route of the train is covered in 10 hours.

8. The Elegance of Yesteryear: Venice Simplon-Orient-Express:

Top Ten Most Luxurious European Train TripsOrient Express is the train that mainly travels from London to Venice and covers this distance in two days and one night. It is a very traditional type of train which took the people to the time of 1920`s due to its look and décor. It was restored and renovated after spending $16 million on it. It has special suites for the people and luxurious dinner facility for the people. The entire journey has beautiful views that people can enjoy by the windows of the train and enjoy the whole journey to make it more memorable.

7. Bavarian Bullet: Intercity-Express:

Top 10 Luxurious European Train TripsIntercity express mainly travels from Munich to Nuremberg only in 1 hour, but the journey is very entertaining and luxurious. It is a very fast train that covers the journey by passing through Bavarian and people can enjoy its historical buildings. The train is very quiet one, and the internal part has no vibrations of the train and rail. The seasonal food is served to the people with some expensive wines to make their dinners more luxurious and attracts food lovers from the world to travel in it.

6. Waterworld: The Flam Railway:

List of Top 10 Luxurious European Train TripsThe Flam Railway is the train that starts its journey from a village with the beautiful views and climbs further miles to get to the desired destination. The main route of the train starts from Flam to Myrdal and covers this whole distance in 1 hour as it is a very fast train. The waterfalls in the journey are very beautiful and proved to be excellent places for the photo shoots during the journey especially in summer. The trains pass through very beautiful places and the whole natural beauty which seem like passing through heaven.

5. The Epic Journey: Trans-Siberian Railway:

Top Five Luxurious European Train TripsTrans-Siberian Railway starts its journey from Moscow to Vladivostok and covers this whole distance in 19 days. The whole environment of the transport is made according to the culture of Russia and also travels by the side of Pacific Ocean. It provides a unique different for all types of people including rich and ordinary people. It also provides the facility to book a private car to enhance the comfort and scuba diving to different places to make the whole long journey more entertaining and memorable.

4. Reliving the age of Chivalry: The Castles of Britain:

Top 5 Luxurious European Train TripsThe Castles of Britain is the train that starts from Scotland to Wales in 15 days. It has total two weeks of traveling which are mainly with the heritage beauty and the historic views there. It is claimed that this journey will provide you the facility to witness the beauty of almost 580 attractive places. The tunnels through which this transport travels and the castles make this journey more attractive and entertaining for the people that they can enjoy to the full.

3. A Hotel on Wheels: Francisco De Goya:

Top Three Luxurious European Train TripsThis train starts its journey from Paris to Madrid, which is covered by this transport in 13 hours. It also provides a three-course dinner facility to the passengers and many other luxurious facilities to the people. It provides a welcome drink to the people while entering the train and perfect bathroom, dinners and the breakfast as well. It covers the beautiful places that seem like a treat for the eyes that people can enjoy from the windows of the train to refresh their eyes.

2. Tunnels Galore: The Bernina Express:

Top 3 Luxurious European Train TripsThe Bernina Express is the train that travels from Chur in Switzerland to Tirano in Italy and covers this journey in 4 hours. It has to travels from different places that include 55 different tunnels, 196 bridges, and many other places. The seats there are available on very short notice and can accommodate almost 10,000 people at a time.

1. Sweet Switzerland: The Chocolate Train:

Most Luxury European Train TripThe famous Chocolate Train starts its journey from Montreux to Broc in the total time of 9 hours. It is very beautiful and attractive train that covers the beautiful lakes and waterfalls during the journey. The breakfast, lunch and dinner facilities given by this train are very luxurious, and the ticket of this train is also high as compared to others. It also passes the Nestle chocolate factory during the journey because of this it was given the name of a chocolate train.

List of best Luxurious European Train Trips

Sr.No. Names
1 Sweet Switzerland: The Chocolate Train
2 Tunnels Galore: The Bernina Express
3 A Hotel on Wheels: Francisco De Goya
4 Reliving the age of Chivalry: The Castles of Britain
5 The Epic Journey: Trans-Siberian Railway
6 Waterworld: The Flam Railway
7 Bavarian Bullet: Intercity-Express
8 The Elegance of Yesteryear: Venice Simplon-Orient Express
9 Roughing it by Rail: Balkan Flexipass
10 Luxury on Wheels: The Transylvanian Odyssey


Europe is very developed place in which the standard of living is very high, and people are provided with all the modern facilities. Trains in Europe are made with the latest technology and are very fast as people there are very busy and wanted to reach different places on time. All these trains explained above are luxurious and providing many high-class facilities to the passengers while traveling through them.

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