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Top 10 High End Ecig Atomizers Around the World

Top 10 High End Ecig Atomizers Around the World

With the invention of latest technology, many latest things are introduced in our lives which are latest and new thing have captured the whole world. The people want to follow these latest trends which are recently introduced in the world. Atomizers are the electronic cigarettes that are a new thing introduced. These are considered very helpful and less in harmful effects that are the main reason for their popularity. These electronic cigarettes came into three different shapes and pieces that grabbed the attention of all smokers. It comes with a small battery, tank and the atomizer in it to use it. In these atomizers there is liquid which evaporates and there are many different flavors in it which can be changed by the people from time to time. It is now becoming fashion statement in the world and people consider it as the fashion tool which should be in their hand. It is considered as the clean and safest way for smoking rather than cigarettes.
The following are top 10 best e-cig atomizers in the whole world:

10. Stattqualm Squape:

High End Ecig Atomizers Around the WorldStattqualm Squape is the atomizer that is made by the Swiss company and is a unique one in the world. It can also be customizable as well according to the specifications of the users. It has a large bottle of 5ml tank and the metal decks in it are interchangeable which are available in different shapes. It also has loaded ball bearing in it which can be set according to the environment of the person. It is made with no ceramic coating. The price of this atomizer is estimated to be $160. It is considered the best option for the people with high patience and big smokers of the world.

9. Chalice III RBA:

Top Ten High End E-cig Atomizers Around the WorldChalice III RBA is the only atomizer of the world which is repairable in and provides the magical experience. It is claimed by the maker of this atomizer that it provides the best experience for the user. All its products are designed and made in-house which is a good thing. It is made with built-in titanium screws and feeding pipe made with silver and has no wire in it which is a good and safe thing in it. The product is the result of long hard work, and the final design was chosen by the Facebook fans of the company. Its price is almost $162.

8. TNS 510:

Top Ten Expensive E-cig Atomizers Around the WorldTNS 510 is very different kind of atomizer as it is only one which has dual coil capacity. It has almost 26 total parts. All its users must first learn its manual online to use it properly. It comes with 5.5 ml tank in it. It is also very different one that can be repaired and can be used with SS Cable, Cotton, etc. This product completely fulfills the demands of its users by its performance. The price of this atomizer is $165. It has very fancy containers in silver and dull gold color.

7. Erlkonigin:

Top 10 High End E-cig Atomizers Around the WorldErlKonigin is the atomizer that is made by a company of Austria and has a large tank of 6 ml. It is a long one as compared to all other available in the market. It feeds at the bottom and has a vacuum in the tank. It is made with good food materials that all are serialized. It is very powerful and will not leak while usage. It can be transported and taken with you anywhere. The price of this luxurious atomizer is almost $170.

6. In`Ax:

 List of Top 10 High End E-cig Atomizers Around the WorldIn`Ax is very easy to clean and the best one to be used as it can be cleaned easily. It is made from the pure steel and has small parts. Its first version was not perfect that is the reason this version was made perfect and with all latest features. It was made by using C&C which ends in without any problem and fault. It is very stylish and has a concave bottom to clear the whole material from it. It is made of Teflon which slowly drips in the rolling tunnel. The price of this best atomizer is $180.

5. SvoeMesto Kayfun V4:

Top Five High End E-cig Atomizers Around the WorldSvoeMesto Kayfun K4 is the most famous atomizer in the whole world which is loved by the smoker because of its different taste and affordable price as well. It is the 4th version of this atomizer that has a liquid control, large glass tank, dual coil, etc. It is made from the pure stainless steel by the famous German company that gave it very different and best shape in the world. The price of this best and famous atomizer is $181.

4. Rose V2-S:

Top 5 High End E-cig Atomizers Around the WorldRose V2-S is very famous because of its different and luxurious flavor that is loved by electronic cigarettes users. It is made by the famous company of UK called Eden Mods and claims that this is made very special device for the smokers of the world. It is little expensive than some competitors as its price is $185. It is always sold out in the market and difficult to use by the normal people. All ingredients used in it are from the UK and are pure so that people can use it without any tension of harmful effects.

3. Arrow 22 Ti Gold:

Top Three High End E-cig Atomizers Around the WorldArrow 22 Ti Gold is made by a famous Korean based company called Rampage which is very expensive because it is made with 24k gold. It was made in 2013 with the titanium style atomizer that is very luxurious and different one. It can only be paired with the expensive products of the company that has its main feature. The price of this luxurious gold-plated atomizer is $200. It is more famous and expensive one because of gold used on it which makes it luxurious one as well.

2. Shorty RDA:

Top 3 High End E-cig Atomizers Around the WorldShorty RDA is made by a company called Hellfire Mods which is from the UK. It is the best and luxurious product of the company that is also named as the top fed atty. It provides the best and luxurious performance to all its users. It is little expensive than the normal atomizers available in the market as its price is $205. It is only affordable by the rich people who wanted to maintain their status and position in the society.

1. SAT22:

Best High End E-cig Atomizer Around the World
SAT22 is the atomizer that is made by the company Satburn which is the most expensive one in the whole world. It is made with concentrating flavor and best in use as well. It is almost 2 air holes in it which can easily fit in the mouth. It is a small one because its tank is 3ml. It is very hard to find in the market because it is always sold out in some selected places. The price of this atomizer is $225.

List of High End Ecig Atomizers Around the World

Sr.No. Names Price
1 SAT22 $ 225
2 Shorty RDA $ 205
3 Arrow 22 Ti Gold $ 200
4 Rose V2-S $ 185
5 SvoeMesto Kayfun $ 181
6 In`Ax $ 180
7 Erlkonigin $ 170
8 TNS 510 $ 165
9 Chalice III RBA $ 162
10 Stattqualm Squape $ 160


The above ranking of the top 10 high-class e-cig atomizer is given according to the price of different atomizers in the world. All these atomizers belong to different brands that are expensive and different from each other. The trend of atomizers in the world is increasing because of the latest trends in the world. People are moving towards them very fast to maintain their status in the society.