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Ten Most Inaccessible Places in the World

Ten Most Inaccessible Places in the World

This whole world is created by God which is enhanced with the natural beauty, and most of the places in it are very attractive which attracts people and tourists. There are different countries in the world, and almost every country is blessed with some beautiful locations and is famous for them. Most of the people are fond of traveling and wanted to visit different places to get some different experience there.

There are many locations of the world which are still named as inaccessible because of different reasons which include deepest parts, remote islands and even located on high peaks. These locations are quite an attractive one, and people want to visit them but still due to lack of facilities it is very difficult to access them by normal people. Then it comes to the responsibility of the government of those countries to construct proper measures to make these places accessible for the people who will also promote their tourism. While some places are restricted to visit due to security reasons.
The following are top 10 famous places of the world which are inaccessible for the people due to different reasons:

10. Antwerp Diamond Center:

List of Top Ten Most Inaccessible Places in the WorldAntwerp Diamond Center is the cleanest restaurant in the world which is enhanced with the diamond vault at the heist of $100 million. It is named as one of the most secure places in the world due to the extra security provided by it. Antwerp Diamond Center is mainly located in Belgium and is enhanced the Doppler radar, lock with 100 million combinations, heat detectors, and seismic sensor as well. It is not easily accessible for the people of the world.

9. Iron Mountain Vault:

Top Ten Most Inaccessible Places in the WorldIron Mountain Vault is the place which is located at the distance of more than 100 miles of Manhattan in the known German town of New York. It is named as the largest underground storage facility in the world which is located in the area of 95 acres and is spread on 7 different stories. The vaults there are impervious to the fire damage and water among all the natural disasters of the world. It has the entrance door which has made of 28 tons road. The records of the birth and death certificates are stored there to keep them safe.

8. Smallpox Repositories:

 Top Ten Most Inaccessible PlacesSmallpox Repositories is named as one of the most inaccessible facilities of the whole world. The common disease called Smallpox which is the infection of pustules of the body of people which splits the skin. Then the skin peels off and in some cases, scars are left on the body. In this storage place, all types of vaccines are placed there and also the disease control center which is named after the big house of the smallpox virus diagnosis. A government is working hard to the awareness and developed of this massive disease of the world.

7. Vatican Secret Archives:

Top 10 Most Inaccessible Places in the WorldVatican Secret Archives is the building which is named for keeping the secret documents. It was constructed during the time of 8th century. It is given a perfect security and enhanced with powerful guards to keep the documents safe which was only be accessed by the Qualifying scholars of a world and is only accessible to them.

6. Federal Reserve Bank Gold Vault:

List of Top 10 Most Inaccessible Places in the WorldFederal Reserve is the famous bank Gold located in the New York City of the Federal Reserve band. It was enhanced with the latest security system of the whole building which is also provided with the armed Federal Reserve police force. It is completely surrounded by the steel protection walls and cameras. The frame outside it is made from pure steel of total weight of 140 tons and is also locked with steel bars.

5. Area 51:

Top Five Most Inaccessible Places in the WorldArea 51 is the famous legendary place which is owned by a government. It is known for its high-class security which is not opened to the public. It has best military force for its protection which also has the cameras installed in it for the security purposes. The air space in this location is also prohibited and also has the motion sensors in it. It is the best to place for the government which is not revealed to the public.

4. United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox:

Top 5 Most Inaccessible Places in the WorldUnited States Bullion Depository is the building which was built in 1936 which is advertised with the electric fences near it. It is made of the concrete walls, pure stainless steel, and bombproof roof as well. This building is made with the latest technology which includes the microphones and video cameras as well. It is controlled by almost more than 30,000 army officials that are also named as the most secure spot.

3. Granite Mountain Records Vault:

Top Three Most Inaccessible Places in the WorldGranite Mountain is the Church of Jesus Christ which was constructed in 1965. This Church is built at the height of 600 feet at the famous mountain located in Little Cottonwood Canyon in Utah. Public is not allowed to enter this place as they have a vault in which there are houses with the value of 3.5 billion. It is also designed for the nuclear blast, and the church claims that they have nothing to hide in it.

2. Svalbard Global Seed Vault:

Top 3 Most Inaccessible Places in the WorldSvalbard Global Seed has located almost 800 miles away from the North Pole of Norwegian Island. It has amazing facilities in it which consists of more than 5000 different species of seeds. It is fully covered by the ice-covered steel door which needs a simple key to enter in it. Svalbard Global is located in a very remote area of an island which has a large number of security measures. It can survive different major problems which include earthquakes, ocean water, and missile blasts as well.

1. Cheyenne Mountain Complex:

Most Inaccessible Place in the WorldCheyenne Mountain Complex is located in the Colorado Springs. It consists of different military types of equipment and also the 30 megatons nuclear explosion system in it. Cheyenne Mountain Complex consists of 200 crew member of its maintaining and the security of this place. It was named as the most secure location in the world during the famous nuclear war in Western Hemisphere which consists of 1.5 million gallons of fresh water in a reservoir and a large reservoir of fuels.

Most Inaccessible Places in the World – List of Ten

Sr.No Name
1 Cheyenne Mountain Complex
2 Svalbard Global Seed Vault
3 Granite Mountain Records Vault
4 United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox
5 Area 51
6 Federal Reserve Bank Gold Vault
7 Vatican Secret Archives
8 Smallpox Repositories
9 Iron Mountain Vault
1o Antwerp Diamond Center


The above ranking of top 10 most inaccessible places of the world. These are restricted due to the security and other problems regarding entrance of people. All these places are highly secured in which people are not freely allowed to enter.