Useful Tips for Fabric Painting

Every person has some interest and hobbies that are practiced by them and are best for spending extra time. Fabric Painting is a quite famous thing in the world which can be seen on different things like clothes, curtains, cushions, etc. The colors used in it are the fabric paints and are available at low prices to make them affordable for everyone. It is normally done with a special brush used for fabric painting and is the perfect thing to enhance the wardrobe of the person. It is said that fabric painting is not a rocket science but is a little advance thing that can be made perfect after practicing it regularly. These fabric paintings look very attractive and different which is loved by most of the people in the whole world. This type of painting is little enhanced on the fabric and seems amazing when done properly. All the material needed for fabric painting is available in the market. But there are some tips that must be followed by the person while doing it which are listed in this list to make them perfect.
The following are top 10 useful tips for fabric paintings to be followed by the person doing it:

10. One-Sided Designs:

List of Top Ten Useful Tips for Fabric PaintingThe meaning of one-sided design means as painting is to be done on the front or the single side of the material. As the design is to be made on the one side of the clothc like when painting a shirt needs to insert some newspapers or any other thing to make it perfect. Otherwise, the paint will spread on the other side. The back of the shirt will also be affected if this tip is not focused on the person. If avoided it can ruin the whole material and destroy the efforts of the person.

9. Bleached-Out Colors:

Top Ten Useful Tips for Fabric PaintingBleach is normally used to remove colors from the cloth that appeared on the fabric while making it. It is recommended to use a cheap brush for applying bleach on the cloth and wear gloves while using it for the safety of hands. It works perfectly while using dark colors. For the bleach action reduction, wash the cloth quickly which can be done in the bucket of water or can add white vinegar to it. It is said that mixing of vinegar and bleach release chlorine in high quantity which can be very harmful and poisonous.

8. Tread Softly:

Top Ten Useful Tips for Fabric colouringIt is said that stenciling and stamping on the cloth work perfectly when it is done on the padded surface for that old towel can be used which is the best option. If the user is not willing to sacrifice a towel for this purpose, then the thick card can be used instead of a towel that can be then wiped to clean it. That must be kept in mind while doing cloth painting to make it perfectly.

7. Go with the Flow:

Top 10 Useful Tips for Fabric PaintingIt is sometimes recommended, to wet the cloth before painting it which encourages the colors to spread all over the cloth perfectly similar to the watercolor. It is also said that don’t use much water with these paints otherwise it will spread on the cloth and will not soak it completely and can damage the whole efforts and design.

6. The Heat is on:

List of Top 10 Useful Tips for Fabric PaintingThe best way to set the paints on the cloth is to iron it for some minutes. It is also said that if the iron is done on the wrong side but it will rub the whole paint and will bleed into each other. It is also recommended to use the press cloth. The paint should be dried for almost 24 hours and then press it to make it perfect. Some people also use an oven for drying and setting it, but it is recommended to use an iron to do it perfectly. But still it must be done when is the whole paint is dry otherwise it will damage it.

5. Get Rid of Wrinkles:

Top Five Useful Tips for Fabric PaintingAs it is said that pressing the fabric with an iron must be done when the fabric is full, dried so keep it in the best condition. It is also recommended to take full time to iron the fabric perfectly as the wrinkles on the fabric can fully ruin the whole design and will destroy its whole look so time spent on the iron will provide best results for all the efforts done by the person.

4. Skip the Softener:

Top 5 Useful Tips for Fabric PaintingAs the fabric needs to be washed to make it perfect for painting, so it is recommended not to use softener. As the washing of the cloth was done to reduce the chemicals from the cloth so it is good not to add any other further chemicals in it as chemicals can ruin the color of the fabric and destroy the cloth as well.

3. Pre wash or not to Prewash:

Top Three Useful Tips for Fabric PaintingThe main reason for prewashing the cloth before painting it is done for removing the sizing added during its manufacturing and preventing the paint to get to its surface. It is also good for avoid the chances of shrinking which after painting is not good for the cloth. It is said that when the water on the cloth beads up on its surface that means that this cloth needs to be prewashed before painting it. And if the water sinks then start doing paint rather than washing.

2. Tight is Bright:

Top 3 Useful Tips for Fabric PaintingTight is bright means the cloth used for painting must be made tightly with the threads. As the fabric that is woven loosely can seep the whole paint into all threads before drying. It also reduces the intensity of the colors and makes them look dim. It is recommended to use tightly woven fabric rather than lose one to get the best results of painting.

1. Fabric must be 100% cotton:

Best Useful Tip for Fabric PaintingMost of the famous fabric painters of the world say that the best fabric to be used for painting must be 100% cotton and is woven tightly. The best-recommended materials for painting are silk and rayon to get best results and designs. The best tip for painting is to try it first on the small sample and then try on the final cloth so that you know about the texture of the cloth.

Useful Tips for Fabric Painting and Ideas

Sr.No. Names
1 Fabric must be 100% cotton
2 Tight is bright
3 Prewash or not to prewash
4 Skip the softener
5 Get rid of wrinkles
6 The Heat is on
7 Go with the Flow
8 Tread Softly
9 Bleached out colors
10 One Sided Designs


The above ranking of top 10 useful fabric painting tips is given according to the priority to get best results from them. There are some special tips from the professionals that must be followed by the people to get best results and designs on their cloth. It is not a difficult process but needs some tips to do it’s perfect. All these steps must be kept in mind while doing fabric painting.

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