Most Expensive Cars own by Female Celebrities

Cars are the basic need of every person which is used in daily life for different purposes. But some people have made them their luxury and wanted to have some luxurious cars to maintain their status in the society. When it comes to celebrities, they are very rich and can afford anything in their life needed by them. They are living very high standard of living which needed to be maintained by them and they own different expensive and luxurious cars for them which have made headlines in the news because of their high prices. Some of them have special customized cars which are made according to the features and specifications given by them to have in their cars. They celebrities keep on changing their cars and always wanted to have latest ones to maintain their standard of living in the society and grab the headlines always by their news.

The following are top 10 most expensive celebrities cars all over the world:

10. Lady Gaga`s Audi R8:

top ten famous cars of celebritiesLady Gaga is a very famous singer, actress, and songwriter that belong to America. She is very successful and famous name in the field of music. Her albums have earned sales of almost 27 million only in 2016 which shows her success. She is very wealthy and can afford anything needed in her life so is her car which is Audi R8 and is very stylish and expensive one which is sold at the price of $162,000.

9. Jennifer Lopez`s Bentley:

most expensive carsJennifer Lopez is also another American author, actress, dancer, producer and fashion designer as well. She has given many big successful things to the entertainment industry which includes movies and songs as well. She is a very fortunate lady and living very high standard of life in her life. Bentley is known as one of the best luxurious car brands in the world which come at the high price of $250,000 which is easy to afford for her. She owns a white beautiful and stylish Bentley car.

8. Celine Dion Maybach 62:

most expensive celebrities carsCeline Dion is a Canadian singer, business person, actress, and songwriter as well. She was born in a large family and has given many successful French albums to the whole world which have gained much popularity and success there. She has won many awards for her performances and best sellers in the market. Maybach is the brand which is named as one of the most expensive car brands in the world, and she owns a unique model with the name 62 at the high price of $500,000 which is very expensive.

7. Janet Jackson`s Aston Martin Vanquish:

worlds most expensive celebrities carsJanet Jackson is also another famous and fruitful American dancer, singer and actress. She is known for her innovative series of songs and their lyrics as well. She started her career with different television series which made her famous among the audience. She is a gorgeous lady in this field and owns a fantastic car named Aston Martin Vanquish to maintain her luxurious lifestyle at the price of $234,260.

6. Mariah Carey`s Mercedes-Benz SLK:

top ten most expensive female carsMariah Carey is another famous American producer, actress, songwriter and singer as well. She has given her first debut album in 1990 which made him famous in the whole world. She has given many hit records to the entire world which were made best selling music albums in the market and also made her won many awards. Most of the celebrities wanted to have best brand cars, and Mercedes-Benz is one of the best brands. She also owns this car with the price tag of $60,000.

5. Rihanna`s Lamborghini:

list of top ten most expensive cars of celebrities in the worldRihanna is another name with which everyone in the world is well aware and is a songwriter and singer. She has given many fruitful and big music albums in the market which made her famous and one of the richest personalities in the world. She was also named as among the list of 100 most influential people in the world. Lamborghini is the car brand which is quite expensive and luxurious one which comes at the price of $750,000.

4. Katy Perry`s Black Audi A5:

Expensive Cars own by Female CelebritiesKaty Perry is also another famous American songwriter, singer, and actress. She is known for her bold personality, and the videos made with her songs. She is also included in the list of top 10 hot celebrities of the world. She has also won many awards which also includes her in the list of Forbes and Guinness World Record. She also owns a luxurious Audi A5 with the high price tag of $50,000.

3. Gwen Stefani`s Rolls-Royce Wraith:

worlds most expensive celebrities carsGwen Stefani is also another American fashion designer, songwriter, singer, and actress. She has given many successful music albums and also won many awards for her albums. She is also included in the list of Top 10 greatest women in Music in 2012. Rolls Royce is world famous car brand, and she also owns the Wraith model with the price tag of $400,000 which she can afford easily because she is very wealthy.

2. Beyonce Knowles 1959 silver cloud Rolls Royce convertible:

top expensive celebrity owned carsBeyonce Knowles is also a famous songwriter, producer, actress and singer as well. She has given many hit songs albums and also participated in dancing competitions in her childhood. She has won many awards which include almost 20 Grammy awards, and all her albums are a best seller in the market. She also owns Rolls Royce Convertible with the price tag of $1 million which is a custom made according to her needs and specifications.

1. Nicki Minaj`s Pink Lamborghini Aventador:

Expensive Cars own by Female CelebritiesNicki Minaj is also an American singer, songwriter, and rapper. She has gained much attention from her music albums which made her famous and fruitful. She has received many awards for her music albums and included in different lists as well. She owns a luxurious Lamborghini Aventador car at the price tag of $400,000 which comes in pink color and is super luxurious one.

Most Expensive Cars own by Female Celebrities – Top Rated

Sr No. Names Price
1 Nicki Minaj`s Pink Lamborghini Aventador $400,000
2 Beyonce Knowles 1959 silver cloud Rolls Royce convertible $1 million
3 Gwen Stefani`s Rolls Royce Wraith $400,000
4 Katy Perry`s Black Audi A5 $50,000
5 Rihanna`s Lamborghini 750,000
6 Mariah Carey`s Mercedes-Benz SLK $60,000
7 Janet Jackson`s Aston Martin Vanquish $234,260
8 Celine Dion Maybach 62 $500,000
9 Jennifer Lopez`s Bentley $250,000
10 Lady Gaga`s Audi R8 $162,000


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive cars owned by female celebrities of the world is given according to their prices and brands. These are the best cars for females. All these celebrities are very wealthy and can own anything to maintain their lifestyle and luxurious standards. They want all luxuries in their life which are affordable for them. In this article we have introduced you to the 10 Female Celebrities with their most expensive cars.

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