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Top 10 Luxurious Private Islands of Celebrities in the World

Top 10 Luxurious Private Islands of Celebrities in the World

Here we will talk about top 10 most luxurious private islands of celebrities in the world. We all know that celebrities are very rich because of their work. Their work is seen all over the world and has millions of fans around the globe. These celebrities are famous for their most expensive homes owned by them at expensive beautiful locations as well. They also like to spend their holidays at different places to enjoy their vacations and relax from their normal routines work. Everyone in this world deserves a holiday to relax of their regular routines. Mostly people wanted to spend their holidays in Europe and wanted to explore a new culture and places to get some different experience. Some of the richest celebrities of the world own private islands on which they like to spend their holidays and also provide this opportunity to their close friends as well. These celebrities need some privacy from the media and people, so private islands are best way to enjoy their vacations in this beautiful place. For going to these beautiful islands, celebrities use jets to fly there and some of the rich celebrities has own private jets for going there.
The following are top 10 most luxurious islands of famous celebrities in the world:

10. Eddie Murphy:

List of Top Ten Luxurious Private Islands of CelebritiesEddie Murphy has not recently purchased Private isle. He is very famous American actor and famous for his strong roles performed in many films. Eddie was also the owner of the Bahamian cay called Pearl which was also very expensive but later sold it in 2007 to the actor Rooster Cay. This luxurious isle purchased by Eddie at the price of $15 million. This islet is located in new Nassau and has a total area of 15 acres. This beautiful isle is considered as the best profitable business and  without any interruption of media Eddie can move to this islet at any time to spend his holidays.

9. Nicolas Cage:

Top Ten Most Luxurious Private Islands of CelebritiesIt is claimed in many newspapers that Nicolas Cage is the owner of Exumas Island. It was not a well developed isle but the actor was planning to develop it because there were many species of Iguana which are to be removed to live there safely. Nicolas purchased this isle in 2006. The famous magazine Private Islands Magazine that this islet is located new Nassau and was purchased at the price of $7 million. But recently in an interview the actor said that he is not going to purchase any other islet. It is a very beautiful isle and is famous because of the location of this islet.

8. Mel Gibson:

Top Ten Luxurious Islands of CelebritiesMel Gibson purchased the beautiful Mago Islet for the high tag price of $15 million in 2005. This islet is located in Fiji, which is the largest one of South Pacific, and the total area of this isle is 5400 acres. Mostly celebrities purchase different islands to make them a profitable place and rent them out at high prices. But Gibson did not purchase for this reason as love his islet and kept it in a perfect maintained way. Gibson has kept the look of the isle in a very natural way to have some natural environment. He has appointed caretakers to keep this islet well maintained, and he visits there to spend his holidays.

7. Tyler Perry:

Top 10 Most Luxurious Private Islands of CelebritiesTyler Perry has recently purchased White Bay Cay in about 2009. It is a very luxurious islet of 25 acres, and its location is The Bahamas. Tyler has done construction on this isle, and he made a home with a guest house on this islet. He has made many facilities on it like a tennis court, spa and many others as well. It is second isle purchased by the Perry. Tyler keeps its islands private and is not open for rent to the people. The facilities of this islet are the perfect luxuries for the actor.

6. David Copperfield:

List of Top 10 Most Luxurious Private Islands of CelebritiesDavid Copperfield is famous with the name of King of private islands. David owns 4 beautiful and large islands in The Bahamas at the price tag of almost $50 million. He has recently purchased a private island called Musha Cay that also serves as a resort. It is estimated by Forbes that it cost $37,000 t spend a night at this beautiful private island. It has many luxurious facilities on this island like 5villas, movie cinema and many others. It also provides the facility of ordering some special things like to see firework show you have to pay extra money.

5. Pamela Anderson:

Top Five Most Luxurious Private Islands of CelebritiesPamela Anderson is a very famous personality of television. Pamela was the wife of the famous rock star Tommy Lee, who bought her wife this private island in Dubai. Then Pamela turned that island into a resort and opened for the rental basis. Then in 2008, news was on television that Pamela is planning to make this island an Eco-friendly hotel. But the hotel has not been still constructed because of the lack of finances.

4. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill:

Top 5 Most Luxurious Private Islands of CelebritiesTim McGraw and Faith Hill is the best and a powerful couple of television. Both of them are the owners of the Bahamian island known as Goat Cay. Their island is located in Exumas and many celebrities like Oprah Winfrey; Johnny Depp, etc. came to this island to enjoy and spend their holidays. It is a well developed island and beautiful because of the sandy beaches on it. The price of this island is not clear, but it is sure that the couple must have spent a large amount on purchasing it. It is considered as the best place to live with your partner in a romantic way.

3. Shakira:

Top Three Most Luxurious Private Islands of CelebritiesShakira is very famous personality all around the world. Shakira purchased this beautiful island along with some close friends. She purchased Roger island and one in partnership with Bonds Cay. The total cost of the island is estimated to be $16 million and is located in The Bahamas. It is a large island of 700 acres with facilities like hotels, art galleries and beaches as well. The development of the island is still in progress. They are working to make it paradise for the people and celebrities as well.

2. Johnny Depp:

Top 3 Most Luxurious Private Islands of CelebritiesJohnny Depp purchased this beautiful island for his wife Amber Heard, which was her dream. He purchased an island called Hall Pond which is located in Exumas. The actor was shooting on this island for his film Pirates of the Caribbean and was in love with that. It is estimated by the Forbes that this island was purchased for the price of $3.6 million. It is very beautiful and pure island and is the best way to enjoy freedom.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio:

Most Luxury Island of CelebrityLeonardo DiCaprio purchased this island in 2005 with the price tag of $1.75 million. The location of this island is between Belize and Ambergris as well. It has the best natural environment. It is the island that is open to the public. At this island, there are many hotels and resorts. The ordinary people can enjoy the feeling of their beaches on this beautiful island by paying high amount to get the best experience.


List of Luxurious Private Islands of Celebrities

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Leonardo DiCaprio $ 1.75 Million
2 Johnny Depp $ 3.6 Million
3 Shakira $ 16 Million
4 Tim McGraw and Faith $ 22 Million
5 Pamela Anderson Expensive
6 David Copperfield $ 50 Million
7 Tyler Perry $ 72.5 Million
8 Mel Gibson $ 15 Million
9 Nicolas Cage $ 7 Million
10 Eddie Murphy $ 15 Million


The above ranking of the most expensive private islands purchased by celebrities is given according to the price paid to purchase them. All of the above-discussed islands are very luxurious and expensive as well. All of them are well-developed islands and are equipped with many facilities that as a whole make them luxurious. Some of them are open to the public on a rental basis by which everyone can enjoy the experience.