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List of Top 10 Most Expensive Fishing Lures

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Fishing Lures

Fishing lures are artificial fishing bait which is designed to attract and gain the attention of fishes. It can perform different movements, flash, vibration and provide different colors to gain their attention. These fishing lures are enhanced with hooks which are used to catch the fishes. It comes in different styles and shapes which are available commercially in the market. They can be easily handled by hand and guidelines are also provided to use them. These first ever fishing lures was introduced in the market in 2006 at some show which has made headlines because of it’s luxurious and expensive material as it was studded with diamonds and other materials. Different varieties of fishing lures are available in the market at different prices, but the real fishing lovers are willing to purchase them. There are different attractive designs available for fishing lures which can make the life of the person more luxurious and attractive for others because fishing is quite an amazing hobby to be adopted by any person.
The following are top 10 best fishing lures available in the market for the fish lovers of the world:

10. Jarmo Collectible Lure Balsa Minnow:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Fishing LuresJarmo Collectible is a fishing lure which is made in Finland and is sold at the price of $100. Its name is quite famous among the people and is handmade lure which is enhanced with scales and also comes with almost 14 layers of lacquer and paint. It has gone through different tunes and tests and is autographed by them. It is presented in the special wooden box to maintain its luxury. It comes with 3 hooks to catch the fishes.

9. Black Bart Heavy Breakfast Lures Offshore Trolling Lure:

Top Ten Most Expensive Fishing LuresIt is very high-speed trolling lure which is mainly used for marlin fishing and is owned by the person called Capt, Bart Miller. It provides little slow fishing but is quite an entertaining piece to be used in fishing. It has many interesting movements which can indulge the user for the whole day in it. The price of this fishing lure is $105 and is quite colorful which looks amazing and attractive for the fishes.

8. Mann`s Giganticus 50+ Deep Diver:

Top Ten Expensive Fishing LuresIt is special fishing lure which completely describes how these monsters dive in the water which can go up to 50 feet, and the makers said that its weight is almost 600 pounds. The total length of this lure is 16 inches and is quite an effective one. The price of this amazing fishing lure is almost $112 and is available in a large number of colors.

7. Native Works Napalm 250mm Popper:

Top 10 Most Expensive Fishing LuresNative Works napalm is the amazing lure which is made in 10 inches of length and is beautifully handcrafted which is made by the amazing lure manufacturer of Japan in the whole world. Its action is considered as purely insane and is given the title of a more famous fishing lure in the whole world. The price of this lure is $117 which is much affordable one. It is made in colors which are blue and silver and has little shine in it which completely looks like a real fish.

6. Big Reidee Slant Face Offshore Trolling Lure:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Fishing LuresBig Reidee is the fishing lure which is made with special care and its each piece is made individually and is made in limited quantity as well. It is made in length of total 9 inches and is sold the at the price of $125 which is not very expensive. It is very colorful lure which has different colors in it and completely given the look of a fish. It features different colors in it which has metal hook as well.

5. Lucky Lures ESOX Adult Northern Hard Swimbait:

Top Five Most Expensive Fishing LuresLucky Lure ESOX is the fishing lure which is made in Holland and is made of the total length of 14 inches. It is made with pre-resin and also painted perfectly which cannot be replaced till it damages. Each piece of this lure is tested and signed by the professionals about its efficiency. The price of this fishing lure is almost $134 and looks like a real fish because of its color and the patches on the skin.

4. ABT Lures Custom Serious Suicide Glide 12 Gilding Swimbait:

Top 5 Most Expensive Fishing LuresABT Lure is basically a customized fishing lure which was designed for the Southern California`s Businessman. It was sold at the price of $135 because of the precious materials used in its making. It is made in silver color which is a quite shiny one and is given the whole look of real fish. It has two side hooks with it for catching the fishes easily from water.

3. Deps Slide Swimmer 250 Swimbait:

Top Three Most Expensive Fishing LuresDeps Slide swimmer 250 is the fishing lure which comes with the total length of 10 inches and is designed in Japan and is little expensive one. It is very silent one which is swims in water and is sold at the price of $180. It has hard poly body because of the soft plastic used in it and completely looks real one. It is made of hard material in green color to give it much real touch as a whole.

2. Hammerhead C Cup SUS Abalone Special Popper:

Top 3 Most Expensive Fishing LuresHammerhead C Cup SUS is the fishing lure which is made in total 6 inches and is sold at the high price of $190. It is also designed and made in Japan and is enhanced with amazing style and finish. It is made in very limited stock which is very rare in the whole world and difficult to find in the market. It is made with different colors to make it look attractive and also enhanced with a large eye similar to the eye of a fish.

1. Gan Craft Jointed Claw Magnum 300 Swimbait:

 Most Expensive Fishing LureGan Craft Jointed Claw is the fishing lure which has the total length of 12 inches and is designed to swim perfectly. The manufacturer of this lure claims that it is an amazing one which never existed before than this one. The price of this lure is $249 which is still affordable to get the best fishing lure for you.

Most Expensive Fishing Lures – List of Top Ten

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Gan Craft jointed claw magnum 300 swimbait $ 249
2 Hammerhead C Cup SUS abalone special popper $ 190
3 Deps slide swimmer 250 swimbait $ 180
4 ABT Lures Custom Serious suicide glide 12 gilding swimbait $ 135
5 Lucky lures ESOX adult northern hard swimbait $ 134
6 Big Reidee slant face offshore trolling tempt $ 125
7 Native Works napalm 250mm popper $ 117
8 Mann`s Giganticus 50+ deep diver $ 112
9 Black Bart heavy breakfast lures offshore trolling lure $ 105
10 Jarmo Collectible Lure Balsa minnow $ 100


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive fishing lures in the world is given according to the prices of these lures in the market. These fishing lures are completely given the shape and color of real fishes to attract them and are also enhanced with hooks to catch the fishes easily in the water.