Best European Destinations

Europe is very beautiful and well-developed place that has all types of facilities for the people. The whole Europe has the same currency used to every city in Europe that is Euro. In this whole continent, there are many people with different cultures and languages who are living together in the same environment. There are many attractive and luxurious places for the people and tourists from all around the world especially the night life of Europe is famous like as nightclubs, discos, etc. There are many airlines those offer some special packages to visit Europe and some are offering cheap flights for the people with limited budget. The beauty, charisma and the whole atmosphere of Europe attract millions of people from all over the world each year. It is also considered as the best holiday spot that provides a very different and lifetime experience to the people. The amazing restaurants, walk paths, museums are the main attraction for the people. It is named as the friendly place and also considered as the most luxurious and romantic place in the whole world.
The following are top 10 most luxurious and best European destinations 2015:

10. Lisbon, Portugal:

List of Top Ten Luxurious European Destinations Lisbon in Portugal is the place that is famous for its traditional style that can be completely seen in the restaurants and the style of their presentations. All the environment of Lisbon is according to their culture and its charms. The most famous fish market in the whole Europe is located in Lisbon. Most of the traders for the products like vegetables, fruits, fish and meat are selling these for decades. It is the main attraction for the tourists because of the strong environment according to the culture. The historical places and the roots of the 13th century are still present there which can easily connect people to the old values.

9. Stuttgart, Germany:

Top Ten Best European DestinationsGermany is famous in the whole world because of its strong automobile industry and is ranked as the 6th largest city. The most famous brands of cars that include Mercedes-Benz and Porsche are still made there. The museums and the traditional marques depict the history of Germany. It is full of natural beauty like valleys, lakes, hills that are rolling over acres and are enjoyed by the people. It is also famous for the wine making and supplying it to the whole world, and all traditional types of wines are made there. It is also very rich place because of the minerals. The natural pools, spas and other facilities are the main attraction for the people.

8. Costa Brava, Spain:

Top 10 Luxurious European Destinations Costa Brava is the place that is located in Spain and is famous for the luxurious beaches and the festivals conducted there. It is the very friendly place because of the traditions, and the festivals there are the main reason of enjoyment there. The food and drinks there are very different, and all types of seafood are available there for the people. The museums there are the true depiction of the historical stories which is now open for the public to witness them. It is the best option in the whole Europe for the people fond of natural beauty.

7. Krakow, Poland:

Top 10 Best European DestinationsKrakow is the place that has a strong history of Jews. The beautiful beaches, parks and some other luxurious destinations are the main attraction for the people. The bridges there are made with latest technology and are made in the beautiful locations that are loved by the photographers for clicking pictures on them. It has many big hotels that have pools on the rooftop, and the bars are very luxurious and impressive for the people and the luxurious life of the Krakow.

6. Tbilisi, Georgia:

List of Top 10 Best European DestinationsTbilisi is the place that is famous for the historical empires and the architecture; traditions can be seen in these empires. It is the main attraction for the tourists because of the historical values. It is very special and luxurious place that is worth visiting once in the lifetime. The cafes and bars there are very luxurious which have the same set up according to their culture. The temples there are very strong and historical places that are worth visiting there.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden:

Top Five Luxurious European Destinations Copenhagen has become more famous among the people and more people are visiting it from few years. The innovative restaurants there and the strong arts sceneries there completely depict the strong culture. The royal palaces are a big charm for the people and the colorful themes there are very appealing. This whole place has almost 150,000 university students who are the main source of energy for this place. It is a very attractive place especially in summer because of the luxurious beaches and parks are worth enjoying at that time.

4. Split, Croatia:

Top 5 Best European DestinationsA split is a place that is now not considered as an island, but it is the place located near the island which enhanced its beauty. It has many 5 star hotels, art galleries, bars and beach parties are the main source of entertainment there. It is very beautiful place because of its location and the festivals conducted there in different time periods are the constant source of enjoyment for the people visiting there.

3. Riga, Latvia:

Luxurious and Best European DestinationsRiga is basically the capital of Latvia and is ranked as the largest city in the Baltic States. It has a strong history and the heritage which is the main reason for its popularity. The economic condition of Riga is very strong which can be seen in the high standard of living of the people there. It also has a resort which is designed according to the some royal palace and is covered with the natural beauty. The health spas and natural beauty there makes the visit of the people more relaxing and memorable.

2. Gozo, Malta:

Top Three Best European DestinationsThe name of Gozo is derived from an Island, which is located at the distance of 25 minutes from there. It is the best destination regarding the culture and history. The sceneries there are worth watching, and its food is also amazing. It is ranked as the best honeymoon destination in the whole Europe. The temples, beaches, restaurants, markets and many other places are worth visiting there to get some different experience and enjoy the whole stay there.

1. Reykjavik, Iceland:

Luxurious and Best European DestinationsReykjavik is the place that has a very strong history as compared to any other place in Europe. It has the site of the first parliament of the world which was made in 930 A.D. The modernism there is also much enhanced by the mixture of traditional values. The music of Reykjavik is very famous and enhances the environment of the city. It is very small place concerning size and population but is very rich one. The natural beauty, pools, beaches, etc. will never allow the visitors to leave it early.

List of Luxurious and Best European Destinations

Sr.No. Names Population
1 Reykjavik, Iceland 119289 (2012) UN data
2 Gozo, Malta 37342 (2014)
3 Riga, Latvia 643615 (2013) UN data
4 Split, Croatia 178102 (2011) UN data
5 Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden 280415 (2010)
6 Tbilisi Georgia 1.173 million (2011) UN data
7 Krakow, Poland 759131 (2012) UN data
8 Costa Brava, Spain 200000  (2014)
9 Stuttgart, Germany 597939 (2013) UN data
10 Lisbon, Portugal 530847 (2012) UN data


The above ranking of top 10 luxurious and best European destinations is given according to the popularity and the beautiful destinations in these cities. Everyone knows that Europe is very beautiful and developed. All these places are equipped with all the facilities and provide different luxurious experience to the people visiting them. Some of the places have strong historical values that can be seen in their culture and environment there.

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