Luxurious and Expensive Bathtubs

Everyone knows that bathtubs are a very important item of every house. Bathtubs are very useful in every bathroom that are very large and luxurious as well. Most of the rich people can afford them in their homes because these are very expensive. The people with a high standard of living and living luxurious life have this at their home. There are many types of bathtubs available in the market among which some of them are normal ones while some are most expensive because of their luxurious look and space. People having large and luxurious homes should have this kind of luxurious bathtubs as well which further adds luxuries to their homes and enhance their standard of living. Some people wanted to have luxurious bathrooms and wanted to spend more on their bathrooms to make them comfortable. But these lavish bathrooms are only for the rich people who can easily afford them. The look of these expensive bathtubs are very stylish and made with material like glass that are very luxurious.
The following are top 10 luxurious bathtubs in the world:

10. Le Cob Glass Bathtub:

Top Ten Luxurious Bathtubs in the World Le Cob Glass is the bathtub that is made with many features of a pool. It is an unfussy bathtub that is very stylish and luxurious. It provides a relaxing effect on the people because of the perfect water flow in it and pebbles under the surface of tub provides a relaxing effect on the people. It is not very big one that is a good thing about it and can be easily kept in small bathrooms. It cleanses the body while bathing and is very comfortable one that is the reason people love to purchase it. The price of this luxurious bathtub is estimated to be $34,000 which is still expensive for a tub.

9. The Diamond Bathtub:

Top 10 Expensive Bathtubs in the WorldThe Diamond Bathtub was designed and created by Lori Garner. It is crafted especially with some traditional look that is very expensive. It is designed with almost 45,000 expensive and precious Swarovski stones that made it look beautiful and luxurious. It is designed perfectly and has a special iron claw for keeping feet whole talking a bath. It was made by special artists and took almost 3 years to its completion and some extra time for final finishing of this tub. The price of this bathtub is $39,000.

8. Red Diamond:

Top 10 Luxurious Bathtubs in the World The famous red diamond tub was designed by Aldo Puglielli. It was made with 18 carats of gold nuggets that are very expensive. It was made for the Water games technologies. It is very modern kind of bathtub which is made in multi-color lights and is waterproof. It is enhanced with the features of massaging and is further enhanced with the Swarovski stones that made it more luxurious and attractive for the people. The price of this high-class tub is $47,200. It has further television screens attached on both sides of the tub for the entertainment of the people while taking a bath.

7. Kallista Archeo Copper Bathtub:

Top Ten Expensive Bathtubs in the WorldKallista Archeo Copper Bathtub was a handmade tub by the same designers who restored the famous Status of Liberty. It is made from the pure copper and has a very classy look. It has large space that is almost 5 feet long and suitable for every person. It has large space and can easily accommodate the person of every height easily. It has a different kind of handheld shower which has a long pipe with it to carry it easily. The price of this bathtub is $67,557.

6. Serenity Bathtub:

Top 10 Most Luxurious Bathtubs in the World Serenity Bathtub is 2 feet long and very luxurious bathtub. It is very expensive one that has the price of $76,658. It is made and enhanced with the bronze color that is further decorated with gold and silver stones. It was made in limited number to make it precious thing for the world and people loved this bathtub and was in high demand in the whole world. It has very luxurious look best for the people with high standard of living.

5. Baldi Amethyst Bathtub:

Top Five Luxurious Bathtubs in the World Baldi Amethyst is the tub that comes in purple color and is very beautiful. It has 4 legs that are made from the pure 24 karat gold. It has its matching accessories like lotion, soap dish, etc. People in the world were curious about why this bathtub has very high price as it has many reasons for being expensive like the gold legs, luxurious accessories, etc. It is further enhanced with the diamond, ruby, sapphire and emeralds that are very rare stones of the world and has the price of $121,200.

4. Baldi Malachite Bathtub:

Top 5 Expensive Bathtubs in the WorldBaldi Malachite is the bathtub is made in a boat shape and is very luxurious one. It was designed by the famous Italian designer Luca Bojola which made it more expensive. It is made by using the pure turquoise malachite, and its legs are also made from the pure 24 carat gold that made it more expensive and enhanced. Its price is $222,000 which is very expensive for a single bathtub, but still rich and classy people wanted to purchase it for their luxurious bathrooms.

3. The Baldi Rock Crystal Bathtub:

Luxurious and Expensive BathtubsThe Baldi Rock Crystal is the tub that was also designed by Luca Bojola and is very high-class one. It is designed in the style of Italy to make it look like the creation of Italian designers. It is enhanced with precious stones and diamonds. Only 2 pieces of this bathtub were made in the world and were purchased by the richest personalities of the world. The price of this tub is estimated to be $790,310 while another piece was purchased by the British Socialite at the price of $1,000,000 in 2011.

2. Golden Bathtub:

Top Three Expensive Bathtubs in the WorldGolden Bathtub was made from the pure gold and was specially made for the hotel of Japan to provide pleasure to their customers. It was only available for few hours due to some security problems. It was the main attraction for most of the people going to Japan and wanted to stay here. It was stolen in 2007 and is still not found and even has no witness. The value of this bathtub is estimated to be $987,000.

1. Le Grand Queen:

Luxurious and Expensive BathtubsLe Grand Queen is the bathtub that is made from Caijou, which is a very precious stone in the world. The stones are very rare which are not easily found in the world. It is designed by the famous designer Krapf and the shape given to this bathtub is Indonesian. It is considered as the most expensive bathtub of the world which was displayed for auction at the Dubai International Jewelry Festival and was sold at the price of $1,700,000.

List of Luxurious and Expensive Bathtubs in the World

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Le Grand Queen $ 1700000
2 Golden tub $ 987000
3 The Baldi Rock Crystal tub $ 790310
4 Baldi Malachite tub $ 222000
5 Baldi Amethyst tub $ 121200
6 Serenity tub $ 76658
7 Kallista Archeo Copper tub $ 67557
8 Red Diamond $ 47200
9 The Diamond tub $ 39000
10 Le Cob Glass tub $ 34000


The above ranking of the top 10 most expensive bathtubs in the world is given according to the prices of these bathtubs. All these bathtubs are made from the luxurious and precious material that enhanced the look of the bathtubs and were very expensive one. These are not affordable for everyone because of their high prices. The look of these bathtubs is very luxurious and perfect for a high standard of living people.

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