Most Amazing Trees

There are things in the world which exist naturally, but people can also work for them. The natural beauty is charming and appeals everyone from all over the world because it is refreshing for the eyes and soul. Trees are the most important part of the world which is not only used for making different products but also very necessary for the existence of human beings. Moreover the trees discussed here are the most expensive trees in the world. These are used for making various products like furniture, key chains, and different music instrument as well. Trees are stunning, but people are not cutting them down for making different products, they should work on planting more because the lack of trees warm environment is increasing day by day. Trees are fascinating and attractive for the people who are nature lovers and love to spend more time with them. Every tree needs the specific environment and climate for their growth that is the reason they grow at different places and are transferred according to the use of people. Here we have provided a rare trees list for your knowledge.

The following are top 10 most interesting and most demanded trees of the world:

10. Kerosene Tree with petroleum nut:

top ten treeKerosene is seen grown abundance in the famous Garden of Kinabalu part and looks like a candle. The fruit grown on this tree is mostly inflammable and can be used in making biofuel. The estimated total length of this tree is 10m tall and grows almost up to 2300m above the sea level. In past, the fruit of this was used for the oil to be employed in the lamp because there was no electricity. It is said that this fruit is loved by the birds because of its taste.

9. Pelawan, a naked tree:

amazing trees in the worldIt is stated that it is Chinese proverb called man needs face as much as the tree needs bark which can be seen in this tree. It is commonly found in the lower mountain forest of Sabah highland. Pelawan tree has almost 20 different amazing species located in Borneo and is called as flaky orange bark. These trees are gorgeous and fashionable as well which has a very beautiful look because of its branches. When the new and fresh bark emerges the old bark peels off.

8. Sago Palm, the edible tree:

interesting trees in the worldSago Palm is edible, but it needs proper processing to make it edible. Sago is named as one of the staple food for most of the people living in Sabah. It can use for making different delicious dishes called pudding and cake. It is also used for making the sticky paste which is served with sour soup and fish. It is also made with some juicy texture which is selected according to the type of dish for which it is being made, and it is picked by the farmers from the fields.

7. Oil Palm, the money tree:

world,s most interesting treesOil Palm is a native species of plants which is found in West Africa and is named as the largest palm oil producing state located in Malaysia. It is named as the cash crop and is used in making different products like cooking oil, shampoo, soap, cosmetics and many other products. It has much more yield than other types like sunflower and soybean. It needs some environment-friendly place to grow it properly.

6. Mangrove, the summer Xmas tree:

top 10 trees in the world

Mangrove is mostly grows in swamp land and is smelly. The mangrove forest is full of mosquitoes, and people are hesitant to go there. Mangrove are mainly grown in Malaysia and at those forests, there is the abundance of seafood. Tourists are attracted towards it because of its look and design. This has many interesting features in it which provide oxygen for the breathing of animals. Their trees are most of the time dry and do not look like healthy trees.

5. Gaharu, the perfume Tree:

top 10 trees in the world everGaharu is commonly called as agarwood. It has unique fragrance which also has high popularity in different religions. Their price is very high which is sold at the price almost $1000 for each kg. It has been cut down by many thieves as well because of its high demand and high price. The wood of this is white in color and has no smell. It is considered as an essential ingredient to being used in making perfumes because of its fragrance. These are the most expensive gaharu trees.

4. Menggaris tree, the honey bee tree:

Most Amazing Trees of the WorldMenggaris tree is found in Borneo Jungle and is the member of the bean family. It is a very tall tree which also remains straight, and the proper height of this plant is 60m and is named as the tallest species located in Borneo forest. This is a significant challenge for the climbers and is the naturally loving place for the honey bees to make their hives. It provides an excellent quality of timber and produces honey and money to the people.

3. Strangling Fig, the tree killer:

top 10 most interesting trees in the worldStrangling Fig is another plant which is loved by the animals because of its taste especially bird and squirrels. It grows very fast and is full of different nutrients. It produces different fruits which is fascinating and people wanted to see this. The name of this tree looks quite the evil bit, it is an excellent source of food in forests and can be eaten by different animals.

2. Tongkat Ali, the Viagra tree:

top rated trees in the worldTongkat Ali is found in abundance in Malaysia. It has been considered as the traditional aphrodisiac. It is available at low prices but is the main attraction for the tourists in the market. The total length of this plant is 5m tall and is a small one. When harvested, it is cut down from the root from the soil. It has an enhanced taste which is bitter and comes in black color.

1. Belian, the Ironman tree:

Most Amazing Trees of the WorldBelian is the plant which is very hard, heavy and provides valuable timber and is found in Borneo. It can live almost 1000 years, and its growth is very slow. This is found in very less quantity but is a very healthy tree. It is used for different purposes and quite a popular one because of its durable wood and look as well.

Most Amazing Trees of the World – Interesting List

Sr No. Name
1  Belian, the Ironman tree
2 Tongkat Ali, the Viagra Tree
3 Strangling Fig, the tree killer
4 Menggaris tree, the honey bee tree
5 Gaharu, the perfume tree
6 Mangrove, the summer Xmas tree
7 Oil Palm, the money tree
8 Sago Palm, the edible tree
9 Pelawan, a naked tree
10 Kerosene tree with petroleum nut


Trees are crucial for various purposes not only for making products but also for the survival of human beings. There are different types of trees available in the world but all these discussed above are the most interesting ones. These are the most useful trees in the world. These are found at various places because of their environment and the growth conditions.

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