Expensive Handmade Items on ETSY

In this Era of digitalization, which offers a boundless trade Avenue, it’s not difficult to shop anything from anywhere in the world. Online shopping is a norm of today. It offers you to buy your gadgets from anywhere. If you are living in the USA and wants to have any distinctively made product from South Asia, you can easily buy it through e-commerce. E-commerce allows your access to a wide range of product. It cut the distances short and able you to get your article quite easily. There are many online shopping websites which offer you to buy many products like, electronics, books, software’s and many other things. You can even make your orders for fast food online. Like-wise, ETSY is an online shopping website that allows you to buy and sell your handmade products online. And if you are crazy about crochet and antiques, then this article is for you. Because we are going to discuss the most expansible items sold on ETSY forum. This list has been prepared after researching the price tags. But due to variation in prices, this list may get absolute with the passage of time.


List of Top Ten Most Expensive Handmade Items on ETSYThis charity box is known to be the world’s most expensive charity box. It cost $43000. The remarkable thing about this charity box is its design and shape. The material used in the manufacturing of this article is Indian rosewood, antimoya, cocobolo and sterling silver. The most remarkable thing about this box is it moveable parts. You can open this front door of façade. Two boxes on both the sides can also be widened to get money out. Moreover, head of a dome is also made movable by use of two magnates. Well, no one can offer this charity box Elsa than someone who is keen in charitable work and is fond of classic art.

9. Flaming Pirates Treasure Chest

Top Ten Most Expensive Handmade Items on ETSYThis handmade product cost $48500. It is available in a shop of fire sculpture art on ETSY. The material used in this Pirates steel, copper, brass and borne. Of which the chest is made up of steel, while coins used in it are of brass. The skull of Captain is made up bronze, and its cap is of copper. While glass is used for eyes of the captain. The exquisiteness of this article is because of the captain who is one eye and has jacked himself over the treasury.

8. Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring – BAJAJ_RS-04

Top Ten Expensive Handmade Items on ETSYHere it comes the most expensive handmade ring in this world. Big Apple Jewels is the shop that quoted its price as $217,310. If you want to surprise your fiancé with this expensive gift, all that you have to do is to go to a website and place the order. Don’t worry about the size, because this ring is available in 6 different sizes. And moreover, you can get it in your on required size. So just place the order to get this diamond ring. Wait, wait don’t forget to get a discount while getting this product.

7. Wall Street Journal-Inspired Art

Top 10 Most Expensive Handmade Items on ETSYThis inspired art has been created by a Billionaire Mindset. It is offered for sale on a shop of Number. This artist was inspired from aptitude of top businessmen of USA. It showcases the notion of growth in asset or money. It depicts the optimism of the artist. It uses original cuttings of The Wall Street Journal Newspaper and five note of Fed amounting 100 dollars each. An original check is also there in this art. It also has one gold and one silver bar of 5 grams each. Else than that, the use of special Aluminum adds beauty to this portrait. This art work price is $246,678.64 and available for to be purchased from anywhere in the World.

6. Hair Balls Sculpture

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Handmade Items on ETSYG9sf is an artist who makes a different sculpture of hair. It is one of these shoppers of ETSY whose prices of articles are very high. You can find many Hair Sculpture on his portal. But here mentioned is the unique one. It is unique for its remarkable price and t material used in its manufacturing. It is manufactured by use of human hair. It also uses comb and plastic. The amazing thing about this sculpture is that it does not use any glue to gel up the hair. These characteristics of the article make its manufacturer charge high price of $250000.

5. Pink/Green/Black Bracelet with Gold Chain and Clasp

Top Five Most Expensive Handmade Items on ETSYLiddo Treasure Shop is the shop where you can buy this handmade bracelet. It uses a gold chain and is available in different colors. These colors include green, pink and black. This bracelet is available in only one size.  Its length is seven and a half inch, which suits every hand. But can be ordered from any place the world. It is priced $250000.

4. Teapunk Snail

Top 5 Most Expensive Handmade Items on ETSYHere it comes the most expensive item on ETSY. It is a small snail but have a lot of beauty in it. Mechanist of Arkana Workshop is the manufacturer of this article. It cost $250,614.97. This handmade item is made up of polymer clay. A special paint is done on its surface. There have been used watch parts and compassion this snail. It is also coated with brass propeller and Yorkshire tea. Else than that, the use of seashells and glass vials increases the glory of the product. So, it is a class, if you have the capacity to match the demand of manufacturer of this article.

3. Her Silhouette

Top Three Most Expensive Handmade Items on ETSYThe Cookie Store offer this adorable watch. It is made up of lead and gold primarily. However, it is also coated with steel and wax. It took more than 6 years in the completion of this article. This article is priced $260,869.57. The use of pure 24 carat gold and the care with which this article is made makes it cost so high. Not only the face of a clock but the pendulum also is made up of a clock.

2. Pyramid of 385 balls

Top 3 Most Expensive Handmade Items on ETSYThis pyramid is specially made by steel balls. There are 385 balls used to build this pyramid. Each ball consists of a diameter of 19, 68.  184″ is the height of this pyramid that is buildup of 10 levels. This article was made in Italy and is shipped to everywhere in the world. It costs $261,326, making this article one of the most expensive handmade article on this earth. In List of Most Expansive crochet on ETSY, this article is on.

1. Reflection of self

Most Expensive Handmade Item on ETSYThis fantastic a self-portrait is made by Dino Pellicciari. It is made up of three most simple substances. But been then it costs $271,399.15. It is just because of the mindset with which the artist has portrait nature. It is an abstract of a chemical phenomenon. It is a depiction of never ending circle of the life. Only those would love this painting who love the nature. 90x90cm is the size of canvas on which painting is done. Moreover, it is wrapped in Acrylic frame. So don’t be late to decorate your drawing room with this portrait, if you can afford it.

List of Most Expensive Handmade Items on ETSY

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Reflection of self $ 271399.15
2 Pyramid of 385 balls $ 261326
3 Her Silhouette $ 269869.57
4 Teapunk Snail $ 250614.97
5 Pink/Green/Black Bracelet with Gold Chain and Clasp $ 250000
6 Hair Balls Sculpture $ 250000
7 Wall Street Journal-Inspired Art $ 246678.64
8 Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring – BAJAJ_RS-04 $ 217310
9 Flaming Pirates Treasure Chest $ 48500
10 Charity Box FLORENCE SYNAGOGUE $ 43000


So, here was the list of most expensive items on ETSY, the number one best online selling site of a handmade product. You can have anything you like from site form anywhere in the world. And if you are looking for some antique vintage product, this is a site for you. Get your product from any place of this world, because the shopper will courier it you. And shopper will pay its cost. Is not it amazing.

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