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Top Ten Amazing Etch-A-Sketch Creations

Top Ten Amazing Etch-A-Sketch Creations

Today we are going to have a look at world’s most amazing mechanical painter and the most astonishing pieces of art work created by it. But let’s see the answer to two basic question asked by this painter. That are; what is Etch-A-Sketch and how it works? As far as the first question is concerned, its answer is simple. Etch-A-Sketch is a toy that is used to create different portraits mechanically. Answering the second question is a bit tricky. That is how works is. Etch-A-Sketch has a gray plate on the screen having aluminum on it. There are two knobs that twist to create an image. Left knob moves horizontally while the other one moves vertically. These knobs move the stylus that displaces aluminum from plate to create solid lines. Those the images produced by the Etch-A-Sketch are line graphs. Talking about the history of this toy, it was built in 1960 by a company unowned as baby boom. It cost only $ 2.99 at that time. Presently. Ohio Art Company is the father for this toy. Etch-A-Sketch is available in countries including USA and France. We have evident a sale of more than 60000 units of this toy. And people use to draw some extraordinary sketches with this toy. Let’s have a look at the best-created portraits by this toy.

10. Phantom of the Opera

List of Top Ten Amazing Etch-A-Sketch CreationsThat is a name of a novel written by Gaston Leroux in 1910. That is of the most romantic and mystic novel ever written. Many reviews for this novel narrate the legitimacy of this novel in literature. People also feel no hesitation in suggesting others about the worth reading this novel. That is a story of a mask and the man behind this mask. It lets the reader know who cruel this world, and its habitats are. Following given is not a mimicker of any poster or portrait. But this is an original drawing developed seven years before in 2008. It makes us remember that classy drama novel known as Phantom of the Opera.

9. The Beatles

Top Ten Amazing Etch-A-Sketch CreationsThe Beatles is the band formulated in 1960. Its song remained in hit list till 1970. It was English rock band that had four members. These includes Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, and Starr.  This band changed the music trends of at that time. It also changed the taste of people too. For this all, this band is still alive in hearts of music lovers. Following is the drawing taken by Etch-A-Sketch.  This portrait has faces of all four members of the band. And they are also captured here during a performance. This differential combination made this drawing a unique one.

8. Home Alone

 Top Ten Amazing Etch-A-SketchHome Alone is one of the best movies ever for children. It is a story that revolves around a child who was alone at his home for a long period. It was released in 1990 and got some wonderful ratings by a public. The poster of this movie has a cute boy who is screaming with a scare. But later on in the movie, this child made many other to scare. And when it comes to the drawing made by Etch-A-Sketch, it becomes, even more, glorious.

7. Pulp Fiction

Top 10 Amazing Etch-A-Sketch CreationsHere it comes the Pulp Fiction, one of the most viewed action comedy picture. It was released in 1994 under the production of Quentin Tarantino. It got 8.9 rating from IMD. One the poster of this movie there is a dashing girl, lying in some curious way. The girls have a cigarette in hand and a gun in front of it. And same was mimicked by an artist who did it by Etch-A-Sketch. Although this drawing is not colored, its glory has not lost even in Black and White.

6. President Obama

List of Top 10 Amazing Etch-A-Sketch CreationsObama is currently ruling the USA since 2009. He is the 44th president of the USA and first African American President ever in the history of the country. He was reelected in the year 2012. Obama is given Nobel Prize for his concerns for global peace. Else than that, he remained very successful in letting his country out of the Global Economic Rescission of 2007.  And to pay tribute to this great personality, many artists has made some remarkable portraits of President. The following given picture is one of them. In this drawing, an American flag is shown flourishing behind President Obama. It is depicting a sign of prosperity for the country.

5. Birth of Venus

Top Five Amazing Etch-A-Sketch CreationsBirth of Venus is one of the oldest and most of the viewed painting developed in the 14th century. Sandro Botticelli was the artist who developed this extraordinary piece of art. Venus is the subject of this painting. The following given drawing was drawn 6 years before in 2008. In this picture, goddess of Venus is shown who is emerging out of a river. There is another goddess shown in the drawing too, making this mimicry very close to the original painting.

4. Starry Night

Top 5 Amazing Etch-A-Sketch CreationsThis drawing is mimicry of great portrait that is known as Starry Night. The original portrait was developed in 1889 and is placed in a museum of Modern Art in New York. Vincent van Gogh was the painter who developed this piece of art by use of oil on canvas. Talking about this mimicry created by Etch a Sketch, it is very close to the original portrait. But it is also a matter of fact that, original one gave a great look as it is a colored picture. While, this drawing does not give the clear show of the objects that was placed in original portrait.

3. American Gothic

Amazing Etch-A-Sketch CreationsThat is a one of the most famous paintings of a 20th century. It was prepared by Grant Wood in 1930. The original portrait used oil on beaverboard to build the image. But after that many people have tried to mimic it in different ways. One of those mimics has been created by using Etch-A-Sketch. This portrait has two persons and a house in it. American Gothic showcases the farmer community of USA. As the man in it is a farmer and her wife is standing just behind him. In the background, there is a classic house shown for which Grant Wood says this couple would surely be living in the same type of home.

2. Elvis

Top 3 Amazing Etch-A-Sketch CreationsElvis Presley is one the best-known actor and singer of all the time. He was born in Mississippi 1935. He also had a great career for Military, but he is known for his singing talent. In the portrait given below, there are four images of Elvis. And all are paying tribute to the rock star. He was not only a good in singing, but he was a great musician. He was very good with his guitar and performed many solo performances.  Thus, the following given drawing a good tribute to the great man.

1. Mona Lisa

Amazing Etch-A-Sketch CreationsHere it comes the most famous portrait ever made in the world, and it comes to amazing Etch-A-Sketch its glory have been justified. This drawing has been developed mimicking the world’s best portrait. Although this drawing has a different background than the original one. But still it is so classy to be presented in any exhibition of drawings. It took more than 80 hours to draw this portrait. And this toil has justified by the priced charged for this portrait.

Amazing Etch-A-Sketch Creations List

Sr.No. Names
1 Mona Lisa
2 Elvis
3 American Gothic
4 Starry Night
5 Birth of Venus
6 President Obama
7 Pulp Fiction
8 Home Alone
9 The Beatles
10 Phantom of the Opera


The art of painting and drawing has been in practice since very long. The world famous Mona Lisa’s portrait has been almost 8 centuries old. And archeologists have found even older portraits from the ancient times. However, the use of mechanical tools has also been a good addition in this field. Many extraordinary portraits have been drawn by use of Etch-A-Sketch. And to your amaze, these portraits have been sold for more than even $10000. Is not it too costly?