Most Beautiful Jellyfish

There are many things which are the beautiful creature of God and are much appreciated. The beautiful creatures of God include mountains, lakes, waterfalls and even beautiful creatures like fishes. There are different types of fishes available in the whole world. These differ in their shape and features which distinguish them from each other. Then comes the jellyfish, which is named as the most beautiful and amazing fish.

Jellyfish is considered as the unique and attractive creature of the whole water life. These are found in large quantity in the whole ocean water because their population is high in the water. It is estimated that almost 350 different types of jellyfish available all around the world. These is not only found in oceans but also in rivers and freshwater lakes. Jellyfish is named as one of the major wonders of marine life because of their beauty and their attractive look which makes people fond of their beauty.
The following are top 10 most beautiful jellyfish species in the whole world:

10. Rhopilema Esculentum:

List of Top Ten Most Beautiful Jellyfish in the WorldRhopilema Esculentum is the amazing fish and features many strings which can be very harmful to the human beings. It is famous with the name of China Type because of its light red color and has the shape of an umbrella which has the total diameter of 300-600 millimeters. This jellyfish mainly survives on the Japanese diet which is also cultivated in their country. It is named as the most famous and highly populated species of jelly fish which is located in China.

9. Jellyfish-Cannonball:

Top Ten Most Beautiful Jellyfish in the WorldCannonball jellyfish is the famous one which is given the name of Cabbage Head Jellyfish. It is the species which is mainly found in North America and Brazil and little quantity of also found in the Pacific Ocean. They are capable of living in the average temperature of 20 degrees because they can survive and live comfortably in it. It is also reported to be found at Atlantic Ocean, South China Sea, Sea of Japan and also the Gulf Coast. They are mainly survived on the zooplankton and red drum larvae. It has a very beautiful look which does not look like a fish but as a ball.

8. Nomura`s Jellyfish:

 Top Ten Most Beautiful JellyfishNomura`s Jellyfish is the one which is famous with the name of Nomura. It is mainly found in the Coast of Japan. This species has very large sized fish and is even bigger than humans. They are estimated to be a hundred feet long in total and have the total weight of more than 450 pounds. Their population is increasing with the passage of time because it is being promoted as the edible fish in the world. It is considered as the same sized fish according to the size of the Lion`s Mane jelly fish and has a very unique design.

7. Moon Jellyfish:

Top 10 Most Beautiful Jellyfish in the WorldMoon Jellyfish is commonly called as the Saucer Jelly which is much appreciated because of its unique features. Most of the people are familiar with its name and look as well. It comes with the total diameter of 25-40 diameters which is made with the features and is given the shape of a horseshoe. Moon Jellyfish has the normal food called Medusae, Plankton as their food. It has to die naturally after few months of its reproduction which tells that it has a very short life cycle, and then the next generation continues.

6. Foot Long Tentacles Jellyfish:

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Jellyfish in the WorldFoot Long Tentacles jellyfish is almost 12 inches long which is mainly found in the frozen water which is located below the ice of Antarctic and lives in the temperature of 600 degrees. It comes in the tube shape and is very soft. It is seen in different colors which include brown, reddish brown and orange as well which has white spots on their feet. This jellyfish also has a poisonous cell in its tentacles which can be used for different threats. It mainly needs a big aquarium to place it because of its large size and is very difficult to keep it at home.

5. Jelly Fish Flower hat:

Top Five Most Beautiful Jellyfish in the WorldJelly Fish flower hat is species which is not much common in the whole world and comes in very small size and comes in 6 inches. It also comes in different colors which include purple and orange color. It has the shape of flower hat which is made with the neon pink color of head and has a large number of tentacles with it. Jelly Fish flower consists of a string which is not much harmful to the human beings, and their food is mainly small fishes which are their prey with their sting cells. It is mainly found in Brazil, Argentina, and Japanese water.

4. Costa Rican Jellyfish:

Top 5 Most Beautiful Jellyfish in the WorldCoast Rican Jellyfish is famous because of its different and strange look. It is named after the stalked version of jellyfish and is made in the shape of a trumpet. It has different appearances in its coming generations and lives in very hot water which is almost 8000 feet deep below the sea level. They can be easily distinguished from other jelly fish because of their dark pink color which is their symbol of identity.

3. Bathykorus Bouillon:

Top Three Most Beautiful Jellyfish in the WorldBathykorus Bouillon is the jellyfish which is found a deep side of Arctic Sea and was discovered only almost 10 years ago that is the reason not much more information is generated on it. It has gained much popularity when it can invent and consists of 4 primary and 4 secondary tentacles in it. Its tentacles also contain poison and are used while hunting for their prey. It has a unique look as it looks like some transparent object rather than a fish.

2. Australian Box Jellyfish:

Top 3 Most Beautiful Jellyfish in the WorldAustralian Box Jellyfish is also famous with the name of Sea Wasp, which is considered as the most dangerous jellyfish of the world. It is made with the shape of a cube which has a strong look. It moves in fast speed and has a large number of eyeballs on its stomach. This jellyfish is named after the precious creature of the sea which has the ability of kill large number of human beings. It has a completely transparent look that is the reason its stings cannot be detected and can be harmful to the person.

1. Crystal Jellyfish:

Most Beautiful Jellyfish in the WorldCrystal Jellyfish is named as the most beautiful species of Jellyfish available in the whole world because of its transparent appearance. It is mainly found on the coast of North America and use its tentacles to catch the prey. Crystal Jellyfish has protein in its body called GFP which makes it light up a blue, green color in its body. It does not look like a fish, but some transparent object is floating in the water.

Most Beautiful Jellyfish in the World – Top Rated

Sr.No. Name
1 Crystal Jelly fish
2 Australian Box Jelly fish
3 Bathykorus Bouilloni
4 Costa Rican Jelly fish
5 Jelly Fish Flower hat
6 Foot Long Tentacles Jelly fish
7 Moon Jelly fish
8 Nomura`s Jelly fish
9 Jelly fish-Cannonball
10 Rhopilema Esculentum
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