Greenest Countries

Greenery attracts everyone and makes environment fresh. Greenery is very important for the peace of environment. It is also necessary for the survival of the human life because it gives oxygen. Greenery makes the environment clean and beautiful. It is the gift of God to its creations. No other thing can make the environment as beautiful as greenery can make. Greenery also reduces the temperature and makes the air fresh. By cutting trees and reducing greenery, our environment is facing lots of difficulties. Nations are now paying attention to increasing tree in their countries. That is making these countries environmentally friendly countries. This article has the list of those countries that are considered the greenest countries in the world. These countries are making earth a peaceful and beautiful place to live in it. Greenery has many benefits for human beings. It saves soil and earth from the adverse effects of natural calamities like flood etc. Global warming is disturbing the whole world, and a main reason for global warming is decreasing greenery. We can save our ozone layer by protecting greenery. United Nations is also appreciating those countries that are showing good performance in increasing greenery. Here is the list of top ten greenest countries. These countries are making the best use of this natural gift and making their cities more and more beautiful.

10. Spain

List of Top Ten Greenest Countries in the WorldSpain is a beautiful European country. Spain has many mountain ranges and plateaus that are increasing its beauty. These mountains and plateaus are full of greenery and showing amazing natural scenes. Spain is appreciated by the tourists and every year tourists come here to see its rich culture and beauty. Spain is using natural resources in the best way. Spain has the world biggest solar systems to produce renewable energy. Wind power is also used to produce energy. Spain is also the world biggest olive producer in the world. These all factors are also playing an important role in stabilizing the climate of the Spain.

9. Iceland

Top Ten Greenest Countries in the WorldIceland is an Island between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. Iceland is rich in greenery. Its citizens are so much aware of the benefits of greenery, and they are all together making their country beautiful through increasing greenery in the state. Pollution is also low in this state. Government of Iceland is paying serious attention to making their country environmentally friendly. Iceland is an industrialized country, but level of toxic materials is also very low in its air just because of its high level of greenery.

8. Finland

Top Ten Greenest Countries Finland is in Northern Europe and has Sweden as its neighboring state. Finland is full of forests and rolling hills. It has dense pine forests in it. There are 37 big national parks in the state. The government is making use of greenery to make Finland beautiful. So, a state is full of greenery and has environmental friendly sites. Finland is a tourist spot and its tourism industry is growing at the rate of 5% than previous years. Finland has strong industrialized economy and forestry is one of its main industries. Finland is the 8th greenest state.

7. Austria

Top 10 Greenest Countries in the WorldAustria is a beautiful country of central Europe. Its greenery is captivating and fell a spell on the viewers. Its temperature is also very cool and temperate that is best for the people living here. Tourism is also a well-established industry in Austria. Austria is using renewable energy sources like wind power, solar and biomass power plants. Its 68% energy is produced from renewable sources. This advancement in energy resources is proved very useful for the country to make environment pleasant.

6. Switzerland

List of Top 10 Greenest Countries in the WorldSwitzerland is famous in all over the world for its beautiful natural greenery. Switzerland is one of the world most beautiful countries, and tourism is its biggest industry. Its also consider as one of the most expensive country to travel in the world. Switzerland is a highly environment-friendly country and actively involved in recycling of the material. Switzerland has large meadows and mountain regions. Switzerland shows good records in its efforts for the cleanliness of the environment. Switzerland is the wealthiest country in the world and has a prosperous economy. Its Engadin Valley is a very famous tourist spot.

5. Denmark

Top Five Greenest Countries in the WorldDenmark is a very happy country and ranked as the world happiest country. Government of Denmark has been much conscious in making country environmentally friendly. Denmark is also the first country in the world that adopted Environment Laws. It remains busy in increasing greenery in the country after adopting these environment laws in 1973. Denmark has also started a Bright Green Environmental Movement in the country. Denmark is highly industrialized country, and emission of dangerous material is also very high in the country, but country claims to have successful climate protection policies.

4. Germany

Top 5 Greenest Countries in the WorldGermany is an important European country. Germany has a strong economy and is included among strong world countries. Germany has stable politics. Germany has the temperate environment. Germany is world leading producer of automobiles. Germany has modern industries in the world. In spite of being a leading industrialized country, Germany is known as environmentally friendly country. Germany has beautiful parks and amazing greenery in the country. Its capital city Berlin is also a green city. Germans are very hardworking and love their country, so they keep their environment clean and pleasant.

3. Costa Rica

Top Three Greenest Countries in the WorldCosta Rica is in Central America. Costa Rica is the greenest country in America. Costa Rica is a small country but is very much advanced in adopting progressive environment policies. It has adopted all of the five criteria to measure environmental sustainability. In environment sustainability, Costa Rica is leading the world. It has also been ranked in the Happy World Index. Costa Rica two times got a place among top countries with the best performance for an environment. In 2009 it was the greenest country in the world. Now it is on 3rd number according to the Environmental Performance Index.

2. Norway

Top 3 Greenest Countries in the WorldNorway is a beautiful country with stunning greenery. Country is many times documented by the National Geographic. According to the National, Geography Norway is a blessed country by nature and has the world most impressive coastal sceneries. National Geographic has ranked Norway as the most attractive country for the tourists. The country has strict environment policies for the citizens. It is the efforts of its government that in 2014 Norway was on 9th greenest country and in 2015 it is on 2nd number according to the Environmental Performance Index.

1. Sweden

Top Greenest Country in the WorldSwedish people are very much beauty oriented, and they love to have a clean environment around them. Sweden is the world greenest country. Sweden is protecting its environment from the harmful factors like carbon monoxide. Their environmental policy also includes indirect taxes like carbon dioxide taxes. These taxes are discouraging the industrialists for the emission of dangerous gases and materials. Swedish government gets the credit for showing the best performance in environmental protection policies. Swedish people are also well aware of the importance of greenery in their lives. They are fulfilling all environmental policies as their social responsibilities.

List of Greenest Countries in the World

Sr.No. Names Score
1 Sweden 68.1
2 Norway 65.9
3 Costa Rica 64.2
4 Germany 63.6
5 Denmark 63.2
6 Switzerland 63.1
7 Austria 63.0
8 Finland 62.9
9 Iceland 62.6
10 Spain 59.2


This article has arranged the top ten greenest countries of the world. These countries also have the green cities in the world. Importance of greenery cannot be ignored and to make our country green is our social responsibility. United Nations is also supporting the countries that are showing the attention towards environmental protection policies. Greenery makes you feel good and fresh. It is also beneficial for our health. Global warming is also caused by the lack of greenery. So, we all should feel the responsibility of making the world peaceful and green.

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