Most Expensive Wearing Sneakers

We have seen that the world most expensive female shoes have diamonds and jewels in them. Mostly women are price conscious and they love to have expensive accessories.But in purchasing expensive boots, our men are also not less than women. They like to have expensive Jimmy Choo, Nike and Adidas sneakers. These shoes are made in limited additions and some of these are just made for a single renowned personality. These are not available in supermarkets and other public places instead these are introduced in particular ceremonies. Rich people bid for these boots and man who gives the highest bid gets the pair. In spite of this, these most expensive shoes are made for some pointed rich men and just get their way to them. These expensive wearings are made by a group of specialist in which fashion designers, engineers, scientists, etc. all take part. In this article most expensive pairs ever sold are arranged in a list. These sneakers are too much expensive that only rich people can afford them. These expensive pairs are rare and you cannot find these at everywhere. These have unique designs and their preparation is also a difficult task. Here is the list of most expensive sneakers ever for men.

10. Air Jordon 2 Eminem 313

Air Jordon 2 Eminem 313Air Jordon 2 Eminem 313 shoes are rare and it is tough to find these shoes in your size. When first time these shoes were introduced everyone who could afford these shoes. Its cost is 1000 dollars and its all pairs were sold within five minutes of their first introduction. Air Jordon 2 Eminem 313 looks beautiful with baggy pants. Its design and colour are unique. These were introduced in limited colours but its red colour was liked most. These were made in limited numbers and now it’s hard to find its single pair.

09.  . Balmain High-Top and Double Strap

most expensive sneakers in the worldThese are available in silver shining colour that looks very attractive. Balmain high tops are made of pure leather and its sole is made of rubber. These have the best quality and style which cannot find a single fault in it. These can be purchased by 1450 dollars that are of course high price for an ordinary man. These shoes get high on ankles and it has two beautiful shining straps. These are just available in one colour that is silver; If you like silver sneakers, then these Balmain high tops will be the best choice.

08. Nike Air Foamposite

top rated sneakersNike Air Foamposite is made of new Foamposite technology that adds more comfort to your shoes. This Foamposite technology makes your shoes more comfortable for you by adding a synthetically moulded upper. These are available in $1500 that is very less price before its stylish look. These blue coloured give a damn elegant look to all. These are favourite shoes of boys. You can walk miles with these shoes because its Foamposite technology will not let you tired. These were introduced in 2014 and available in limited editions.

07. Christian Louboutin Rantus Orlato Flat

most expensive shoesChristian Louboutin is a famous company of making expensive men shoes. These rantus orlato flat shoes are its another remarkable piece of work. These are in the red colour that looks bold, stylish and beautiful. These have a unique feature that is in its skin. Its surface is made of real python snake’s skin. So, these are unique among all and it will add status to your collection of expensive shoes. Its price is 16500 dollars that are because of its snake skin. The upper side of these shoes looks like the snake and looks dangerously stylish.

06. Jimmy Choo Belgravia High Tops & Star Studded

top expensive sneakersJimmy Choo always gives you best quality shoes whether its men’s sneakers line or women collection. You can find the large variety of expensive shoes. You need to have the handsome amount of dollars to get jimmy choo sneakers. These are costing for 2350 dollars and have brilliant blue colour. These shoes are made of leather and its upper body is of canvas. These have blue metallic stars studded on it.  If you are going to buy this pair of shoes, then you would be happy to know that these are made in Italy. So, now you will realise the importance of these Jimmy Choo sneakers.

05. Nike ParaNorman Foamposite

expensive most sneakers in the worldThese are Nike’s Foamposite sneakers that are made in limited edition of 800 pairs. Only 800 pairs of this Nike ParaNorman Foamposite were made that boast up its price. You can have its one pair in 300 Dollars. These look so attractive that for sure you will get compliments of everyone when you wear these shoes. You will sound like a film hero after wearing these shoes. These sneakers have glow in its dark soles and have smoked graphic displays. In black and red green feet these shoes look the incredible piece of a maker.

04. Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Paris

most expensive shoes brandsIt’s another beautiful creation of Nike. Its high price of 3500 dollars justifies its quality, design and comfort. Famous French painter Bernard Buffet has painted these sneakers beautifully. These are a not only piece of expensive footwear rather these are an incredible piece of art. If you want to look prominent in a crowd of hundreds, then these would be an excellent choice. The inspiration for these sneakers is taken from white dunk city series. Only 202 pairs of sneakers are made.

03. Rick Owens “GeoBasket.”

top expensive sneakersRick owned products are supported by many famous celebrities like Rihana and Madonna etc. So, you can also have celebrities’ choice brand in $5152. These Geo basket sneakers are made of a rare material that’s why made only in limited numbers. These GeoBasket are made by Iguana skin that is an expensive and exotic raw material. These are made in contrast of two colours brown leather and white leather that look attractive. You will be noticed if you will wear these shoes.

02. Nike Air Mag

expensive shoes in the worldNike is again on the list of expensive sneakers with its Nike Air Mag. These were introduced in 2011 and at that time were sold through private auctions. After then by watching it popularity and public demand, more pairs are added in 2015. These have advanced features like lights in soles, super tall top. It has self-tightening laces that automatically adjust to your size after wearing these shoes. So, you will look like a fashion leader by wearing these sneakers.

01. Nike SB Flom Dunk High

Most Expensive Wearing SneakersNike is top on the list of expensive premium sneakers. These are Nike’s best quality pairs that are sold for 7500 dollars. These are available only at selected retailers. These are designed elegantly in black and white basics with golden or red laces. Its collar, toe and base it designed by SB branding. So, you will feel like a real life Prince by wearing these sneakers.

Most Expensive Wearing Sneakers – Top Rated

Sr No. Name Price $
1 Nike SB Flom Dunk High 7500$
2 Nike Air Mag 6300$
3 Rick Owens “GeoBasket 5152$
4 Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Paris 3500$
5 Nike ParaNorman Foamposite 3300$
6 Jimmy Choo Belgravia High Tops & Star Studded 2350$
7 Christian Louboutin Rantus Orlato Flat 1650$
8 Nike Air Foamposite 1500$
9 Balmain High-Top and Double Strap 1450$
10 Air Jordon 2 Eminem 313 1000$


Here we introduced you with the most expensive sneakers list. This article is totally of men’s choice. These are most expensive sneakers of all time. Moreover these are most expensive sneakers ever sold. It has featured top ten most expensive and exotic sneakers. These are mostly made by the designers of Nike. So, Nike has the crown of introducing world high quality and stylish sneakers. It is said that when you meet a person first thing that is noticed are your shoes. So, we should always wear quality shoes that create the difference in your personality and if you want to impress a crowd, these will be your best choice. These sneakers are made by world best designers by using advanced technologies that’re why these have high prices. These are the most expensive sneakers ever made.

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