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List of Best Military Helicopters in the World

Best Military Helicopters

Helicopters are used for different purposes which include rescue operations, transport, wars, inspection from the sky etc. The concept of helicopters was first introduced in World War II from Vietnam and with the passage of time new features and new designs are launched in it to make them unique and equipped with all the facilities. The ranking of helicopters is given according to their speed, avionics, firepower and other features of them. Military helicopters are different from the normal ones because they are used for different purposes of war and are also made with the storage space of weapons needed in it. There are different companies located all around the globe for making special helicopters be used by the military forces. These helicopters are very expensive ones and made with new designs to make them attractive. All these helicopters are made with the latest technology and are purchased by the military forces of different countries which are named as the best addition.


List of Top Ten Best Military Helicopters in the WorldZ-10 is an attack helicopter which was expected to enter into the military force of China in 2009, and so it does. It was a standard helicopter which is made with the stepped tandem cockpit and also comes with the narrow fuselage. It features the weapons which include HJ-9 anti-tank guided missiles and 30mm cannon as well and also the air to air missiles in it. It also has a capacity of un-operated rocket pods which is quite a latest feature of it.

MI-24 Hind:

Top Ten Best Military Helicopters in the WorldMI-24 Hind is a large helicopter which is also an attack helicopter but comes with the low troop capacity transport as it can only accommodate only 8 passengers in it. It was the first ever helicopter which was entered for use in the Russian Air force to be used as a gunship and also the assault transport. It is the closed counterpart, and some other western helicopters are also capable of transporting the same number of troops to different places for emergency situations.

AH-2 Rooivalk:

 Top Ten Best Military HelicoptersAH-2 Rooivalk is another amazing helicopter which was designed and manufactured by the company of South Africa called Denel. It is the one which is used by the air force of South Africa and was mainly designed for their military force. It has given a look of a new machine because of the reverse engineering concept use in it which is made from the main rotor and the same engines of the old helicopters with the highest capacity.

Ah-1W Super Cobra:

Top 10 Best Military Helicopters in the WorldAH-1W is the helicopter which is manufactured by the famous company called Bell helicopter, and it is also another amazing attack helicopter which comes with the twin engine capacity and is used by the US army. This twin Cobra family includes some other improved versions in the market which includes AH-1T Improved Sea Cobra, AH-1J Sea Cobra and many others to be used by the military forces.


List of Top 10 Best Military Helicopters in the WorldA-129/T-129 is a Mangusta helicopter which was mainly designed and produced in Italy by Agusta. It was named as the first helicopter which was fully designed and produced by the Western Europe, and credit goes to them. It’s derivative version was launched with the model name A129, and some of its development was taken from the Turkish industries company called AgustaWestland as their primary partner in making it.

AH-1Z Viper:

Top Five Best Military Helicopters in the WorldAH-1Z Viper is the helicopter which is used for the multi mission, flexible and capable option for the military forces. It is also an attack helicopter which is enhanced with the twin engine and was the finished product of United States Marine Corps. It is made with the upgraded transmission, new target sighting system, main rotor system and 4 blade rotors. It is also famous with the name of Zulu Cobra because of its upgrading program.

Eurocopter Tiger:

Top 5 Best Military Helicopters in the WorldThe Eurocopter Tiger is another stylishly designed attack helicopter which was manufactured and designed by the company called Eurocopter. It has been given the name of a tiger in Germany and countries like Spain and France it is called Tigre. It is made with the power supply of tow Turbomeca Rolls-Royce turboshaft engines which makes it much powerful and latest helicopter to be used by the military forces.

MI-28H Havoc (Russia):

Top Three Best Military Helicopters in the WorldMI-28H Havoc is the helicopter which was made in Russia and can be used in all types of weather either day or night. It is the two-seat helicopter which is used for attacking the target. It is the one which is made with no secondary transport capability and perfectly optimized for its role. It can carry a single gun it but also the external pylons or wings can be kept in the storage place of the helicopter. It is much advanced one which is made with the new technology which is highly recommended for the military forces.

Kamov KA-50/KA-52:

Top 3 Best Military Helicopters in the WorldKamov KA-50 is called as the Black Shark which is a single seat helicopter which is made with the distinctive coaxial rotor system. It was designed in 1980 but went to the military services of Russian Army in 1995. It is a small one that is the reason it is very fast as well and can be easily operated by a single pilot. It is named as very effective one in the opposing attack to the helicopters and can travel at the speed of 350 kilometers in a single hour.

AH-64D Apache Long Bow:

Best Military Helicopter in the WorldAH-64D Apache Long Bow is the attack helicopter which is considered as the most powerful and best anti-armor weapon system in the whole world. It was designed for the missions conducted in either day or night even in worse weather conditions. It is equipped with the latest electronic technology and fire control system. It is fully loaded with the latest missiles and rockets to be used during wars and in serious conditions related to the country.

Best Military Helicopters in the World – Top Rated

  • AH-64D Apache Long Bow
  • Kamov KA-50/KA-52
  • MI-28H Havoc (Russia)
  • Eurocopter Tiger
  • AH-1Z Viper
  • A-129/T-129
  • Ah-1W Super Cobra
  • AH-2 Rooivalk
  • MI-24 Hind
  • Z-10