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List of Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes in the World

Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

Celebrities are famous all around the world and have millions of fans in the world. Their fans are waiting for the news and pictures related to their favorite celebrities. These celebrities are rich because they are earning a lot from their world and charge high amounts for their work. Their lifestyle is very luxurious and is willing ideal life with all the luxuries available in the world. In this article, we will talk about the homes of famous celebrities which are very expensive and located on exciting places as well. As these celebrities are very rich and can afford these expensive homes to maintain their status in the world. Celebrities have the perfect life of glamour and money as well which makes their life luxurious. These celebrities are fond of expensive things for their status, and their homes depict their status and the best status symbol for them in the world. They wanted to own expensive homes in luxurious locations and decorate them by famous interior designers to make them more appealing and attractive. Not all celebrities have expensive and large homes, but some have perfect luxury homes.
The following are top 10 famous celebrities’ homes in the world:

10. Ozzy Osbourne:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Homes in the WorldOzzy Osbourne was a famous rock star of 1970`s and was famous by his name in the world. He was known as the celebrity and was very rich as well which shows the success of his work and his name as well. Ozzy has purchased many houses, but this one was the most luxurious and the expensive one purchased by him. It is located in the Valley of California and was a large house that was purchased with the high price tag of $10 million. It was a large house with 6 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms that was more for an average family. It is a very beautiful house and well decorated with all the luxuries of life.

9. Will Smith:

Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Homes in the WorldWill Smith is the rich Prince of Bel Air, who was very rich even more than famous celebrities of the world. He lived in the beautiful house located in the Calabasas home. It is considered as the most expensive one in the market with the price tag of $20 million and is very beautiful home as well. This house is mainly known as the Smith`s Castle. It is very luxurious and has many facilities for a swimming pool, golf area, and beautiful interior and large grounds as well. The location of this house is very appealing for the people and is full of luxuries of life.

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Top Ten Expensive Celebrity Homes in the WorldArnold is very famous American actor and politician as well. He is very rich because of his many businesses and politics as well. He purchased expensive and luxurious by his money. His house is famous with the name of Equestrian compound. Arnold`s house is located in Brentwood country of California with the high price tag of $23.5 million. It is made on a very large area and has large beautiful grounds for which there are many servants for its maintenance. It has many facilities inn it like animals places, tennis court, swimming pool and many other facilities as well which as a whole made it luxurious house.

7. Christie Brinkley:

Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes in the WorldChristie is a very famous actress and model as well. She is earning large amount from the modeling shows conducted by this actress. She has purchased many homes, but the best one purchased by her was located on Long Island of New York at the high price tag of $30 million. It is a very large house that has 11 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms in it. Christie is married to Billy Joel, and her whole wealth came from her work that made her purchase the most expensive house for her at this beautiful place.

6. Jerry Seinfeld:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes in the WorldJerry Seinfeld is a very famous comedian in the world and has earned a lot from his work and sense of humor. His best performances were in the popular TV sitcom that was on TV few years back. He was rich due to his work and then purchased his house with the value of $32 million. This house is located in Hamptons, which is famous place in the world. He is a big fan of sports that is the reason his house has large grounds for different sports where he can play in his free time and enjoy them as well which most of the celebrities have in their homes.

5. Billy Joel:

Top Five Most Expensive Celebrity Homes in the WorldBilly Joel is a famous celebrity who is famous for purchasing expensive homes. He was married to Christie Brinkley but later they were separated. He purchased very beautiful and luxurious house on La Gorce Island at the price of $35 million. It is very large and beautiful house that has a swimming pool, outdoor kitchen and patio in it which as a whole makes it a luxurious house for him. It also has a boat slip to keep the yachts owned by the millionaire of the world and by Billy himself.

4. Hugh Hefner:

Top 5 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes in the WorldHugh Hefner is a very famous personality of television that is famous with the name of a playboy. The house owned by Hugh is not only very big but also many famous celebrities and hosts of the world have visited this beautiful house. The price of this luxurious house is estimated to be $54 million. It has many facilities in it like a tennis court, waterfalls, gaming areas, swimming pools, and a big zoo as well. The location of this house is very appealing and beautiful which increased the beauty of this house.

3. Oprah Winfrey:

Top Three Most Expensive Celebrity Homes in the WorldOprah Winfrey is famous with the name of Queen of talk shows. She is considered as the richest women in the world and is living the perfect luxurious life. The most expensive home Oprah purchased is located in Montecito in California with the price tag of $85 million. It has almost 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, beautiful lake for fishes and fireplaces as well. It is filled with luxuries and beautiful place then the amount paid for this home is totally worth it for all the luxuries of life.

2. Bill Gates:

Top 3 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes in the WorldBill Gates is a very famous personality in the world and is the owner of Microsoft. He is also named in the richest people in the world. He purchased a beautiful house in Medina in Washington at the high price tag of $150 million. He is known as the computer genius in the world. It is said that it is a very large house that is almost larger than combining 20 houses of different celebrities together. It is also the most expensive house ever built in the world. The whole look of the house is in very stylish and attractive manner. It has a private library and IT lab in it as well.

1. Aaron Spelling:

Most Luxurious Celebrity Home in the WorldAaron Spelling is the famous person behind many successful TV shows and films as well. He purchased the Manor house with the high price tag of $150 million. It is a very luxurious house with all the facilities like skating rink, swimming pool, garages, orchards and tennis courts as well. It is a very lavish house that is considered as the best and most expensive house ever purchased by any celebrity in the world. It is very different home, and many films have selected this location for their shooting.


List of Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

Sr.No. Names Value
1 Aaron Spelling $ 150 Million
2 Bill Gates $ 150 Million
3 Oprah Winfrey $ 85 Million
4 Hugh Hefner $ 54 Million
5 Billy Joel $ 35 Million
6 Jerry Seinfeld $ 32 Million
7 Christie Brinkley $ 30 Million
8 Arnold Schwarzenegger $ 23.5 Million
9 Will Smith $ 20 Million
10 Ozzy Osbourne $ 10 Million


The above ranking of the most expensive homes ever purchased by famous celebrities is given according to the price paid to purchase them. All of them are very luxurious and big homes that are made with all the luxuries of life. The locations of these homes are very appealing and attractive which makes them more beautiful. All of the houses are very expensive that only these rich celebrities can purchase them.