People love to celebrate different events at different times to get some entertainment from the daily life routine of a person. Halloween is one of the famous events all over the world which is celebrated in many countries. At this event, people coming to attend it come in different costumes and decoration to have a different look. There are different types of costumes available in the market which is inspired by different characters famous among the people among which some of them are very expensive, and some are cheap as well. Some people are scared of monsters but love to get their look at Halloween parties by wearing its dress. Halloween is not only celebrated by wearing costumes but also by different accessories needed to get the best and perfect look. Most of the foreign countries celebrate Halloween parties and even birthday parties with the theme of Halloween to have something different.

Gruesome Bat creature reacher costume:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Halloween Costumes in the WorldIt is named as one of the scariest monster costume available in the market which is not best for the Halloween but also for the costume party. It also has a large hairy mask which is almost 2 feet long with the extensions needed by arms and hands. It is only available for the big men`s size and is made from the combination of latex and polyester. All the person needs with this costume is pants and shoes to complete the whole look and go to scare others. The price of this product is almost $199.99.

Transformers Bumblebee costume:

Top Ten Most Expensive Halloween Costumes in the WorldMost of the people now mainly young generation is fond of advanced technology especially transformers, and it has the best costume to be selected for Halloween. It is most loved outfit which provides the look of a robot to the person and fighting. It comes in yellow robotic dress sold at the price of $360. It also includes a helmet with the eyes that lighten up and also the printed jumpsuit with this whole dress.

Batgirl Costume:

 Top Ten Most Expensive Halloween CostumesNot only men love the costumes of superheroes but girls also love them, and it is the perfect outfit which is available at the price of $400. It provides a complete look of superheroine to the girls and rocks the party. It is very sexy costume which comes with the latex belt buckle, leotard, corset and also the mask for the protection. It provides an amazing look to the girls for different theme parties as well.

Authentic Chewbacca Costume:

Top 10 Most Expensive Halloween Costumes in the WorldIt is the special costume for the Star Wars lovers which will thrill the people looking at it. Chewbacca is named as one of the greatest characters of the world which are very famous, and its costume is named as completely worth it for the price paid for it. It is sold at the price of $624.99 which is full body suit. It is very authentic one which is purchased by the most hardcore fans of star wars all around the world.

The real deal Darth Vader costume:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Halloween Costumes in the WorldIt is also an authentic costume which was also licensed by the George Lucas studios. It provides a cool look to the person and is sold at the price of $749 which has fake leather pants with it and also includes a flaring cape. It is also named as the 5th most expensive outfit of the world mainly for Halloween. It will provide an amazing experience to the person wearing it and is a killer costume to be worn on it.

Bounty Hunter Costume:

Top Five Most Expensive Halloween Costumes in the WorldBounty Hunter costume is the perfect choice to be selected for the Halloween party which everyone loves to have. It is the basic suit which is enhanced with the real gun which is very expensive to purchase and afford it while the costume is much affordable one as sold at the price of $750. This gun is very expensive which completes the look of the person and is a best look to be selected for the theme party.

Realistic Batman Costume:

Top 5 Most Expensive Halloween Costumes in the WorldBatman has this authentic costume which is more expensive than the one offered by Darth and sold at the price of $2000. Batman is the superhero in the market from 1939 which has much craze among the people. It is exactly the real costume to be purchased at this high price while the replica ones are sold at many low prices. It includes many accessories with it which increases its price much more than expectations.

The Vampire Stalkaround costume:

Top Three Most Expensive Halloween Costumes in the WorldVampire stalk around costume is 8 foot tall one which provides the look of vampire and Twilight to the person and is sold at the price of $2000. This costume is enhanced with the inside levers which is loved by the people. It is named as the most amazing and realistic costume which can be used for a different look. It is sold on different official websites because it is an authentic one.

Morph suit:

Top 3 Most Expensive Halloween Costumes in the WorldMorph Suit is the one which is very expensive because it is enhanced with the diamonds which has made its price to $1.6 million. It has a much glittery look which has a quite different look and was designed by the Gregor Lawson who has created almost 3 Morphsuits all around the world. The diamond version was made only 1 to keep it unique for the whole world and increase its demand.

Astronaut Costume:

Most Expensive Halloween Costume in the WorldAstronaut costume is the suit which is sold at the price of $9 million according to the value of it given by Kennedy Space Center. It is more expensive than even the car which is not affordable for everyone. It features all the accessories needed by the astronaut to complete the perfect look for the party. It provides a complete real look to the person who is very expensive one.

Most Expensive Halloween Costumes in the World – Luxurious List

Sr.No. Name Price
1 Astronaut outfit $ 9 Million
2 Morph suit $ 1.6 Million
3 The Vampire Stalkaround outfit $ 2000
4 Realistic Batman outfit $ 2000
5 Bounty Hunter outfit $ 750
6 The real deal darth vader outfit $ 749
7 Authentic Chewbacca outfit $ 624.99
8 Batgirl outfit $ 400
9 Transformers Bumblebee outfit $ 360
10 Gruesome Bat creature reacher outfit $ 199.99


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