Expensive Coffee Machines

There are many types of drinks which are very common in every house and can be made easily at home. Coffee is the drink that is made from the coffee beans and then crushed into powder that is mixed with milk that has a perfect taste. While some of the people love to drink black coffee in which no milk is added. There are many types of coffees available in the restaurants like espresso, cappuccino, and black. Coffee is considered as the best and powerful gift from nature. It is estimated that almost 2.25 billion of coffee cups are consumed in a single day. The best coffee in the world is made in some countries like Paris, Ethiopia, Rome, etc. It is cultivated with much care and packed in special packets by different companies. Now coffee machines are available in the market that can be used at home to get perfect coffee all the time. These machines are available in divergent price ranges from which the best one can be chosen according to your budget.
The following are top 10 most expensive coffee machines available in the world:

10. The Blossom One:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Coffee Machines in the WorldMost of the people will not believe that this coffee machine was designed by the people at NASA, Apple, and Tesla. All the people from these companies were hired by Blossom, which is an American company and had limited edition of their products. This java machine has a built-in Wi-Fi in it for downloading different recipes and camera as well. Some of its parts are manual while some works on automatic processes. It comes with many custom designs offered by this brand and is made from the pure stainless steel. It is the best machine that most of the restaurants have. The price of this joe machine is $11,111.

9. The Bunn Tiger XL Super-Auto Espresso Machine:

Top Ten Most Expensive Coffee Machines in the WorldBunn Tiger is very high class and a luxurious machine that is fully automatic. The price of this machine is $12,000 as it is best in its performance and can produce 180 cups of coffee in a single hour. It is considered as small things that have the capacity to bring big things in the world. It also has monitors for the measuring of temperatures and shows them in digital form for an understanding of all users. It provides an efficient brewing experience to the joe made at home.

8. The Fully Automated Astra 2000:

Top Ten Most Expensive Coffee Machines in the WorldAs the name of the machine shows that it is fully automatic machine that can produce all types of coffees. It is a standing machine used for the espresso coffee. It can also blind the coffee beans and extract the best amount of java powder from its beans. It gave the coffee as creamy foam look that is very fresh and blended perfectly. The price of this fully automatic machine is $12,500. In this machine, the fresh java beans from the ground can be grinded.

7. Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Semi-Auto Espresso Machine:

Top Ten Expensive Coffee Machines in the WorldNuova Simonelli is a very famous brand in the world which is the company of Italy. It is a multipurpose machine that is best in making java. Nuova has been producing different products for almost 70 years and is famous for making the finest coffees in the world. It can take 17 liters of water in it and is very durable one. The price of this joe machine is $13,500 which is not very high price to grab the perfect java machine.

6. Concordia Integra:

Top Five Most Expensive Coffee Machines in the WorldConcordia Integra coffee machine was the first ever automatic instrument available on the market. It had manuals with it for the instructions to the users and was made with the latest technology. It not only produces coffees but many other types of drinks like hot chocolate, ice tea, etc. It can produce high volume number of products and is mostly used in different big hotels. The price of this Concordia Integra is $14,950.

5. Franke Evolution 1 step:

Top 5 Most Expensive Coffee Machines in the WorldFranke Evolution is a very high-class automatic machine that can brew, grind and steam the coffee. It has the feature of brewing almost 90 double shots of the espresso coffee in a single hour. It is very light weight machine that its weight is 2.8 pounds. The price of this Franke Evolution is $18,000. It has space on the top for keeping coffee mugs on it which becomes convenient for the users.

4. The Elegant Elektra Belle Epoque Coffee machine:

Top Three Most Expensive Coffee Machines in the WorldThe Elegant Elektra java machine has the look that is similar to some past and traditional look. It is considered as the best machine for the best joe methods. It is very beautiful and appealing tool to be kept at home. It is a very reliable option, and no replica of this tool can be found in the world. It has manual with it for proper understanding. The price of this Elegant and beautiful machine is $18,200.

3. The Rancilio Classe 10:

Top Three Expensive Coffee Machines in the WorldRancilio is an Italian company which is considered as best in making machines which are latest in features and are fully automatic. It is made with the USB technology that has the software in it for the control and proper working to make the user comfortable. It also has an electric cup warmer with the best temperature to make the best coffee in the word. The price of this Rancilio Classe 10 is $18,500.

2.  The Siphon Bar @ the Blue Bottle café:

Top 3 Expensive Coffee Machines in the WorldThe Siphon bar is the coffee tool that is being used at the blue bottle café that is basically in America. It produces coffee in different artwork which looks very beautiful. Some of the things used there are manual that are bamboo paddles, halogen powered heat, etc. It takes almost 40 in making a cup of coffee which has a perfect flavor and brewed perfectly. The price of this machine is estimated to be $20,000 which is difficult to purchase for the home.

1. Javabot @ the Roasting Plant:

Most Expensive Coffee Machine in the WorldJavabot is a very high-class machine that is found in a different restaurant of America. It is the most expensive coffee machine in the world as its price is $1 million. The coffee made by this machine is very tasty and fluffy which is loved by everyone. It can store the coffee beans for a long period and portable that can be taken with the person. The beans used in it are either grounded or packed.

List of Most Expensive Coffee Machines in the World

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Javabot @ the Roasting plant $ 1 Million
2 The Siphon Bar @ the Blue bottle cafe $ 20000
3 The Rancilio Classe 10 $ 18500
4 The Elegant Elektra Belle Epoque Coffee machine $ 18200
5 Franke Evolution 1 step $ 18000
6 Concordia Integra $ 14950
7 Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Semi-Auto Espresso Machine $ 13500
8 The Fully Automated Astra 2000 $ 12500
9 The Bunn Tiger XL Super-Auto Espresso Machine $ 12000
10 The Blossom One $ 11111


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive coffee machines in the world is given according to the price of these machines in the market. Some of these machines are very luxurious and high classes that are affordable for big restaurants not for home use. Coffee is loved by everyone in the world, and most of the people wanted to make it in their home. The automatic machines are very easy to use and comfortable for the people.

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