Luxurious Department Stores
Champs Elysees, France

We all know that trends are now changed and people like to do their groceries from departmental stores. People are now more concerned about their time and wanted to save their time so they can save their time by shopping at these stores and it is also very easy to do it. There are many departmental stores all over the world among which some of them are more luxurious while some are not much luxurious. These departmental stores are best way to purchase different things as at these stores all products of basic needs are available for the convenience of the people. The products in these stores are comparatively high than small stores but all these big stores also give different offers on the bulk products and different deals on the products on different occasions. Mostly people only visit these kinds of stores for window shopping and for recreational point of view.  But people need much more money to do shopping in these stores because of their high prices. They all stores offer fashionable and latest products on them.
The following are the list of luxury department stores in the world:

10. Rodeo Drive, California:

List of Top Ten Most Luxury Departmental Stores Around the WorldIt is the most expensive and luxury store in California. Only this shopping mall covers almost 3 blocks of this city which made it more famous among the people. In this mall, there are almost 300 shops and hotels as well in which there are shops of fashion luxury brands like Hermes, Chanel, Hugo Boss and many others as well. As mostly people in western countries wanted to visit malls that have different options for shopping and they can avail different options for shopping.

9. Champs Elysees, France:

Top Ten Most Luxury Departmental Stores Around the WorldIt is the very famous mall of France because of its location and different range of shops as well. As real estate on its location is very expensive which makes it more luxurious and expensive as well? It also has all expensive designer shops that are loved by all shopping lovers. It also has Louis Vuitton store in this mall that is the most appealing thing about it. It is also full of different famous designer shops like Dior, Chloe and many others that make it more luxurious and successful mall in the world.

8. Fifth Avenue, New York:

World Top Ten Most Luxury Departmental Stores Around the WorldIt is considered as the busiest place in New York and is loved by women because of different famous brands located in this mall. It is located on the 49th Street and is famous all over the world. It also has many luxurious hotels in it for all the visitors of this shopping mall. It is full of all expensive and famous brands that make it more famous and successful in the world.

7. Via Montenapoleone, Italy:

List of Top 10 Most Luxury Departmental Stores Around the WorldThis store is located in Milan, which is a city in Italy and is full of luxurious shops there. It has no shortage of all designer stores at this place. It has many famous brands of it like Armani, Versace and many others that need no introduction. The most amazing thing about this place as it has all shops of Italian shoes brands that are loved by the people and are in great demand.

6. Bond Street, UK:

Top 10 Luxury Departmental Stores Around the WorldIt is considered as the most luxurious shopping mall of the whole UK. It is filled with the stores of all famous designers and fashionable clothes. It not only has clothes but designer shoes and jewelry shops as well like Bulgari, Cartier and many more. This shopping mall claims that women coming in this mall can be styled in all latest trends and according to the fashion. It also offers many stores for men as well according to latest fashion.

5. Orchard Road, Singapore:

Top Five Most Luxury Departmental Stores Around the WorldIt is considered as the most visited place in Singapore for shopping by all the visitors and tourists as well. Even many famous celebrities are also seen at this spot. It not only has shops but also art galleries and residency places for the people. There are many designer stores in this spot like Prada, Miu Miu, and many other famous brands. The most appealing thing about this mall is that it also has an Indian spot outside this mall called Mumbai Se which is according to the culture of India.

4. Central, Hong Kong:

Top 5 Most Luxury Departmental Stores Around the WorldIt is located in the center of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is very powerful country especially in terms of financial terms. It has many boutiques with beautiful designs and luxurious departmental stores in this mall as well. There are many buildings made in this mall in which there are different shops to make it more interesting and appealing for the visitors. There are also some famous brands that are providing some customized products that are loved by the people. The jewelry shops in this mall are also very famous among the people.

3. Tretyalovsky Proezd, Russia:

Top Three Most Luxury Departmental Stores Around the WorldSome people will be surprised to see this mall in this list, but all the frequent shoppers will be well aware of its name. It is filled with all expensive brands of the world which are not affordable for everyone. It also has the showrooms of all most expensive cars in the world like Bentley, Ferrari, and some others. It also has stores of all expensive watches brand that makes this mall more precious and expensive as a whole.

2. Bloor Street, Canada:

Most Luxurious Department Stores in the World

It is located in Toronto and is considered as the best place for shopping there. In this mall, there are all famous brands like Prada, Hermes and many others that are loved by the people and people visiting this mall. Canada has created something new in this world by the introduction of this luxurious shopping mall. It also has many luxurious and expensive men`s wear shops.

1. Mall of the Emirates, UAE:

Most Luxury Departmental Store Around the WorldUAE is very well developed country with full of luxurious places for the people visiting and living there. This country has all the best places in the world if it is also about departmental stores. It is famous for its luxurious experience for the people going there, and this shopping mall will never disappoint its customers. In Mall of the Emirates, there are almost 470 stores of all famous brands like Versace, Ralph Lauren, and many others. It also has about 70 restaurants in it for the visitors. People are going to Dubai love to visit this mall for the beautiful experience.

List of Most Luxurious Department Stores in the World:

Sr.No. Names
1 Mall of the Emirates, UAE
2 Bloor Street, Canada
3 Tretyakovsky Proezd, Russia
4 Central, Hong Kong
5 Orchard Road, Singapore
6 Bond Street, UK
7 via Montenapoleone, Italy
8 Fifth Avenue, New York
9 Champs Elysees, France
10 Rodeo Drive, California


We conclude that departmental stores are now in latest trends and people now like to shop for them. There are many departmental stores all over the world that has many famous brand stores in them. All these stores are very expensive because there are all expensive brands in them. All these stores and brands are only affordable for the rich people not for everyone.

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