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There are some basic needs of people which need to be satisfied like as house, food and mainly medical facilities regarding different diseases. Every person needs different treatments for different purposes which are to be obtained in hospitals. There are almost thousands of hospitals located all around the world among which some of them are very high class while some of them are quite normal ones. Hospitals are equipped with different rooms for the people who are admitted to hospitals for different treatments or surgeries. Rooms are made with categories in hospitals which include VIP rooms and normal ones. Many of the medical centers these days more look like hotel suites and are enhanced with different luxurious facilities needed by the people. The demand for VIP rooms is increasing all over the world which is enhanced with windows with amazing views, fresh flowers, master chefs for different meals, perfect medical care and further pampering to keep the people comfortable there. But the point is that these hospitals are very expensive which are not affordable for everyone.

10. Medstar Washington Hospital Center in Washington D.C:

List of Top Ten Most Luxurious Hospitals Rooms in the WorldMedstar Washington Hospital is the cardiac hospital which also offers services about transplants, cancer, burns and gastrointestinal disorders. It is named as the largest private hospital ever made in Washington which has covered the whole floor which features the luxurious suites there. It has amazing carpet on the floors, and all its walls are enhanced with fine arts. It also offers luxurious food meals to the patients and private suites which are designed with the theme of 5-star hotels which offers all business services there.

9. Asklepios Klinik Barmbek in Germany:

Top Ten Most Luxurious Hospitals Rooms in the WorldAsklepios Klinik is the amazing hospital which is located in Germany and is even more expensive than supercars available in the world. It is known as the most expensive and best hospital located there which is not only the largest one in the whole Europe but also the expensive one in the whole continent. It offers total 100 facilities for the people with different needs which include either surgeries or rehabilitation. It is fully equipped with the latest technology and providing first class services to the people and offers 24 hour room service like in big hotels and offers all types of cuisine menus for the people.

8. Wooridul Spine Hospital in South Korea:

 Top Ten Most Luxurious Hospitals RoomsWooridul Spine Hospital is the hospital which offers the best combination of entertainment and medical facilities for the people of South Korea. It is named as best for diseases like latest techniques and the spine surgeries as well. It is named as the best medical tourism facility available for the people who keeps the person peaceful and comfortable in it and are the much affordable rate. It has fully luxurious furnished homes equipped with facilities like a bed, sofa, computer, tea tables, bathroom and many others.

7. Fortis La Femme Hospital in India:

Top 10 Most Luxurious Hospitals Rooms in the WorldFortis La Femme is the hospital which is the famous destination of the medical tourists of the world located in New Delhi. It is completely dedicated to the women and the problems faced by them which mainly include gynecology, fetal medicine, fertilization and also the new cosmetic surgeries. It offers the amazing VIP rooms with the panoramic views with the private terrace and even the play lounge for kids. The price of their room ranges between $1000 to $5000 for each day.

6. Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai:

Most Luxurious Hospital Rooms in the WorldMediclinic City Hospital provides the exact experience of the 5-star luxurious hotels which is located in Dubai. It has given the name of VIP to the whole floor which is enhanced with the separate entrance, valet, and private elevators as well. They are also given access to different luxurious facilities which includes a gym, Jacuzzi, spa and swimming pools. It also has one royal suite which provides the maximum level of comfort to the people but not affordable for the normal people.

5. Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore:

Top Five Most Luxurious Hospitals Rooms in the WorldGleneagles Hospital is the one which offers specialized services to diseases like cardiology, gynecology, liver transplants, and gastroenterology. It is the private hospital which is offering high medical and surgical facilities to the people. It has large rooms which are equipped with the facilities like Flat screens LED, Bathrooms, and many others. It offers many other luxurious services to the people who are private nurse services, mini-bar, personal stylish, internet connection and also theme parties. It charges the package with the price of $14000 for 2 days stay there.

4. Matilda International Hospital in Hong Kong:

Top 5 Most Luxurious Hospitals Rooms in the WorldMatilda International Hospital is the one which is located at the Victoria Peak, which is named as the historical landmark there which offers luxurious suites as well. It has the latest medical facilities offering to the people and offers 2 big VVIP rooms which are equipped with the LED lighting and different other facilities. It offers a room with the balcony which is available at the price of $5,200 for each day and offers delicious food for the people.

3. Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok:

Top Three Most Luxurious Hospitals Rooms in the WorldBumrungrad International Hospital is named as one of the most famous medical tourist destination of the world which is located in Bangkok. It is attended by the 400,000 medical patients of the world in a single year. It is named as the hospital which treats the diseases with providing different luxurious facilities to the people. It also has restaurants and shopping centers located in it but is very expensive one which is not affordable.

2. Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York:

Top 3 Most Luxurious Hospitals Rooms in the WorldMount Sinai Medical Center is the most luxurious medical center located in New York, which offers 19 big suites for the patients with luxurious facilities. It is treating different problems faced by the people and also offers them facilities like meals, afternoon tea, and organic ingredients products and also served with the Belgian chocolates. It is the hospital which earns almost $1 million each year for offering its luxurious rooms.

1. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles:

Most Luxury Hospital Room in the WorldCedars-Sinai Medical Center is the famous hospital among the Hollywood celebrities and is offering different luxurious suites on its 8th floor. It is the best hospital which is offering the treatment for all types of diseases faced by people. It provides personal assistant in rooms for the people and also served with delicious food. The price of a private room is $1000 for a room while the maternity suites charge $3000 for a day.

Most Luxurious Hospital Rooms – Top Rated List

  1. Cedars-Sinai Medical center in Los Angeles
  2. Mount Sinai Medical center in New York
  3. Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok
  4. Matilda International Hospital in Hong Kong
  5. Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore
  6. Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai
  7. Fortis La Femme Hospital in India
  8. Wooridul Spin Hospital in South Korea
  9. Asklepios Klinik Barmbek in Germany
  10. Medstar Washington Hospital center in Washington D.C
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