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Top 10 Most Luxury Nail Polish Brands in the World

Top 10 Most Luxury Nail Polish Brands in the World

In this article, we will talk about top 10 most luxury nail polish brands of the world. We as a whole know nail polishes are for the most part utilized by youthful era and exceptionally famous among them nowadays. Everybody needs to look great, and in this way, they use different nail polishes to make their hands and feet more appealing and pleasant. The interest for nail shines has expanded in recent years because of their pattern in the mold business. There are numerous sorts of nail shines accessible in the market like French nail treatment, waterproof, and so on. Many outlines and examples are moreover available to be made on nail polishes to make them more alluring. Numerous restorative organizations are doing nail polishes like Revlon, Bobby Brown, and so on. They are currently consistently acquainting new hues with meet the expanding requests of individuals. There are a few hues that are in the most recent mold like Neon hues green, yellow, orange, and so on. The pattern of utilizing nail polishes expanding quickly. By perusing this article, you will have the capacity to think about best ten best nail polish brands of the world.
Here are the following top 10 most luxuy nail polish brands in the world, which are as follow:


most famous nail polsihesBobby Brown is very famous brand in terms of cosmetics. If someone wanted her nails to look very attractive and beautiful than this brand is best for them. It offers nail polishes in many different colors that are very smooth and give a glowing look to nails. Its nail colors are long lasting, dries quickly and are easy to use as well. The fingers of hand and feet can be made very attractive by using different shades of this brand. Bobby Brown has now also introduced many trendy colors like orange, peach, green, etc. Their price ranges from $15 to $35.

9. RGB:

rgb nail polishRGB is very famous and excellent company. It offers many cosmetics products that are latest and free from any harmful material. Its nail colors are very famous among the people. The nail colors very long lasting and gives the nails a very natural look. It is very good brand and has a large variety of colors from which one can choose according to your own choice. The price of these nail polishes ranges from $12 to $32. It’s most famous, and successful shades are golden and black nail polish. It also offers nail remover pads with nail polishes with extra charges.

8. NARS:

top nail polish brands of the worldIt is considered as one of the leading brands of cosmetics. Its fingernail polishes and lipsticks are if very good quality and famous among the people. The fingernail polishes of this brand make every woman love their nails. It not only gives stylish nail polishes but with excellent quality as well. Many chemicals used in them make them look better and natural. The bottles of these polishes are very stylish, and small brush in them is very useful. It offers many colors either with shine or without shine. The price of nail polishes is same for every color and is $20.

7. CND:

most luxurious nail polish brandsCND is very famous brand for fingernail polishes and has a wide variety of colors. It is basically an international brand and is mostly used by professionals for nail care treatments or its beauty. Its nail polishes give a beautiful look to nails without damaging them. Latest technology is used in making of these nail polishes that makes them though, so they can be used for more than a week on nails. The price of these nail polishes ranges from $6 to $15. The bottles of these fingernail polishes redesigned very stylishly.


sally hansen nail polishThis brand has the first mover advantage towards making nail protection fingernail polishes. The formula used by this brand makes it most reputed brand in the world. The fingernail polishes of this brand not only make your nails took attractive but also nourishes them to make them stronger. They are easy to use and dry very quickly which is the basic requirement of users. This brand is also offering nail art kits to make them available at home rather than going to a salon. The nail art kits help you how to make that design on your nails. Their price ranges from $5 to $15.


L'Oreal productsL’Oreal needs no introduction as it is leading brand for cosmetics. Its fingernail polishes come in different shades and shine that gives nails very elegant look. It has a wide range in terms of fingernail polishes so that people can enjoy more colors from a single brand. This brand is committed to offering excellent quality to people at affordable prices. Its products are of high quality with very natural look and long lasting effect as well. The prices of this brand range to $3 to $20 according to the color.


most famous nail polish brands in the worldIt is very famous fingernail polish brand all over the world. It’s nail polishes give very smooth and natural look to nails. It’s nail polishes are very stylish and elegant. Its colors are very suitable to be used for any occasion. This brand is continuously introducing new colors that are in fashion to meet the demands of users. Everyone loves its colors. It can be applied for a longer time due to its strong formula. Its price ranges from $3 to $35 according to the colors that are in the latest fashion.


revlon nail polishesRevlon is very famous brand and needs no introduction. It is very successful brand in terms of cosmetics and personal care products. It offers many different colors in fingernail polishes at very affordable prices. The shades of polishes are very attractive that no one can ignore them. It also has different names for different colors like strength enamel, sun candy, etc. The brush with this polish is amazing that covers the nail and coats it very smoothly. Their shades are very beautiful. The price ranges from $3 to $25.


top nail polishes in worldChina Glaze is an amazing brand especially for fingernail polishes. It offers a wide variety of nail colors with glitter and without it. Many professionals are using it due to its smooth texture and beautiful shades. It is also focusing to provide many colors that are in fashion like neon colors, etc. It is constantly advertised in magazines and newspaper about their recent range of colors. Its price ranges from $3 to $35.

1. OPI:

most luxurious nail polish brandsThe best fingernail polish brand of 2015 is OPI whose full name is Odontorium Product Inc. It is the leading brand in nail care. It is growing very rapidly and famous for better quality products. It is more famous because of their excellent formulas and different colors. Its prices range from $4 to $40. Professionals mostly use it due to its smooth texture.

List of Top Ten Most Luxury Nail Polish Brands In The World at a Glance.

Rank Brand Nail Polish Price Range
1. OPI $4 to $40
2. China Glaze $3 to $35
3. Revlon $3 to $25
4. Essie $3 to $35
5. L’Oreal Paris $3 to $20
6. Sally Hansen $5 to $15
7. CND $6 to $15
8. Nars $20
9. RGB $12 to $32
10. Bobby Brown $15 to $35