Expensive Bottled Waters in the World
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Today we will discuss top 10 most expensive bottled waters in the world. We as a whole realize that pure water is the issue of many individuals in a few nations. People are denied of pure water and are enduring numerous ailments because of undesirable drink. Individuals need to drink sullied water or channel water which is bad for well-being. The issues are expanding identified with water, so people are moving towards bottles water. Many organizations are working in this field as per the need of their clients like Nestle, Coke and numerous different organizations everywhere throughout the world. This filtered water is costly as organizations are influencing it and them to need to value it as indicated by their image picture. For the most part, individuals can’t manage the cost of this water because of high costs, so they are compelled to drink filthy water. These organizations assert that they work in many portions to make water unadulterated like filtration and taking it straightforwardly from the spring. A few organizations are attempting to make enhanced water like mint and so on. By perusing this article, you will have the capacity to think about best ten most expensive bottled waters in the world.
Here is the following top 10 most expensive bottled water in the world, which are as follow:

10. FINE – $5 PER 750 ML:

Fine waterThis water basically belongs to Japan. Japan is very famous all over the world due to many products. Their water is also very clean and pure as well perfect for a healthy life. The taste of their water is very different as the source of water is from a spring situated in mountains. It’s packing and bottle is very unique and stylish as well. Its price is about $5 per 750 ml which is expensive for a common man to afford it.


Tasmanian Rain bottlesThis brand basically belongs to Australia. We all know that Australia is very famous for the beautiful places and islands in it. Tasmania is an island situated in this country. This bottled water is made in this island and source of drink there is rain. Island has a large amount of rain by which water can be made. Water is collected directly in bottles from sky and then process is done on it. The style of the bottle is very unique and look like a wine bottle and very attractive. This bottled water is also very expensive.


Lauquen Artes Mineral Water 2This is the most pure and clean bottled water. The main source of this aqua is an aquifer that is located in some remote areas of Andes. People have more trust on it because of its purity and taste. The design of their bottle is very unique and it does not look like water. The price of per bottle is $6 which is very expensive for consumers but mostly people purchase this because of its quality and taste.

7. AQUA DECO -$12 PER 750ML:

Aquadeco bottlesAfter hearing the name Deco people think about decorations. That is completely shown by the bottle which is made up with very unique and attractive design. Its bottle more looks like a perfume bottle rather than bottled drink. It has not only an attractive style but also very well in taste. Its huge achievement is this drink brand won an award called Best spring water. This drink is basically from Canada. The main source of it is from natural springs which show the purity of the drink. This is also very expensive drink brand so cannot be affordable by everyone.

6. 10 THOUSAND BC- $14 PER 750 ML:

10 Thousand BC waterThis is basically a drink belongs to Canada. The main source of drink is from some distant places of Canada. The location is very far as it takes three days to visit their plant of filtration. That is the main reason for the cost of this product. As it is located far from the city so it is free from pollution and very clean. It is considered as the most clean and pure drink of the world. The design of its bottle is very classy and attracts many customers due to its look.

5. VEEN – $23 PER 750 ML:

Veen watersThis aqua basically belongs to Finland. Many experts have considered it pure and very fresh as well. This drink not only satisfies your thirst also boost up your energy level. They are offering this drink in many flavors as well. They have done diversification by introducing different flavors in drink. The design of their bottle is similar to many energy drinks as they are focusing to boost energy and satisfy thirst as well. The price of this drink is almost $23 which is not affordable for a common person and out of the reach of their pocket.

4. BLING – $40 PER 750ML:

Bling H2O bottlesAs its name shows Bling and has much shiny jewelry on it to satisfy the name and make it attractive. The bottles are usually made up of crystals. Bottles are closed with a cork like of champagne. When opened it is very fresh as well as very pure. This company believes that one day people will use Bling on their victory and special occasions instead of champagne. It is an expensive drink so not affordable by everyone.

3. FILLICO- $219 PER 750 ML:

Fillico waterThis water bottle looks like some royal piece. The bottles are made like a chess piece and have a gold crown at the top. They are mostly associating this water with some royal touch. This is basically working in Japan and very pure as well. Its price is about $219 which is very expensive not affordable by everyone. People purchase this product for their statues instead of its use and taste.


Kona Nigari WaterThis drink is made and sold in Japan. It has many qualities and benefits like it reduces weight, stress and improve skin color as well. The main source of water is mostly desalinated sea water which is collected from the deep sea. It is expensive but also provides many benefits so it can be afforded due to different benefits. The bottle is very simple not much stylish and attractive.


Acqua Di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani water bottlesIt is the world most expensive bottled water. This not only satisfies thirst but also empty the pocket because of high price. It basically belongs to France. The bottle of this drink is very unique and expensive as it is made up of 24 karat gold. Bottles of this drink come in a leather pouch. The drink inside it also contains 5 milligrams of gold dust which is very different from all other brands of drink. It is not affordable by everyone; only status conscious people purchase it.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Water Bottles at a Glance

Rank Bottle Price per 750 ml
1. Acqua Di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani $60,000
2. Kona Nigari Water $402
3. Fillico $219
4. Bling H2OTasmanian Rain $40
5. Veen $23
6. 10 Thousand BC $14
7. Aquadeco $12
8. Lauquen Artes Mineral Water $6
9. Tasmanian Rain $5
10. Fine $5
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