Beautiful Historical Buildings

Most of the people in the world are fond of history and wanted to know more about it to enhance their knowledge. History is the thing which is not only improved by reading it but also by watching it with the eyes. There are many historical places located all over the world which are much attractive for the people especially tourists.

The places are much trustworthy that they have high value in the history and are named as landmarks which depict the historical background. These areas are considered as the worth visiting for the people and pictures are taken there in high number which makes them famous. These historical sites are located at different locations of the world which will entertain people for the lifelong. People can plan much more to visit these amazing places to get the best experience and also learn more stories related to them which will enhance their knowledge much more.
Here are the following top 10 most beautiful historical places all over the world, which are as follow:

10. Grand Canyon National Park

Most Beautiful Historical BuildingsGrand Canyon National Park is the one which is based in the USA. It is named after the 15th oldest national park there. It was named after the UNESCO world heritage organization in 1979. Grand Canyon National Park featured in the Grand Canyon which is mostly considered as one of the seven natural wonders of the world due to its popularity and the incredible infrastructure. It covers the total area of 1,217,262 acres in total is highly visited by the people.

9. Sistine Chapel

Top Most Beautiful Historical BuildingsSistine Chapel is a chapel which is located in Apostolic Palace which is the official residence of the pope of Vatican City. It is the chapel which was constructed in 1477 and is still preserved correctly. It is the place which serves for both the religious and functionary papal activities there. The popularity of this chapel is because of its amazing décor and is located in the beautiful location of Italy.

8. Stonehenge

Most Beautiful Historical Buildings EverStonehenge is a historical monument which is located in the UK. It is located almost 2 miles distance from Amesbury. It is named after the most famous place in the whole world and is the location of the ring of the standing stones. Stonehenge is established in the middle of the densest complex Bronze Age monuments of England. It also includes many burial mounds there which are almost hundreds in total number. It is the historical place which was constructed in 3000 BC.

7. Acropolis of Athens

Most Beautiful Historical Buildings Highly RatedAcropolis of Athens is the ancient citadel which is located in Europe. It is located on the high rocky mountain which consists of different architectural and historic buildings located on it which are quite famous in the world. The name Acropolis comes from the Greek work. It is highly visited by the people to get some best experience which can be with them for the whole life and is attended by estimated hundreds of people in a single day.

6. Great Sphinx of Giza

Most Beautiful Historical Buildings Ever Highly RatedGreat Sphinx of Giza is the place which is commonly called as the Sphinx and is located in Egypt. It is a limestone statue which is reclining and is located on the Giza Plateau. The face of the Sphinx is mainly representing as the face of Pharaoh Khafra. It is also named as the largest monolith statue in the world which is almost 73.5 meters long in the standing position. It is also called as the oldest monumental sculpture which represents the ancient culture of Egypt and its background.

5. Machu Picchu

Top Most Beautiful Historical Buildings EverMachu Picchu is named as the 15TH century Inca site which is located almost 2,430 meters above the sea level and is located in Peru. It is located on the beautiful mountain ridge which is above the beautiful sacred valley. Few archeologists believe that is the estate which was constructed by the Inca Emperors and has named it as the Lost City of the Incas which depicts its background.

4. Great Wall of China

Top Most Beautiful Historical Buildings Highly RatedGreat Wall of China consists of series of fortification which is mainly made of bricks, stones, tamped earth, wood and many other materials. Few walls of this whole place were constructed in 7th century BC and later further were made to make it bigger and stronger. It is now adamant and significant one. It is the major attraction for the people visiting China and is quite long which can be seen with the long walk which is an amazing experience because of its location in the natural beauty.

3.Taj Mahal

Top Most Beautiful Historical Buildings Ever Highly RatedTaj Mahal is another very famous historical place of the world which is made from the pure white marble and is located in India. It was constructed in 1632 by the famous Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as the tomb of his 3rd wife, Mumtaz. Taj Mahal is quite a famous place in the whole Muslim world and is named as the Jewel of Muslim art in India which is called as the most important structures. It represents the rich history of their historical background which depicts the strong roots of Mughal architecture.

2. Colosseum

Most Beautiful Historical Buildings Top RatedColosseum is named as the elliptical amphitheater which is located in Italy. It is entirely built of stone and concrete and is named as the largest amphitheater in the world. Colosseum is also named as the great works of the engineering and architecture. It was constructed in 72AD and was then completed in 80AD. It is the place which is located in the list of the top must-see attractions located in Rome at the ranking of 4.

1. Great Pyramid of Giza

Most Beautiful Historical BuildingsGreat Pyramid of Giza is named as the largest and oldest of all the three pyramids located in Egypt. It is also included in the seven wonders of the ancient world and is still intact. Great Pyramid of Giza is made to represent as the interior chamber which is named after work gang, and this pyramid was rendered on the tomb in almost 20 years period. It was completed in 2560 BC and is approximately 146.5 meters in total length.

Most Beautiful Historical Buildings – Top Rated

Sr. No. Name Construction Date
1 Great Pyramid of Giza 2560 BC
2 Colosseum 72 AD-80 AD
3 Taj Mahal 1632
4 Great Wall of China 7th century BC
5 Machu Picchu 15TH century
6 Great Sphinx of Giza 2520–2492 BC
7 Acropolis of Athens 460–430 BC
8 Stonehenge 3000 BC
9 Sistine Chapel 1477
10 Grand Canyon National Park 1979

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