Amazing Wonders Made by Man

God has created human beings with much power and intelligence among all the creations of the world. Some of the wonders of the world are made by God naturally, but all others are created by humans by using their mind. Wonders are not easy to create; wonders must be different and appealing for the rest of the life. It is estimated that most of the wonders all around the globe are made by men, and that is the main reason men is called as the best and most artistic creature of God with much intelligence. Wonders are created in different locations of the world which are now the main attraction for tourists and people visiting those countries. Some of them have made a remarkable history due to some events related to them which are also seen on the internet and educational books as well. All these wonders are appealing for the people and must be visited once in the whole life time.
The following are top 10 best, and amazing man-made wonders in the whole world:

10. The Pyramids of Egypt:

List of Top Ten Amazing Wonders Made by ManEgypt is quite famous for its historical background and the strong history related to it. The pyramids located in Egypt are considered as the best and main tourist’s attraction there. The cones of these pyramids are very different which were designed according to the Egyptian history and to make main attraction there. The main purpose of making these pyramids was to preserve the dead in them as there are many skeletons in Egypt which can be preserving safely there to keep the history safe and sound. It has nothing attractive there, but this wonder is worth visiting once in the lifetime.

9. Mount Rushmore:

Top Ten Amazing Wonders Made by ManMount Rushmore is a man-made wonder which is located in South Dakota in the main USA. The structure of this wonder is unique and creative which shows the creation of men and this perfectly structured building. It is a much wonderful place to be visited by the people. The whole coverage of this mountain is done from granite and was specially designed for the best presidents of America which include Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington, etc. These mountains featured different faces to make it look attractive and wonder for the people.

8. Machu Picchu:

Top Ten Wonders Made by ManMachu Picchu is commonly known as lost city of Inca and the location of this place is South American which is Peru. The best feature of this place is that it is an ancient city that was abandoned suddenly. The main attraction of this place is that it is located in mountains and provides much attractive and refreshing view for the eyes. It has nothing special thing there but the wonder is made by man in this location which is the main thing and is worth visiting.

7. Mohenjo Daro:

Top 10 Amazing Wonders Made by ManMohenjo Daro is very famous place which is located in Sindh Pakistan which is commonly known as a city. This place is considered as the best historical remains of the Indus Valley Civilization and has strong historical roots there which are depicted in their views. It has also set up with proper irrigation system there. It has no proper buildings or something but only the leftovers of some buildings and is main tourists attraction due to the historical history of Mohenjo Daro.

6. Registan in Samarkand:

List of Top 10 Amazing Wonders Made by ManRegistan in Samarkand is the place which was famous for conducting a meeting in the period of Timurid Dynasty where all public executions take place, and the final verdict was given on the. It is also covered with 3 Madrasshahs which are location right beside them. It is also the place which is famous for its history and the stories related to it and worth visiting there as it is very beautiful. It looks like a castle because of its vast area.

5. Potala Palace in Tibet:

Top 10 Amazing Wonders Made by ManPotala Palace is a beautiful palace created by man in the year 1645, and its structure is very attractive. It is located in Tibet which is also a very beautiful place to be visited. It was the residence of Dalai Lama. The name of this Palace was kept on the Potala Mountain on which it is located. It has long stairs which are to be covered to reach this beautiful palace and the weather there is also very attractive.

4. Petra in Jordan:

Top Five Amazing Wonders Made by ManJordan is again a place which has a strong historical background. This whole structure is considered as the most unusual and extraordinary structure designed by man which is considered as a wonder of the world. The construction of this place is very appealing which made it famous because of this ancient city, and the whole building is made by carving a rock that is the reason its color is red and looks very beautiful especially its design.

3. Tiger`s Nest Monastery in Bhutan:

Top 5 Amazing Wonders Made by ManBhutan is a very beautiful place, and this Monastery was constructed in 1692 basically as a temple complex. It is located on a mountain which is very beautiful view for the eyes and worth visiting once in the lifetime. It is named as the main attraction for the tourists and the people visiting Bhutan due to its popularity and beauty which is very eye-catching.

2. Djenne Mud Mosque in Mali:

Top Three Amazing Wonders Made by ManDjenne Mud Mosque is the most famous place of Mali, which was constructed in 1200`s but still the main attraction for the people because of its unique design. The best thing about this mosque is that it is made from clay and sand but still safe and sound for many years. The shape and design of this mosque are very different and is considered as one of the wonders made by man which is beautiful.

1. Great Wall of China:

Top 3 Amazing Wonders Made by ManLast but not the least here comes the Great Wall of China which is considered as the longest wall of the whole world. It was built by man in 220-206 BCE in China by its first emperor. It is located in a beautiful location and has a long walk which is fully surrounded by greenery and beautiful view. Great Wall of China is named as the best and amazing wonders created by man ever in the world.

Amazing Wonders Made by Man – Top Ten List

Sr.No. Names Address
1 Great Wall of China China
2 Djenne Mud Mosque in Mali Farmantala/ Djenne/ Mali
3 Tiger`s Nest Monastery in Bhutan Taktsang trail/ Bhutan
4 Petra in Jordan Jordan
5 Potala Palace in Tibet 35 Beijing Middle Rd/ Chengguan/ Lhasa/ Tibet/ China
6 Registan in Samarkand Registon ko’chasi/ Samarqand/ Uzbekistan
7 Mohenjo Daro Pakistan
8 Machu Picchu Peru
9 Mount Rushmore 13000 SD-244/ Keystone/ SD 57751/ United States
10 The Pyramids in Egypt Egypt


The man is born with much intelligence and artistic mind which made them capable of creating these kinds of wonders. All these wonders are created by man that is appealing to the whole world and tourists as well. The design and structure of these wonders are unique and artistic which have marketed the history and are named as best wonders of the world which are worth visiting once in the lifetime.

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