Fashion Luxury Brands in the World

In this article, we will talk about top 10 most luxurious brands in the world. We as a whole realize that individuals are enamored with form and need to wear something in vogue. People buy these brands to keep up their status and hotshot others. In the past, there was no pattern of brands, yet in some current years, they have caught the entire market. Some real brands are celebrated everywhere throughout the world and have captured the whole market like Louis Vuitton. In this present day time, everybody needs to look excellent and wore garments and embellishments as indicated by it. Every one of the brands which are exceptionally renowned is costly and are not moderated by everybody just by the high society. These brands additionally have their online store to achieve more clients and have now opened many stores in various nations to target more customers. Nowadays’ kin are running behind renowned brands to look tasteful and in vogue. Numerous results of these brands are additionally accessible in duplicates which are less in cost and quality however with the same outline that is reasonable to many individuals. By perusing this article, you will have the capacity to think about best ten luxurious brands in the world.
Here is the list of top 10 luxury brands in the world, which are as follow:


Coach 2Coach is a very famous company of America. This brand started to work in fashion in 1941. They are more famous because of the luxury leather products. Coach is making many products like shoes, bag and many other things. They have also opened their stores in many other countries and only in USA they have about 600 stores. The brand value of this famous brand is more than $3.2 billion. Recently this company has done partnership with Billy Reid to make one of the most expensive bags of the world and its price will be about $20,000. This means company is going to be a more luxurious brand in the world due to their new collection.


FendiFendi is a very famous brand all over the world among the customers. This is basically owned by Italy. This brand started to work in this field in about 1925. The main store of this brand is in Italy but has many stores all over the world in different countries which are about 117 stores. They are also involved in making handbags, shoes, scarf’s etc. Their most famous handbag is named as baguette and its price is about $5000. Many bags etc of this brand are also available in copy which are less in price and easily affordable by everyone. The brand value of this fashion brand is about $3.6 billion.


Burberry londonBurberry is a very famous luxury brand that belongs to Britain. This brand started to work in this field in 1856. Burberry has headquarter in London. This parent brand also has 3 sub-brands. This company is involved in making bags, shoes, scarf and many other products. It has a brand value of more than $4.1 billion. It has opened its stores in about more than 50 countries all over the world and has 500 stores. The most expensive product of Burberry  is coat that is made of peacock feathers and its price is almost $35,000 which is the most expensive of all.


CartierCartier is a famous French brand that belongs to Paris. This brand is famous for making designer jewelry and watches as well. Cartier started to work in about 1847. The brand value of this famous brand is $6.3 billion. Cartier has opened in stores in more than 125 countries and the total number of stores is 200 which make this brand available all around the world. The most beautiful product of Cartier is watch tank Anglaise and its price is $32,000.


Chanel perfumeChanel is a basically private company and belongs to France. It was started in 1909 in this world of fashion. The headquarter of this brand is in Paris. Chanel is very famous all around the world for its luxurious products. They are involved in making bags, shoes and perfumes. The most famous brand ambassador of this brand is its perfume called Marilyn Monroe which is representing Chanel. The brand value of this famous Chanel is $7 billion. The most expensive product of Chanel is its classic bag and its price is $261,000 because it has diamonds on it.

Rolex is the most famous and luxurious company of the world for its watches. This company stated to work in this field in 1905. The headquarter of Rolex is working in Switzerland. This is the most valuable brand in the world in terms of watches and value of Rolex is about $7.9 billion. The most expensive watch of Rolex was sold in almost $53,000. Many types of copies are available of this brand in low prices which can be afforded by everyone.


PradaPrada is a very famous Italian brand that started to work in this field in 1913. The headquarter of Prada is working in Italy. It has a brand value of almost $9.4 billion. They are involved in making handbags, shoes, watches and sunglasses. Prada is moving towards the best very rapidly and has increased its value about 63%. The most expensive product of Prada is its bag which is made of ostrich leather and was sold in about $10,000. Handbags and glasses of Prada are available in copy having low prices in many countries which are easily affordable by everyone.


Gucci Gucci is very famous brand among the customer and started to work in 1921. Gucci is basically owned by a French company. Gucci is famous for its bags, handbags, scarf and many other products as well. The value of Gucci is about $12.7 billion which has increased at a rate of 48%. The most expensive product of Gucci is crocodile shoulder bag which was sold in $35,000.


Hermes bagsHermes is very famous French brand that started to work in this field in 1837. The main store of Hermes is in Paris. This is the 2nd most luxurious brand of the world. It also has opened its stores in many other countries. Hermes also has a world record with their most famous bag called Hermes Birkin bag and was sold in almost $203,150 and became the most expensive bag of the world. The value of Hermes is about $19.2 billion.


Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton is a very famous French brand and started to work in the field of fashion in 1984. It has also crowned as the most valuable luxurious brand of the world. The value of this brand is almost $28.4 billion and is also ranked in the Forbes list of most luxury brands in 2013. The most famous bag of Louis Vuitton was sold in $10,000. The watch collection of Louis Vuitton is also very beautiful and expensive as well.

List of Top Ten Fashion Luxurious Brands at a Glance

Rank Name Value Major products
1. Louis Vuitton $28.4 billion Bags, Shoes, Sunglasses
2. Hermes $19.2 billion Bags, Belts,Shoes
3. Gucci $12.7 billion Bags, Shoes, Watches
4. Prada $9.4 billion Bags, Watches, Shoes
5. Rolex $7.9 billion Watches
6. Chanel $7 billion Perfumes, Bags, Sunglasses
7. Cartier $6.3 billion Watches, Jewelry
8. Burberry $4.1 billion Coats, Bags, Scarfs
9. Fendi $3.6 billion Handbags, Shoes, Scarfs
10. Coach $3.2 billion Bags, Shoes
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