Most Expensive Birds

There are many different types of animals in the world like birds, lions, cats and dogs. Birds are a very beautiful animal that is the most demanded animals to be kept as a pet. There are many varieties of birds and are very attractive due to their colorful designs and features. Birds are available in both the prices as some are cheap while some of them are very expensive because they are rare in the world. Most of the pet lovers are willing to spend a large amount of money to get their beautiful and furry pets. Birds are considered as the most beautiful creation or animals in the whole world. Birds have different sizes and can be seen almost all around the globe. The expensive birds are precious for the whole world and are difficult to see in the world by the normal people. Keeping the most expensive birds is very difficult for everyone but rich people love to own them as they can afford them. Birds are very attractive, and their colors depict the perfect creature made by God.
The following are top 10 most expensive birds in the world which are very rare as well:

10. American Goldfinch:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Birds in the WorldAmerican Goldfinch is commonly known as the Eastern Goldfish, which is normally found only in North America. It is a small migratory fowl. It is said that this bird migrates towards North California during the breeding time and then they take their small babies to their home back to the green area. The beak of this fowl is conical and is eats the seeds that are taken from fruits. The price of this beautiful fowl is $765 and is very beautiful one. It comes in a beautiful color combination of black and yellow.

9. North Cardinal:

Top Ten Most Expensive Birds in the WorldNorth Cardinal is a very attractive fowl that is found in North and South America. It has the perfect red color. The beak of this fowl is cardinal gold and is commonly known as the cardinal bunting. The total length of this fowl is 12 centimeters and is the very light weight that is 85 grams. It is difficult to recognize as it also resembles another catholic fowl that is common in America. Their most favorite food is sunflower and sunlight for which they come out from their nests. The price of this North Cardinal fowl is $800.

8. Mountain Bluebird:

Top Ten Most Expensive BirdsMountain Bluebird is the bird that is recognized by its black and blue eyes. It is a very beautiful fowl because of its colors. It is medium size bird and the weight of this bird is 30 grams. It is very thin bird and has bright wings and the female version of this bird comes in dull blue color. It likes to eat small insects and insects are their main food. It also loves to eat berries and peanuts other than insects. The price of this mountain bluebird is estimated to be $850. The beauty of this fowl is worth seeing and attractive.

7. Northern Oriole:

Top 10 Most Expensive Birds in the WorldNorthern Oriole is the bird which indicates that it is the bird of northern areas of the world by its name. It is commonly called as the Baltimore oriole. It is a small bird that migrates from one place to another but loves to live only in northern areas. It moves towards maine in the breeding period and then returns after giving birth to their babies. It has very cool voice and sings in very impressive manner which is loved by most of the people. The price of this Northern Oriole is $850.

6. Scarlet Tanager:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Birds in the WorldScarlet Tanager is the bird that is an American bird and is medium in size. It is very genius kind of bird which belongs to the cardinal breed of birds. The physical feature of this bird totally resembles the cardinal bird. It comes in bright red color that has dark black wings. The body of this bird is olive and yellowish. The price of this Scarlet Tanager is $900 which is little expensive than some other available in the world.

5. Flamingo:

Top Five Most Expensive Birds in the WorldFlamingo is a wading bird that is commonly seen in America. It is mostly seen in pink color and looks very beautiful. Some of its species are also seen in the Caribbean. It is commonly called as Flamenco in the whole world. It can fly 35 miles in a single hour. The price of this bird called Flamingo is $1,000 and is very cute.

4. Hyacinth Macaw:

Top 5 Most Expensive Birds in the WorldHyacinth Macaw is considered as the largest flying parrot in the world which is commonly found in South America and East America. It has a very powerful beak that can easily crush seeds even coconuts as they are very hard. It is the fowl that has very high value from last 60 years. This animal was much famous in the world by the animated movie called Rio and was loved by the viewers. The price of this fowl is estimated to be $1,200.

3. Toucan:

Top Three Most Expensive Birds in the WorldToucan is the bird that is available in almost 40 different species in the world. It is commonly found in Southern Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean.  It is very famous bird due to its different colors and size. It has a very beautiful color scheme of the features that are black, yellow, with white patches. It is available at the price of $5,000 which is expensive but worth it because of its beauty.

2. Black Palm Cockatoo:

Top 3 Most Expensive Birds in the WorldBlack Palm Cockatoo is the bird that is available in different species and is very famous one. It is a very tall bird that has a total height of 60cm and has smoky gray feather and red spots on their head to enhance their beauty. This bird is mostly seen in the rainforests of Australia and New Guinea. The diet of this bird is very hard to find and is difficult to breed. The price of this beautiful bird is almost $16,000 which is very expensive.

1. Racing Pigeons:

Most Expensive Bird in the WorldRacing Pigeon is the bird which was displayed for auction in Belgian in 2013 and was sold at the high price of $6 million. It is the fastest bird in the whole world which also holds a record in the Olympian Usain Bolt. It is available at the price of $90,900 in the market. It is perfect breeding bird which is expensive to own and purchase.

List of Most Expensive Birds in the World

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Racing Pigeons $ 90900
2 Black Palm Cockatoo $ 16000
3 Toucan $ 5000
4 Hyacinth Macaw $ 1200
5 Flamingo $ 1000
6 Scarlet Tanager $ 900
7 Northern Oriole $ 850
8 Mountain Bluebird $ 850
9 North Cardinal $ 800
10 American Goldfinch $ 765


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive birds in the world is given according to the price of these best pet birds. Birds are the most beautiful creature in the world due to their attractive colors. Almost everyone in the world love birds and wanted to own them. All these birds are very expensive and are difficult to afford for everyone. All these birds have different colors and features which are their specialty.

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