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Top 10 Most Expensive Writing Instruments Available in the Market

Top 10 Most Expensive Writing Instruments Available in the Market

Most of the educated people of the world love to write, and they have to write for different reasons either for study or their business. It is said that in the modern society now, writing is considered as an ordinary thing not very special one as literacy rate is increasing with the passage of time. In past, a writing was a very rare thing which was considered as the passion of elite class, and all other classes of society have nothing to do with writing which was a bad concept. With the invention of technology and awareness among the people, the writing instruments are increasing in the world with every single day passing. There are many instruments available in the market which can be used for writing and are available at different prices. Every person has different preferences in their life for writing which is according to their standard of living and needs as well. Modern technology is continuously working to introduce something new to the people especially for writing and making it easy for them.
The following are top 10 most expensive writing instruments available in the market:

10. Most expensive notebook:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Writing Instruments Available in the MarketMost of the people are sick of writing on tablets and computers, so it is the best option for them to make a fashionable notebook for them. The most expensive notebook of the world was to none other than Bill Gates, who purchased it in 1994 for $30.8 million. It was written by Leonardo da Vinci and was about astrology and astronomy. It was a very special book and full of knowledge that is the reason its price was very high which included it in this list and will be remembered for the rest of the life.

9. Most expensive tablet:

Top Ten Most Expensive Writing Instruments Available in the MarketA Tablet is quite the latest invention of latest technology and has taken the whole world by a storm and became very famous in very less time. It is considered as the best replacement of desktop computers and laptops as it is very handy and portable. The latest most expensive tablet was introduced by Microsoft`s surface pro which was sold for the whopping price of $899. It was most expensive because the cheapest tablet of India was available at the price of $20 by Datawind.

8. Most valuable ancient tablet:

Top Ten Expensive Writing Instruments Available in the MarketCuneiform tablets were the ancient tablets introduced in the world for the practice of writing. They were very expensive when purchased legally as it is said that a cuneiform tablet was sold for the high price of $10,000 in an auction conducted in the 4th century. But when purchased illegally they were totally affordable and quite cheap as well even at $10. But the fake tablets were also controlled by police and their owners were even arrested which worst thing was happening in purchasing them illegally.

7. Printer Ink-The world’s most expensive liquid:

Top 10 Most Expensive Writing Instruments Available in the MarketThe printer is quite a common and important thing which can be seen at every home. But the shocking face about printers is that when its cartridges are filled with a most expensive liquid in the world. The black ink costs almost $5,544 for each liter, and colored ink costs $5,654 per liter which is shocking. All these expensive inks are made from special materials like penicillin and human blood which makes it precious, and that is the reason the painting and manuscripts made from them are very expensive as they are worth it.

6. Most Expensive Typewriter:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Writing Instruments Available in the MarketMost of the modern people don’t use typewriter neither they have seen them in their lives, but they were quite famous in past when there was no other writing instrument available for the people. The most expensive typewriter of the world was sold at an auction at the price of $254,500 named Lettera 32 Olivetti manual machine. It was owned by Cormac McCarthy who has written many famous and successful books like The Road, No Country for old men, etc. that is the reason it was more precious for the world.

5. Most expensive Keyboard:

Top Five Most Expensive Writing Instruments Available in the MarketEvery person in the world has used desktop computers at some time with which keyboard is quite an important part. The most expensive keyboard of the world called Happy Hacking keyboard professional HP Japan was sold at the price of $4,240. It was the most comfortable keyboard which was also customized according to the typing needs of the users. It was also made with gold to make it precious and provides you the feeling of typing on the gold which is very luxurious feeling.

4. Most Expensive Computer:

Top 5 Most Expensive Writing Instruments Available in the MarketSome of the people in the world are not much up to date that they are using and are still stuck on desktop computers. The most expensive computer of the world was sold for the price of $15 million which is a quite shocking thing for most the people. It was created by the collaboration of NASA and Google to create it and was made with much advance technology that was considered 3600 times faster than the normal one which is an amazing thing. It was the most modern version of computers available in the market.

3. Most expensive pencil:

Top Three Most Expensive Writing Instruments Available in the MarketA pencil is very common writing instrument which every single starts the school period with it. But most expensive pencil of the world is called Faber-Catell perfect pencil which was made in a limited edition as it was made from 18 carat gold and olive wood which was 240 years old. It was sold for the high price of $12,800. It comes with built-in eraser and sharpener in it. It was also equipped with 3 diamonds to complete its look.

2. Most expensive ball point pen:

Top 3 Most Expensive Writing Instruments Available in the MarketSome people think that fountain pens are messy sometimes. But it is still considered as the best writing instrument available in the market. The most expensive ball pen was called Mont Blanc ball point which was sold for the high price of $730,000. It was also very beautiful as looks like some beautiful jewelry item rather than a pen which was the best feature to own a luxurious pen for writing.

1. Most expensive pen:

Most Expensive Writing Instrument Available in the MarketTechnology has introduced much more for writing even more than the expectations of people but still some people are fond of pens. The most expensive pen of the world was called Fulgor Nocturnus which was created by the known pen maker Tibaldi of Florence and was sold at auction in China for the whopping price of $8 million. It was studded with 123 rubies and 945 precious black diamonds, which increased its beauty and made it most luxurious pen of the world.

Most Expensive Writing Instruments – Top Rated

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Most expensive pen $ 8 Million
2 Most expensive ball point pen $ 730000
3 Most expensive pencil $ 12800
4 Most luxury computer $ 15 Million
5 Most luxury keyboard $ 4240
6 Most luxury typewriter $ 254500
7 Printer Ink- the world’s most luxury liquid $ 5654
8 Most valuable ancient tablet $ 10000
9 Most luxury modern tablet $ 899
10 Most luxury notebook $ 30.8 Million


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive writing instruments is given according to the estimated value of these things. Writing is quite important, and common act of the world, and several things are used for it. All these writing instruments are used by the people at different times and are common as well. The luxurious and expensive ones have market the history with their whopping values because of their specialties.