Expensive Coffees

There are many types of drinks available in the world that is used by the people. Coffee is one of the most famous drinks in the world and commonly used all around the world as well. We all know that Caffeine is added for many different things like food, drinks and even in desserts as well. Most of the people in the world does not consider caffeine a drug and they don’t realize this thing about it. With the passage of time, the use of joe is increasing in the world and is becoming the economic staple all over the world. The production of coffee is done in more than 70 countries of the world and consumed as well. It is used on many different occasions like dinners, wedding ceremonies and even in breakfast. Some people think it is stimulant and help in digestion of food. There are different kinds of coffees available in the market that belongs to different brands as well. There are many production methods for the cultivation of coffee in the world. The price of these coffees differs according to the quality and their taste as well.
The following are top 10 best coffees in the world:

10. Coffee Yauco Selecto AA (Puerto Rico):

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Coffees in the WorldPuerto Rico is famous for its best crop that is java that is famous all over the world and is considered as their economic staple. Yauco Selecto is the best because of their different techniques of cultivation and natural elements as well. There is high rainfall in Puerto, which increased its production. Their java has different and specific flavor because of its soil and techniques used to it. The bean of this joe has mild chocolate flavor and buttery taste as well which is the reason it is loved in the world. The price of Yauco Selecto AA is $24 for each pound.

9. Starbucks Rwanda Blue Bourbon (Rwanada):

Top Ten Most Expensive Coffees in the WorldBourbon is a type of coffee Arabica and is used all over the world. Starbucks Rwanda is famous because of its different taste that is the perfect combination of the cherry, butter and nuts as well. Rwanda is famous and best for the cultivation of different types of joe. Their java is exported all over the world for all the java lovers and to reach the global coffee market. It is the primary crop of Rwanda on which they are relying and stabilizing their economy as well. The packing of this joe is very attractive in bright colors like black and pink. The price of Bourbon is $24 per pound.

8. Mi Esperanza Coffee (Honduras):

Top Ten Expensive Coffees in the WorldHonduras is the java that is being produced in Central America but is available all over the world. It is getting famous day by day and becoming the leader in the coffee market. The price of this joe in an international market is almost $35 for each pound. Honduras is made with natural ingredients and flavors as well as it has the flavors of chocolate, nuts and spices as well. Honduras has no bitter taste and best aroma as well.

7. Los Planes (El Salvador):

Top 10 Most Expensive Coffees in the WorldLos Planes is the famous coffee of El Salvador, which is used all around the world. Las Planes has also won the award in 2006 as Cup of Excellence which made it more successful. It has more famous because of its unique taste as it has the combination of brown sugar and caramel as well. The price of this java is almost $40 for each pound. The joe lovers in the world are willing to spend this high amount to grab the best coffee in the world.

6. Blue Mountain (Jamaica):

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Coffees in the WorldBlue Mountain is famous all over the world because of its excellent taste and the aroma of it. The price of this best java is almost $49 per pound. Almost 80% of this joe is imported to Japan due to its increased demand there. It is mainly grown on land above sea level where the ratio of rainfall is high to increase its production. It has the best flavors of cherries which is very different taste in coffee. The packing of this java is done in a very different manner with a tag of the brand.

5. Fazenda Santa Ines (Brazil):

Top Five Most Expensive Coffees in the WorldFarenda Santa Ines is very traditional kind of java which is being operated by the family for many years and is using traditional ways for its cultivation as well. The best feature of this joe is its quality that cannot be compared with any other. The price of this joe is almost $50 for each pound. The fertile soil and natural minerals under land enhanced its taste and made it different. It has the best taste of caramel and berries as well.

4. Molokai Coffee (Hawaii):

Top 5 Most Expensive Coffees in the WorldHawaii is the best place for the cultivation of java because of its climate and the conditions for its cultivation. It is considered as the world famous coffee in the world. It is cultivated in Hawaii on the 500 acres of land suitable for it. It has the best floral aroma and berry and caramel taste as well. The brand further finishes it with chocolate that enhanced its taste furthermore. It can be purchased from many websites online easily at the price of $51 for each pound.

3. St. Helena Coffee (St. Helena):

Top Three Most Expensive Coffees in the WorldSt. Helena is very different kind of java which has unique taste and aroma as well. It is cultivated in Africa as java needs a suitable environment for the production of joe. It is expensive java but still their lovers are willing to spend $79 for each pound to grab the best one. It is of very high quality and the different taste of the floral and citrus enhanced its taste and aroma as well.

2. Luwak Coffee (Indonesia):

Top 3 Most Expensive Coffees in the WorldLuwak is the best option for the digestion problems. The coffee is produced inside the animal that is of a very different kind and provides different taste as well. The animal eats different foods that in return provide the different taste in the coffee produced from them. The price of this coffee is $160 for each pound. The look of this coffee is unique and its taste as well which is loved by the coffee lovers.

1. Hacienda La Esmeralda (Panama):

Most Expensive Coffee in the WorldHacienda La Esmeralda has been awarded the best coffee since 2004 which is a big achievement for the brand. The price of this coffee is almost $350 for each pound that is the most expensive coffee in the world. Its cultivation is done in small quantity because it is expensive, so its consumption is less in the world. It is very rare and cannot be easily found in the world as many people cannot afford it as well.


List of Top Ten Most Expensive Coffees

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Hacienda La Esmerald $ 350
2 Luwak (Indonesia) $ 160
3 St. Helena (St. Helena) $ 79
4 Molokai Coffee (Hawaii) $ 51
5 Farenda Santa Ines (Brazil) $ 50
6 Blue Mountain (Jamaica) $ 49
7 Los Planes (El Salvador) $ 40
8 Mi Esperanza Coffee (Honduras) $ 35
9 Starbucks Rwanda Blue Bourbon (Rwanda) $ 24
10 Coffee Yauco Selecto AA (Puerto Rico) $ 24


The above ranking of the coffee is given according to the price of the coffees available in the world for each pound. Coffee is consumed all over the world and loved by the people. All these coffees are of the best quality and are available at high prices that are not affordable for everyone but still coffee lovers are willing to spend high prices to grab the best ones. Some types of coffees are very rare as well cannot be found easily in the world.

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