Most Expensive Chairs

There are many items that are used and common in every house like a table, chair, bed, etc. Chairs are very important and a basic component that can be seen at almost every place. There are many types of chairs that include a normal chair, office chair, dining chair and comfort chair as well. The office chairs especially are designed for making the person comfortable, and most of the people consider it as very simple shopping and an ordinary one. Every person has a different body structure and shape, so it is difficult to find a best and comfortable chair for you. The main things to be kept in mind while choosing the best chair is its features and the comfortable texture of the chair. Most of the best chairs are made with the perfect quality leather and in unique designs to make it stylish for the office and the best sitting experience to the users. Chairs are commonly available in different price ranges from which people can choose the best one according to their office and budget.
The following are top 10 most expensive chairs available on the market:

10. Oculus Chair:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive ChairsOculus Chair is the one which designed by Hans J. Wegner to make it stylish. The name of the seat was decided according to the back curve that seems like an eye and Ouclus is the Latin word used for an eye. The price of this seat is estimated to be $5.350 and started its production for the normal consumers after 2010. The construction of this seat is done in a perfect way to make it comfortable for providing supper to the neck and back. It is enhanced with the legs made from pure stainless steel and the leather used for its seat is pure and best fabric available. It is also very stylish seatto keep it at any place.

9. Nelson Coconut Chair:

Top Ten Most Expensive ChairsNelson Coconut chair is the one best seat that was introduced in the market almost half century ago. The price of this product is $5.439 and comes with a very different attractive design. It is the artifact that is available at the George Nelson design studio. The name of this seat was kept according to the shape of this seat which was made on the pattern of coconut and is the best thing to sitting comfortable. It provides the person an opportunity to sit on this seat in any position with perfect ease.

8. Bertoia Asymmetric Chaise:

Top Ten Expensive ChairsBertoia Asymmetric Chaise is the chair that was introduced in the collection of Harry Bertoia`s wire chair collection of 1952. It was kept as a prototype for more than almost 50 years and was then used in production from 2005. The price of this product is $6.628 and is made from the pure steel rods and chrome finishing and is further enhanced with the stainless steel. The seat of this product is made from the vinyl pad that has 35% rayon and 64% polyester. It is fully made from wire that is the reason it was introduced in the wire collection and is a unique seat that attracts people towards it.

7. Egg Chair:

Top 10 Most Expensive ChairsArne Jacobsen is the designer who is famous for making wallpapers, furniture, and textiles. He is considered as a very productive designer who is also very well known architect. The seat collection of this designer is also amazing and loved by the whole world. It was designed in 1958 especially for keeping it in reception and lobby of luxurious hotels and is available in large variety of fabrics. It also has additional foot stool with it, and the price of this seat is estimated to be $7.891.

6. Gehry Power Play club chair:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive ChairsIt is the chair that was designed by the famous name of architecture world called Frank Gehry and is the most famous name of architecture. The price of this product is $9.330 which is little expensive than some other options. It is also included in the list of most expensive chairs of the world. It is made with thermo gel and is comfortable for all movements and is flexible option in the market. It is available with cushion and without a cushion as well. This seat also received an award called Best Design of the year because of its attractive style.

5. Chieftains Chair:

Top Five Most Expensive ChairsChieftain’s chair is the special seat that was designed by Finn Juhl and was designed on the inspiration of weaponry. It was designed for exhibiting it on the large exhibition in 1949 which was at Copenhagen design and the name given to this seat was King`s chair. It was purely made from walnut and teak and was further enhanced with leather to complete it. The price of this product is $15.970 but still it is not the most expensive one available in the market.

4. Limited Edition Banquet Chair:

Top 5 Most Expensive ChairsBanquete chair was designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana in 2006 and was made in a limited number of 25 only. It is a perfect seat that was designed in its signature style and was available at the price of $85,000. This whole seat is enhanced with embroidered pandas and comes up with a certificate of authenticity. The legs of this seat are made from pure stainless steel, and the whole structure of the seat is very attractive for the people.

3. Marc Newson Lockheed Lounge Chair:

Top Three Most Expensive ChairsThis special chair was designed by the famous designer of Australia called Marc Newson who was a quite famous personality in the whole world till 1985. It was sold at the high price tag of $968,000 in 2006 at the Sotheby`s. It has 3 legs and is smoothly curved according to the natural shape of the body and is fully covered with the best rubber. It was also seen in the famous music video called Rain of the famous singer Madonna.

2. Pininfarina`s Aresline Xten:

Top 3 Most Expensive ChairsThis luxurious chair was designed by a famous Italian firm of car designing called Pininfarina, and it is claimed that is the most comfortable seat available on the market. The whole design of this seat is totally the symbol of latest technology and comfortable for the body as well. The price of this product is estimated to be $105 million and is totally worth it. It comes in different colors that include red, gray, blue and anthracite. It is a very modern chair that is perfect to be used in offices for sitting for long hours there.

1. The Dragons Chair:

Most Expensive ChairThe Dragons chair was made by the Irish designer called Eileen Gray in 1971 for the auction at Christie and was sold at the high price of $27.8 million. This chair is made from the pure brown leather and further enhanced with the wooden frame to complete its look. It was considered as the perfect symbol of strength for the people to protect them. It is the most expensive chair in the whole world.

Most Expensive Chairs List with Price

Sr.No. Names Price
1 The Dragons Seat $ 27.8 Million
2 Pininfarina`s Aresline Xten $ 105 Million
3 Marc Newson Lockheed Lounge Seat $ 968000
4 Limited Edition Banquete Seat $ 85000
5 Chieftains Seat $ 15.970
6 Gehry Power Play Club Seat $ 9.330
7 Egg Seat $ 7.891
8 Bertoia Asymmetric Chaise $ 6.6258
9 Nelson Coconut Seat $ 5.439
10 Oculus Seat $ 5.350


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive chairs in the world are given according to the prices of these chairs in the market. Chairs are the basic component to be kept at any place and come in different designs. All these chairs are very luxurious and comfortable for the people for which they are willing to pay a large amount to grab them. These are very expensive but are totally worth it for the benefits there chairs provide to the body.

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