Best Anti Submarine Warfare Helicopters

Helicopters are quite an important thing for every country which is used by them for different purposes which include rescue operations, transport, observing the protection facilities and even for the protection of marine ships in case of wars. These helicopters are made with the latest technology which is enhanced with the latest sensors in them and is also provided with the trackers and missiles in them. These marine helicopters can also provide the facilities of rescue tasks and search operations as well. There are different brands which are making special helicopters for the military forces of different countries and are preferred according to their features and specifications provided in them. The much latest helicopters which are still in the manufacturing stage but are enhanced with latest features are not included in this list as it only features the best helicopters currently in service. Helicopters are a very expensive item, but every country keeps it a major portion of their budget for the military sector and can afford anything for the protection of the country.

10. Z-9EC:

List of Top Ten Best Anti Submarine Warfare Helicopter in the WorldZ-9EC is the anti-submarine helicopter which is made with the latest technology and was first introduced to the Pakistan Navy. It is enhanced with the compression radar and the dipping sonar and some other systems as well. It is also armed with the light weight torpedoes which are used by some other countries as well except Pakistan. It was the invention of China which has produced it and has friendly relation with Pakistan so has given to it.

9. AgustaWestland AW149:

Top Ten Best Anti Submarine Warfare Helicopter in the WorldAgustaWestland AW149 is a midsized helicopter which is known best for the military use. It was also sold to the head of the state and also provides storage for the weapons for different wars and has much larger space under the seats as well. It is enhanced with the anti-icing engines, powerful external lights, and air conditioning and the twin turbo engine proves to the icing on the cake.

8. S-61:

 Top Ten Best Anti Submarine Warfare HelicopterS-61 is the helicopter which is given the name of Sea King and is the latest product of USA. It was developed for the purpose of anti-submarine warfare and took its first flight in 1959 which was its earlier model, but it is now launched with new features and much-enhanced model. It is currently in service by the naval force of different countries of the world. It also has the water boat in it which is also enhanced with the floating boats and can even land on water, and it has the capability to carry different nuclear charge in it.

7. Bell 525 Relentless:

Best Anti Submarine Warfare HelicoptersIt is not released yet in the market but still is named as one of the most advanced and luxurious helicopters to be introduced in the market in future at the price tag of $15 million. It is a mid-sized helicopter which can accommodate 16 passengers in it and is made with the new wire flight control system. It is also enhanced with the next level generation voice command ability which is a very new thing in helicopters.

6. Ka-27PL:

List of Top 10 Best Anti Submarine Warfare Helicopter in the WorldKamov Ka-27 is the helicopter which is developed by Russia, and it is currently in service with different countries of the world. It has no tail rotor in it and is the anti-submarine helicopter which is very easy to fly and comes with the automatic transmission and automatic height control in all types of weather conditions. It also has the latest radar system on it which comes with new improvements in this model which is also tested, model.

5. AgustaWestland AW159:

Top Five Best Anti Submarine Warfare Helicopter in the WorldAgustaWestland AW159 is a much modern helicopter made for the Navy and is the product of UK. It was made for replacing the Westland Lynx. It is made with a different design which comes with the 95% latest components introduced in it and was given the name of Wildcat and was adopted by UK Navy in 2014. It is small in size and can keep the weapons needs and is much effective one for the small ships and can target ships and even land situations as well which is the best feature of it.

4. Z-18F:

Best Anti Submarine Warfare HelicoptersZ-18F is the special anti-submarine helicopter which is the invention of China, and they have given it the name Sea Eagle. It was developed by the company called Changhe Aircraft Industry Group which is currently being used in the Chinese navy and was produced in large numbers which have replaced the Z-8 helicopter being used for many years. It comes with the internally fitted datalink and can detect and attack its target from long distance and is very lightweight option because of the latest technology used in its manufacturing.

3. NH90:

Top Three Best Anti Submarine Warfare Helicopter in the WorldNH90 is the result of an international project which was made with the collaboration of different big countries which includes Netherland, Italy, Germany, and France. It was developed as the NATO helicopter in 1990, and only a few numbers of helicopters were ever made of this model. It is named as the best for the anti-ship roles and submarine warfare and is much capable of different features which are dipping sonar, search radar and detector and even electronic features as well. It is also used as the measure of utility and transport roles in different countries.

2. AgustaWestland AW101 VVIP:

Top 3 Best Anti Submarine Warfare Helicopter in the WorldAgustaWestland AW101 is also a heavy and medium helicopter which is used for different rescue operations and is named as the favorite one for the Italian and UK naval forces because of its performance. It is enhanced with the floating tires for the landing and take-offs and has faced some cases of corruption in 2013 regarding it. It is very luxurious and beautiful from inside which is sold at the price of $18.2 million.

1. MH-60R Seahawk:

Best Anti Submarine Warfare Helicopter in the WorldMH-60R Seahawk is the helicopter which was made for the purpose of the multi-mission and is currently used by the known US Navy for marine purposes. It is commonly given the name of Romeo, and the development of this helicopter was started in 1993 and was made as the best warfare helicopter of the world which is made with many new features and recently it is also purchased by the Royal Australian Navy. It has the capability to detect different submarines and ships and has attacked them with the use of missiles and torpedoes. It also has much advanced sensor and mission system in it which can also carry big weapons in it.

Best Anti Submarine Warfare Helicopters – Top Rated

  1. MH-60R Seahawk
  2. AgustaWestland AW101 VVIP
  3. NH90
  4. Z-18F
  5. AgustaWestland AW159
  6. Ka-27PL
  7. Bell 525 Relentless
  8. S-61
  9. AgustaWestland AW149
  10. Z-9EC
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