Bad habits do not need to be adopted but can come in the person naturally, or it is said that company has great influence on the person which does the same. Student life is full of struggle for making the future bright and successful to spend the life luxuriously and successfully in future. Students are getting only limited pocket money during their studies duration which must be spending carefully and on good habits. Everything in this is now very expensive, and students must take care of their expenses and save something from their pocket money as well. The cost of small things can go much higher, and these bad habits can be quit with proper care and efforts to get rid of them. Most of the students get addicted to these habits which then become difficult to leave, but nothing is impossible in the world.

10. Buying Branded Food:

List of Top Ten Expensive Student Habits and How to QuitBranded food is now in many trends among the people especially young generation as they love to eat junk food which is offered by mainly different brands of the world. It can be compared to the local brands and have large difference among them but still students wanted to eat those food items either to enjoy their taste or maintain their luxurious standards of living but these food items can be purchased from some other local brand. The estimated saving of a person can be done to almost $8 in a single week.

9. Don’t just rely on supermarkets:

Top Ten Expensive Student Habits and How to QuitNowadays people especially young kids are focusing more on their standards rather than their health and physical appearance. These students wanted to eat different expensive and luxurious meals in front of others rather than to rely on the local supermarkets and eat fruits which can also help in their health and vegetables as well. Supermarkets are cheap as compared to big malls or shopping centers. It can save almost $8 in a single week only by this little change.

8. Going food shopping without a list:

Top Ten Student Habits and How to QuitSupermarkets have a large number of items, and when people go there, they didn’t have any list and wanted to purchase anything they see lying there. At that time, people do not focus on their budget but want to purchase them. All these are the tricks played by supermarkets to attract more people towards them. People going for shopping must have pre-planned list while going there to limit the expenses and can save up to $25 only in a single week.

7. Clothes shopping for the sake of it:

Top 10 Expensive Student Habits and How to Quit

People are now more focused towards their dressing and wanted to look good all the time. Clothes are now very expensive, and the foreign brands have enhanced the craze of people towards clothing which are not affordable for everyone. Their high street brands offer the same items at much cheaper rates which can be purchased from there rather than spending double on the brands. People should also develop the trend of buying in charity shops which are a good trend and can save almost $35 per week.

6. Buying things you can get for free of cheaper elsewhere:

List of Top 10 Expensive Student Habits and How to QuitIt is said that people should focus on products rather than their packing and outer look. As person want to drink water should focus on water rather than paying for a fancy bottle for different reasons. Buying books can be very expensive and which can be saved by getting a membership of library and read the books without paying anything there. For instance spending money for watching movies, then movies can be downloaded from the internet which can save much to $12 in a week.

5. Using public transport:

Top Five Expensive Student Habits and How to QuitMost of the students during their student life prefer to use public transport as they cannot afford their personal transport. People living far away from their universities can use public transport and even can walk when it has less distance from your home and even can save money as well. Either student can buy second-hand bike which is less expensive and can save the cost of daily routine to almost $22 in a single week.

4. Drinking:

Top 5 Expensive Student Habits and How to QuitDrinking is the habit which is becoming famous among the students and can be worst for their future career. Most of the students think that it can enhance their lifestyle which is also a very expensive thing which can drain all the finances of the person. It is difficult to quit it when the person gets addicted to it and can be done only on weekends. Proper measures can be taken to quit drinking for the successful career and can save $60 per week of the person.

3. Smoking:

Top Three Expensive Student Habits and How to QuitSmoking is very bad habits which are developing rapidly among the young generation because of their bad company. Everyone knows that smoking is not a cheap habit and to quit it is most difficult task ever as well. Students should try the new e-cigarettes or limit smoking only to weekends or some special occasions rather than daily routine. It can save to $22 in a single week either by quitting it or limiting it.

2. Impulse Buying:

Top 3 Expensive Student Habits and How to QuitImpulse Buying is said to be another cash-killer all around the world. It is not a good habit in which people cannot control themselves and spend money on anything they see in the market. Some of the real shopping lovers cannot control themselves while shopping in big malls which can be controlled by visiting big malls only when needed not for the recreational purchases and can save $22 per week.

1. Buying Food on Campus:

Expensive Student Habit and How to QuitEveryone feels appetite while studying and when you have canteen near your classroom then it can be very tempting for the person. Most of the students prefer to eat and drink between their classes which then become very expensive and people should focus on planning according to their budget which can save $18 per week and much more within a single month.

Expensive Student Habits and How to Quit – List

Sr.No. Name
1 Buying Food on Campus
2 Impulse buying
3 Smoking
4 Drinking
5 Using Public Transport
6 Buying things you can get for free or cheaper elsewhere
7 Clothes shopping for the sake of it
8 Going Food shopping without a list
9 Don’t just rely on supermarkets
10 Buying Branded food
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