Best Destinations in Europe

Europe is very beautiful and developed place that has different cities in it and is the main tourist’s attraction for all around the world. It is estimated that in the whole world Europe is not only different from all others due to its currency but its beauty and attractive places as well. It has the culture prevailing there which is a mixture of many cultures, and different languages are spoken there by the people. It has all the facilities and entertainment options for the people that include museums, nightclubs, temples, attractive shopping spots, etc. There are many cheap flights also available to go to Europe and enjoy the perfect experience there. All these destinations there is perfect blend of beauty and charisma that attracts more people towards it. It is also the most favorite holiday spot in the whole world and the experience there is completely different from all other countries. The standard of living there and the luxurious facilities there are highly developed for the people that they are enjoying to the full.
The following are top 10 best destinations in Europe which are most visited as well:

10. Brussels:

List of Top Ten Best Destinations in EuropeBrussels is the place that has almost 500 million of total populations there. Brussels is full of adventurous places that are to be discovered by the people to get the best experience there. The culture there is very supporting that people from all around the globe adjust there very easily and can stay for a long time. The historical places there are very attractive for the people and the social life there is very encouraging. It is very well developed and beautiful place that is worth visiting one in the lifetime of the person. It has many big and latest buildings and shopping spots for the people with all the famous brands there.

9. Milan:

Top Ten Best Destinations in EuropeMilan is a very interesting place and is the capital of Roman Empire. It has many historical buildings including museums, churches, and the large palaces that are full of beauty. The architectural structure and the art work there is very amazing and attractive. The environment there is very advanced and modern who does not seem like it has a strong historical background. The shopping experience there is amazing for all tastes of the people and is full of latest fashion in the whole society. The style and elegance of the place are shown in the culture of Milan.

8. Innsbruck:

Top Ten Best DestinationsInnsbruck is the city that is full of natural beauty and the rivers further enhanced its beauty to the next level. Innsbruck is capital of Alps which is very refreshing city and is the perfect combination of the modern and historical background that is depicted in their culture. It has a long history, and some modern elements are also now present in there where there are many latest restaurants that have attractive sceneries near them to enhance the experience of the overall time spent there.

7. Ljubljana:

Top 10 Best Destinations in EuropeLjubljana is the city that has a vibrant culture and different historical background. The whole environment there is very relaxing and modern culture there where everyone can adjust easily. It is not a very large city so the environment can easily be controlled. It has many green places to make it environment-friendly place. It is very pleasant place to be visited by the people from all over the world. It is surrounded by the natural beauty and mountains that enhanced its beauty and made it appealing.

6. Zagreb:

List of Top 10 Best Destinations in EuropeZagreb is the city that is the main attraction for most of the foreigners and tourists and considers it as very romantic place and safe for the all the people living there. It is full of entertainment events which include musical concerts, exhibitions, sports events, museums and many others. It has a beautiful open air cafe enhanced with gardens and terraces in the whole city to provide some different experiences to the people visiting it.  It has beautiful pedestrian zones made for the people to enjoy their walks and to increase the trends of walks in parks and roads.

5. Riga:

Top Five Best Destinations in EuropeRiga is the place that is situated near the Daugava River, which makes it very beautiful and attractive destination in Europe. It is the capital of Latvia. The architectural styles there is the complete depiction of their historical background and wealth. The whole city of proud of its heritage but it is now very modern which is full of all latest facilities there and activities for the entertainment of the people. The summer there is very soothing for the people because of its natural beauty and healthy environment.

4. Valletta- Malta:

Top 5 Best Destinations in EuropeThis place is very adventurous, and people can discover a lot from there. All the sceneries and the architecture there depict the whole background of the city. It is the very colorful place because of the natural beauty there. It is considered as the best holiday spot in Europe which has the best experience of outdoor living. It has two beautiful islands there which are Comino and Gozo to provide the best experience of views and luxuries during your whole stay there.

3. Athens:

Top Three Best Destinations in EuropeAthens is the place that has the western culture totally. Athens is the place that has different conquerors in different years because of different monuments located there and the historical glimpse of the city. The modern places of the city also depict its historical background and the facilities there. It is said that Athens is the place with the perfect combination of innovation and history with the natural beauty as well. It is very attractive place for the tourists in the world.

2. Lisbon:

Top 3 Best Destinations in EuropeLisbon is an Illuminated city. It has the constant presence of the sunshine there and a river located neat it which looks like a mirror for the sun rays. The whole city is very beautiful and has a different architectural structure there. The nightlife is very famous there and provides more entertainment to the people there. The gardens, cafes, etc. are the constant source of entertainment for the people there and some of them are luxurious ones that include luxurious hotels, shopping malls, and spas, etc.

1. Bordeaux:

Best Destination in EuropeEuropean best destination 2015 Bordeaux is a cosmopolitan city that is very exciting for the people there. It has the UNESCO heritage site in 2007 and is very modern as well regarding culture and lifestyle of the people there. It is best holiday destination in the whole Europe. It is very beautiful one and largest forests there, and beautiful beaches as well to provide entertainment facilities to the people going there.

List of Best Destinations in Europe

Sr.No. Names Population
1 Bordeaux 239157 (2010) UN Data
2 Lisbon 530847 (2012) UN Data
3 Athens 664046 (2011) UN Data
4 Valletta (Malta) 5721 (2013) UN Data
5 Riga 643615 (2013) UN Data
6 Zagreb 790017 (2011) UN Data
7 Ljubljana 272140 (2012) UN Data
8 Innsbruck 122458 (2013) UN Data
9 Milan 1.251 million (2012) UN Data
10 Brussels 177307 (2011) UN Data


The above ranking of top 10 best destinations in Europe is given according to the reviews taken from the people living there and after conducting some surveys. All these places are very beautiful and full of all the luxuries for the people living and visiting there. Some of these places are very expensive which are not affordable for everyone to go there and stay. The luxuries and experience provided there is exceptional.

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