Expensive Natural Elements

Everyone in the world knows that Universe is made by God and is very vast that no one can easily view it. There are many items, and things in the whole universe which are made naturally and all humans of the world are surprised to see them. There are many expensive and precious elements on the earth which are naturally hidden, but people have to extract them and take them out. These precious elements are then later used for the making of different materials like gold, diamonds and different metals, etc. This whole world is considered as the treasure that people have to search and find out different expensive things. Some of the expensive elements of the Universe are very rare, and most of the people have not watched them during their whole life. All the most expensive and precious metals are used in making jewelry more luxurious and rare which can maintain the status of the people. Not only jewelry is made from them but also some nuclear weapons are also made from them that is why natural elements of the world are very important for every country and can stabilize their economy as well.
The following are top 10 most expensive natural elements in the entire universe:

10. Platinum:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Natural Elements in the UniversePlatinum is always associated with the words jewelry and albums as well but is mainly used in jewelry. It is considered that the album that has sold almost 1 million copies is called Platinum in the world, and the record that is made of the pure metal is given to that artist as the token of appreciation. Mostly people also wear jewelry that is made from platinum and is very expensive. Platinum is not a fancy material but very decent one. According to the latest research, it is also used in the treatment of cancer patients that have increased its price. The price of this expensive element is estimated to be $48 only for a single gram.

9. Rhino Horn:

Top Ten Most Expensive Natural Elements in the UniverseRhino Horn is a very expensive natural element, many rhinos were killed only to get their precious horns and sell them at high prices. Rhino is mostly found in Africa and is considered as the Healing agents there to fight against different dangerous diseases like Cancer. It is also estimated that all rhinos are not killed for their horns but due to some other reasons as well. The less demand for their horns will decrease the killing of Rhinos through this way these can live their life easily. The price for their horns is estimated to be $55 only for each gram.

8. Crème de la Mer:

Top Ten Expensive Natural Elements in the UniverseCrème de la Mer is very different kind of element which was invented by a person of NASA for the recovery of the burn patients and to release their pain. Another person in the world gave him the perfect shape in the bottle and also added some ingredients to make it for the women to look younger. The price of each bottle of this cream is $2000 for each bottle. It is made with all real ingredients and expensive as well which is not easily affordable for everyone but is the right thing to be purchased to look young. The price of Crème de la Mer is $70 for per gram.

7. Plutonium:

Top 10 Most Expensive Natural Elements in the UniversePlutonium is the basic item for all the nuclear power weapons in the world for the space functions. Plutonium is available in different varieties, and most of its types are radioactive and are used in nuclear plants. Plutonium is the element that can stay active for more than 80 years and can also last for 80 million years which is amazing. Some people think that it might come from Pluto, but it is not true. The price of this rare element is $4000 for each gram.

6. Taaffeite:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Natural Elements in the UniverseTaaffeite is the element that most of the people have not seen in their life and is very expensive one as its price ranges from $12,500 to $100,000 for each gram. It can only be purchased by the extremely rich people of the world. These elements are mainly found in Sri Lanka and more commonly in the flood areas. It is also used for jewelry but has not any medical use for the people. It is very rare that is the reason it is available at a very high price and not easily affordable.

5. Tritium:

Top Five Most Expensive Natural Elements in the UniverseTritium is mainly used in the USA and can be seen almost every day. People will be shocked to read that this expensive element is used in the making of exit signals in the whole USA. It is very easy to find and can be used for many times. It is hydrogen that has radioactive rays and features. It can be seen in the daily routines, but that is not the pure form that can be easily seen. The price of Tritium is estimated to be $30,000 for each gram.

4. Diamond:

Top 5 Most Expensive Natural Elements in the UniverseEveryone in the world knows that diamonds are very expensive and precious. Diamonds are used from generations to generations and are enhanced by expensive jewelry pieces. Diamonds are different to find and rare. There are many different qualities of diamonds found in the world and can be found in Africa. Diamonds are mainly used for jewelry, and many companies of the world are working to find the rare ones. The price of diamonds in the world is almost $65,000 for a single gram.

3. Painite:

Top Three Most Expensive Natural Elements in the UniversePainite is considered as the rarest element in the whole universe. It is not very beautiful and fancy one but a simple stone in brown colors which reflects many different colors in it. These stones are very rare that is the reason not seen easily in the world. Till 1950, no one in the world knows about this stone and then a doctor of Myanmar discovered this stone. The price of this ordinary looking stone is $1.5 million to almost $3 million per gram.

2. Californium:

Top 3 Most Expensive Natural Elements in the UniverseCalifornium is a very famous element of the world which is mainly used as the metal detector in the world. But people will be shocked to read that only the best metal detector can cost almost $27 million for each gram. It also easily reacts with silver and gold. It can also be used to estimate the water and oil in the well. It is not a fancy element and can also help with the massive gold locations. The price of Californium is almost $27 million each gram.

1. Antimatter:

Most Expensive Natural Element in the UniverseAntimatter is never seen and collected in the world but can be used as the metal detector. The price of this rarest metal detector is $27 million per gram. It reacts with gold and silver and can detect them at big mines. It can also be used in gauges. It is not fancy and beautiful one bit still very expensive and the rare in the whole universe.

List of Most Expensive Natural Elements in the Universe

Sr.No. Names Price per Gram
1 Antimatter $ 27 Million
2 Californium $ 27 Million
3 Painite $ 1.5 to 3 Million
4 Diamond $ 65000
5 Tritium $ 30000
6 Taaffeite $ 12500 to 100000
7 Plutonium $ 4000
8 Crème de la Mer $ 2000
9 Rhino Horn $ 55
10 Platinum $ 48


The above ranking of the top 10 most expensive materials on the earth are given according to prices of these elements for each gram. Some of these elements are rare in the world while some can be easily found. These all elements are very expensive not easily affordable for everyone. Most of these elements cannot be seen because of their rarity.

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