Most Racist Countries

There is a significant number of countries in the whole world and every country is facing different problems which can be because of various reasons. Racism is considered as a major challenge in the entire world which is known for dividing the countries, continents, and societies as well only because of the color, religion etc. There have been many strong laws for it, but still, it has not been controlled and a major issue all over the world.

Racism is a problem which is worse for the society and results in different situations which include segregation, war, slavery and many others. It starts with the discriminations of the color, but the people are not aware of its severe results. There are few distinct nations which are ruining themselves due to this problem and are considered as the victim of hate crimes in the whole world. It is a shameful thing which must be prevented all over the world to make an equal place for the people of different religions and colors.
Here are the following top 10 most racists nations located all over the world, which are as follow:

10. Palestine:

Most Racist Countries In The WorldRacism is always connected to Palestine because of different campaigns which are attached to the discrimination and also the intolerance as well. In this country, most of the racism is occurred by religion of various sectors which includes Christians, Muslims, and Jews and also against the black living in their country. It is the country in which people who have witnessed the racist behavior are almost 32% of the population.

9. Libya:

Most Racist Countries Ever Highly RatedLibya is the Arab state which is facing major issues because of this racism problem and the discrimination between the black skinned and people of other nations. It has a strong historical background when it comes to the racist violence. It is said that in their society, it is the major issue which cannot be removed from it. Libya is the country in which 33.5% of the total population has faced the problem of racism in different manners during living in it which can cause major problems for the country.

8. South Korea:

Top Most Racist Countries South Korea is the country in which there is a movement which made it illegal in this country but still it is the part of their culture and the part of their daily issues. It is a very common problem there because the cost of services and goods is mentioned according to the color and the race of the skin. But the group that promotes it are now arrested and made it a better place but still it is not entirely controlled but will take the time to change it. It is the country which has the people who witnessed racist behavior to almost 36.5%.

7. Kuwait:

Most Racist Countries Highly RatedKuwait is a Muslim country but still it has the facing major issue of racism among the people living there. It is said that people living there are unfriendly that is the reason it is included in the list of most hostile countries of the world. They are very racist towards other religions and the color of the skin as well which is not a good thing for the country. It consists of 37.9% of the people who have witnessed racist behavior in the country.

6. Egypt:

Most Racist Countries EverIn Egypt, it is said that having black color is the biggest crime and people judge others by it. It is the practice which is prevailing there from many years and is still continued among the people which must be controlled by the government there. There should be proper laws for controlling it because it is the practice which hurts the self-esteem of the individual and results in significant issues related to it. It is the country which consists of 39.7% of the population that has witnessed the racist behavior there.

5. Philippines:

Most Racist Countries It is said that racism exists everywhere in the world and also in the Philippines. It is the country which differentiates the people by either their country, religion or also the color of the skin. They mostly believe of their Chinese people and wanted to have their social circle revolving around them rather than others. It is the country in which 49.1% of the people have witnessed the racist behavior there, and it’s a large number for a particular country.

4. South Africa:

Most Racist Countries In The World Highly RatedSouth Africa is the country in which Nelson Mandela has worked a lot on the issue of Racism and has launched a different movement to make it an illegal activity. It is observed by the people visiting this country that it is quite prominent in their culture and the daily routine. Most of the prices of goods and services are also fixed according to the color of the skin, but the government is working hard to stop it. It is the country which consists of the people who witnessed racist behavior to almost 61.8%.

3. India:

Top Most Racist Countries In The WorldRacism in India is quite bright and visible for the whole world because of their culture depicts it very well. It is said in their literature that people with white skin are superior to the dark skin people and are hated there. They have a major discrimination among the Hindus and Muslims living there and Muslims are treated badly there. India is the country in which 64.3% of the population has witnessed the racist behavior there.

2. Lebanon:.

Most Racist Countries Ever In The WorldLebanon is the country in which racism is a major challenge, and the whole situation is creating problems for the country because it is increasing. It is a problem which cannot be erased in a single night but needs continuous efforts of the government and other movements to eradicate it from the society. They believe that black color is not beautiful and create discrimination with the people of black color. In this country, 64.4% of the people there have witnessed the problem of racism.

1. Bahrain:

Most Racist Countries In The WorldBahrain is the country which is working much on the concept of equal rights to the people living there, and there are different movements started for the rights of the citizens. But still, this country is facing the deep rooting problems related to Racism which cannot vanish from their society. The racism in this country is mainly based on the religious, cultural and the historical background of the people there. In this country, 85.7% of the population has faced the problem of racist behavior due to different reasons.

Most Racist Countries In The World – Top Ten

Sr. No. Name Racist Behavior Percentage
1 Bahrain 85.7%
2 Lebanon 64.4%
3 India 64.3%
4 South Africa 61.8%
5 Philippines 49.1%
6 Egypt 39.7%
7 Kuwait 37.9%
8 South Korea 36.5%
9 Libya 3.5%
10 Palestine 32%
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