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List of Top 10 Most Expensive Car Garages in the World

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Car Garages in the World

Cars are considered as the most luxurious product in the world which is also a basic need of every person. With the invention of latest technology, cars are getting more famous among the car lovers because they are launched with new features and attractive designs. There are many brands of cars in the market which very considered as the best and are very expensive as well and not affordable for all types of people. The luxurious cars of the world are placed on garages for the attraction and attention of the people. Everyone knows that Garage is the place which is made to keep the cars but sometimes is made with much more luxuries of the cars. Normal and usual garages are spotted at every place, but these garages are quite different and famous because of their luxurious cars and the whole environment available there which include different facilities for the people coming there as well. Cars lovers love to visit the best and luxurious garages to watch different amazing cars.
The following are top 10 most expensive and beautiful car garages in the whole world:

10. Jerry Seinfeld Garage:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Car Garages in the WorldJerry Seinfeld is a famous comedian who also wanted to show his Porsches in a much luxurious way at his garage located in Manhattan Side Street. It has a simple door which takes the guests to an elevator and them taking down the guest to the garage. The whole garage is located on three stories and features almost 46 different models of Porsches. It also has a living space with it which has a kitchen, bathroom, and office and billiard table as well. The security of this garage is totally controlled by computers which can be checked on the phone. The value of this place is almost $500,000.

9. The Garage next to Harrods:

Top Ten Most Expensive Car Garages in the WorldThis special garage is not an expensive one because of its features or cars but because of its location which is next to Harrods and has the value of $850,000. The parking space for cars in this lock-up is 6.4 meters and its value is totally worth it. It is located on one of the prime locations of Britain. It is not much luxurious or attractive one but only expensive because of its location in Knightsbridge.

8. Million Dollar garage in NY:

Top Ten Expensive Car Garages in the WorldIt is a car private garage which consists of eight story building. It is also serving as the parking area for the people living in that building, and the buyer of the lock-up will also pay the maintenance fee of this whole space as the charges of this place are $1 million. It has direct access to the roads in front of it. It has a high ceiling which provides much more space for the cars.

7. Francis Wisniewski`s Garage:

Top 10 Most Expensive Car Garages in the WorldIt was the home of Francis Wisniewski who decided to develop it as a garage which is located in Las Vegas. It covers a total area of 15000 square foot and also has a small basketball court in it. It also has a gambling room in it which totally loves for the sports lovers. The estimated value of this lock-up is $1 million. It looks like a perfect luxurious car showroom which also has a ventilation system in it, and it took nine months only to design it then additional time to build it.

6. Craig Jackson`s Garage:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Car Garages in the WorldThis garage is owned by the car collection company which has its CEO called Craig Jackson and is located in the Paradise Valley of Arizona. It is the car garage which has very luxurious car collection in it. It is made in a circle shape and has the estimated value of $2 million. It has a full lighting system for the attraction of the people. It took two years to build this garage which features the best car collection there. The whole working was done there is a computerized operating system.

5. Tom Gonzales Garage:

Top Five Most Expensive Car Garages in the WorldTom Gonzales is a famous software engineer who started his garage located in Lake Tahoe Nevada. This place was build to keep the cars and motorcycle collection. It looks like a big mansion and most of the best collections of cars were displayed there. It also has a special elevator which was huge in size as the aircraft carriers. The estimated value of this garage is $6 million. This lock-up has large space, and its climate is also controlled.

4. Ralph Lauren`s D.A.D Garage:

Top 5 Most Expensive Car Garages in the WorldRalph Lauren is the brand which is quite famous in the world of fashion and decided to store his car collection of 60 cars. He has opened his garage in New York City, which consists of two floors and was made with white stainless steel counters for the cars. The walls of this lock-up were painted white to boost up the color of cars. It was an amazing display area for his car which also has library and office. The value of this garage is not specified.

3. John Travolta`s Garage:

Top Three Most Expensive Car Garages in the WorldJohn Travolta`s Garage is an amazing one which is located in his Jumbolair estate. It can also accommodate the Gulfstream jet and also Boeing 707. It has made large parking space for his all cars which are 15 in number. It is also accompanied with 1.4 miles runway which leads to the garage. Its value is also not specified in the world, but its location is very beautiful and full of natural beauty.

2. Jay Leno`s Big Dog Garage:

Top 3 Most Expensive Car Garages in the WorldJay Leno is a famous talk show host which owns a large range of attractive cars and motorcycles. This big dog garage is located in Southern California home which is spread over two big buildings. It is not opened to the public, but he takes his special guests for a tour there. Their tickets to this amazing garage are $100 for each person and are only given to 215 people. It is completely dependent upon the solar panels, and its value is not specified.

1. Emirates National Auto Museum:

Most Expensive Car Garage in the WorldThis most luxurious and beautiful museum of cars is owned by Hamad Bin Hamdan Al-Hahyan because he owns many luxurious cars which are the tradition of royal families. Emirates National Auto Museum is located in the center of the desert which is almost 45 kilometers away from Abu Dhabi. It is opened to the public and is very beautiful. It consists of more than 200 luxurious cars in it, and this building is of three stories.

Most Expensive Car Garages in the World – Best

Sr.No. Names Value
1 Emirates National Auto Museum N/A
2 Jay Leno`s Big Dog Lock-UP N/A
3 John Travolta`s Lock-UP $ 4.5 Million
4 Ralph Lauren`s D.A.D Lock-UP N/A
5 Tom Gonzales Lock-UP $ 6 Million
6 Craig Jackson`s Lock-UP $ 2 Million
7 Francis Wisniewski`s Lock-UP $ 1 Million
8 Million Dollar Lock-UP in NY $ 1 Million
9 The Lock-UP next to Harrods $ 850000
10 Jerry Seinfeld Lock-UP % 500000


Most of the people in the world had large passion for the cars even which they cannot buy but wanted to see them and their features. This world is full of an expensive and luxurious car which are worth watching. All the car garages are owned by the rich people who wanted to keep their car collection in a much luxurious way and open them for the public to view them as well.