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List of Top 10 Best Pet Birds

List of Top 10 Best Pet Birds

Most of the people love to keep pets to spend their extra time with them and to have some entertainment. People spend their time to taking care of them and feeding them. Birds are considered as the most beautiful creation of God in the world. Their beautiful nature and the intelligent features attract people towards them to keep them. Some of the pet birds like parrots also speak when they are properly trained and have the capabilities to repeat the words spoken by their owners. Birds are normally expensive to own and afford. The colors scheme of the birds is totally appealing and is the main attraction in them. They are also very cool and calm pets to be kept as they are friendly and not make much noise. Birds are easily available in markets at different prices. Most of the kids wanted to have birds as their pets which is little safe than all other pets for the kids. Here we will be talking about the best ones, not the expensive one as per their features and look.
The following are top 10 best pet birds in the world:

10. Pionus Parrots:

List of Top Ten Best Pet BirdsPionus Parrots are the one that have blue heads and got almost 2% votes among the best birds in the world. It is considered as the perfect pet that is very calm and does not scream. It is the parrot that is most of the time talking or quiet. This bird is a very well-behaved bird that loves to gain attention. It is difficult to feed them when they are small and are turned to 33 inches when fully grown up. It is not a very expensive bird to own and loves to eat vegetables. It is considered as the best and safe pet to be kept for the first time. It is very caring bird and calm. It is a small bird that does not need much space for living comfortably.

9. Quaker Parrots:

Top Ten Best Pet BirdsQuaker Parrot is a very beautiful bird that has gained almost 4% votes. These birds are very powerful and are illegal in some states of the world. It is quite favorite bird of most of the people and is the smallest bird. It is a very loud bird and is perfect talking bird that comes in different colors which is the best feature of this bird. It is very famous bird among all species of the birds. It is easy to keep them for the owners and love to play with all things like paper towels etc. It is not difficult to maintain and is the perfect one that is available in the limited budget.

8. Amazon Parrots:

 Top Ten Best Pet Birds in the WorldAmazon Parrots got almost 5% votes in the survey of best bird pets of the world. They are very affectionate and have strong personalities. They can learn languages very easily and have best body language. It loves to play all the time and also entertain their owners. It has two shades of green color that make it look attractive. They are commonly famous in the world with the name of Yellow-naped Amazon and are quite famous in the world due to their loving nature.

7. Poicephalus:

Top 10 Best Pet BirdsPoicephalus is the bird that received almost 6% votes among all pet birds. It is commonly famous with the named called Zoey because they are not very loud ones and are considered very decent. They are acrobats naturally, and it is very easy to train them as they are very intelligent. They have the personality similar to humans and are very entertaining. They are small as compared to other species and are quickly attached to their owners. They are easy to feed and maintain. They have different colors and are very appealing for the people especially kids.

6. Macaws:

List of Top 10 Best Pet BirdsMacaws are the birds that got 6% votes in the best pet birds of the world. They are available in two different colors that are gold and blue and are quite famous in the world. They are very smart and loving bird that also greets their owners at different times. It talks perfectly and clearly. It is not very common in the world because of small species and they have a huge personality. Their main food is vegetables and grains. The color scheme and the design of their body are amazing which is loved by the people and attract them towards it.

5. Conures:

Top Five Best Pet BirdsConures are the bird that are green-cheeked and received almost 7% votes among the best birds. It is very best birds that are considered as the best option for the people keeping pets for the first time. They are very loyal pets and can only speak some words. It is very smart and loving bird and is small in sizes that are easy to keep at home. It is expensive to purchase but affordable to maintain it. It is normally sitting quietly for the most of the time.

4. Cockatoos:

Top 5 Best Pet BirdsCockatoos are the bird that received almost 8% votes in total among the pet birds. They are commonly called as the umbrella cockatoo because of its design. They have all the best qualities of a bird, and they love their owners. It is very loving and gentle bird that is very intelligent and plays different tricks. They are one of the large birds and take care of their owners. They are little expensive, and everyone cannot afford them and it expensive to maintain as well because its food and toys are also expensive. They also follow all instructions of their owners.

3. Budgerigars:

Top Three Best Pet BirdsBudgerigars are commonly called as the Parakeets and gained 8% votes among the best birds. They have very playful nature and are very loving. They are expensive to purchase but easy to maintain. They have very small size and provide many benefits to their owners. They have a very low voice and are not harmful. They can be kept at small places because of their size and are very efficient. Most of the people are impressed by their taking capabilities and are a great company for playing and keeping them.

2. African Grey Parrots:

Top 3 Best Pet BirdsAfrican Grey parrots are on the 2nd position in the list of bird pet with 20% votes. It is a very intelligent bird and sensitive as well. They speak very clearly and are independent of owners as need treatment as a baby. It is very expensive to purchase, and its cage is also costly. The food and toys of this bird are also expensive so as a whole they are expensive to keep.

1. Cockatiels:

Best Pet BirdCockatiels are the best pet bird of the world that received 23% votes among all birds. It is the most favorite bird of all times and provides the charming experience of its owners. They are very affectionate for the owners and want to stay with them all the time. These are also consider as most expensive animals, and their care is also costly. It is very cute and the best pet bird available in the whole world.

List of Top 10 Best Pet Birds

Sr.No. Names Pet Voting
1 Cockatiels 23 %
2 African Grey Parrots 20 %
3 Budgerigars 8 %
4 Cockatoos 8 %
5 Conures 7 %
6 Macaws 6 %
7 Poicephalus 6 %
8 Amazon Parrots 5 %
9 Quaker Parrots 4 %
10 Pionus Parrots 2 %


The above ranking of top 10 best pet birds in the world is given according to the reviews taken from their owners in the world. Birds are very beautiful, and everyone loves to keep them as pets. All these birds explained above have different features and traits that are loved by the people, and some of them are cheap which are affordable for everyone. Some of them are easy to maintain and keep which are preferred by most of the people.