Most Valuable Effects Pedals

Music is loved by everyone in the world, and there are many different types of music like pop, slow, classical, jazz, etc. People had different taste in music and wanted to listen according to their taste and choice. There are many different instruments that are used for providing the exact sound to the song and complete it as well. Every musical instrument have some effects with it to make the song more appealing and provide it the desired tune. There are many best effects pedals in the world which are very historical and best in their performance available in the market. It also enhances the frequency of the songs and made them high-frequency sounds that are loved by the people especially the young generation. Some of them are used with guitars that are normally used by the latest pop singers to attract the young crowd of the world. There are many companies that are making the effects pedals for the music and to make it more appealing and interesting for all the listeners.
The following are top 10 valuable effects pedals in the world:

10. Vox Clyde McCoy Wah Wah:

List of Top Ten Most Valuable Effects Pedals in the WorldVox Clyde was designed for the emulation of the trumpet and was considered as the Holy Grail since it was produced. This effects pedal was made in the late sixties which mean it is very old and traditional one. It provides the best experience for the player, and its vocal tone is amazing which makes it strong competitor still in the market with the new ones. The price of this pedal is estimated to be ranging from $700 to $1100 in the local markets of the world. The look of this pedal is very normal one and in black color which is look like a small box.

9. Univox Uni-Vibe:

Top Ten Most Valuable Effects Pedals in the WorldUnivox Uni-Vibe is very popular in the whole world. It is a rotary speaker for all its keys on it. It is made with perfect performance and can sense the signals of the rock guitars of the early seventies. It performs in high frequency and provides the maximum volume to the song that is a treat to listen the songs. It is very grand pedals that is available at the price of $1500 and also has mint pieces with it. It is a kind of small box which has different buttons on it for different tunes. Univox is a famous brand for their best pedals of the music.

8. Tycobrahe Octavia:

Top Ten Valuable Effects Pedals in the WorldTycobrahe got the name Octavia, and this company is famous because it has never copyrighted its name, and all its production models came up with different names to attract music lovers of the world. It is considered as the best option for the big guitarists of the universe and will surely make their song a big hit. It was also used for the famous music of the seventies and is still in very good condition. The price of Tycobrahe Octavia is almost $1300. It is kind of a small box which has only 3 revolving buttons on it to set the sounds and frequency.

7. Roland Space Echo:

Top 10 Most Valuable Effects Pedals in the WorldRoland Space Echo is a tape echo system that provides the best atmosphere for different songs, high frequency, and motor speeds as well. These pedals were in high demand by the people and many big musicians of the world also demanded this at that time which made it more famous. Roland has many different models and versions in the whole market, and the price of this Roland Space Echo is $1000 or more than this. It seems like a whole system and with many different functions in it.

6. Mu-Tron Bi-Phase & Flanger:

List of Top 10 Most Valuable Effects Pedals in the WorldMu-Tron is a famous brand for different musical products and has made many pedals with different models since seventies. This Bi—Phase was the best one that has the stereo features, control system and also provides the beats for the rock music. It is always in big demand by the people. The Flanger is now getting very rare in the world, and its price is almost $1800. Its look is like a big box that has different buttons on it which can be used according to the type of song.

5. Maestro Echoplex EP-1:

Top Five Most Valuable Effects Pedals in the WorldMaestro Echoplex was introduced in the world in the fifties and was made an amplifier but later on echo pedal was made from that. It is made with built in a slap in it which is loved by the musicians like Scotty Moore etc. It made history because of its use and performance in the world. It can enhance the signals of guitars and boost the frequency of the music as well. It is very difficult to find in the market now, and its price is estimated to be $1000.

4. Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive:

Top 5 Most Valuable Effects Pedals in the WorldKlon itself is a legendary name in all music instruments of the world. Everyone in the universe especially all musicians is well aware of its name and this product is in high demand. It can make the song a modern classic and has the tone booster. It is not very commonly available in the world as its a rare one. It is enclosed in a gold case that makes its look grand. The price of this luxurious pedal is $2000 which is an expensive one as it is also packed in expensive packing.

3. Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face:

Top Three Most Valuable Effects Pedals in the WorldDallas-Arbiter is considered as a true legend in the field of music because of its performance. It is made with a simple circuit and further combined with transistors that provide the best experience to the guitarists. It has a market history because of its use in different songs. There are many versions of Fuzz Face available in the market, and its price is estimated to be $1800. It is very small pedal that has only three buttons on it and is easy to use by people which is the best thing loved it.

2. Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster:

Top 3 Most Valuable Effects Pedals in the WorldDallas Rangemaster is very valuable one that is still present in the market and is very expensive as its price is estimated to be $2500. It is made with a perfect circuit that is the reason it is used by many legendary players. It was mainly used in the eighties and was very common at that time. It is expensive because of its best quality and performance and is now very difficult to find in the market because it is very rare.

1. Binson Echorec:

Most Valuable Effects Pedal in the WorldThe Echorec is the best one in the whole world which is the most valuable and rare as well. It provides the best experience to all musicians and music lovers of the world. It is a masterpiece that played a big role in the music movement of the world. The price of this pedal is estimated to be $2500. But the sad thing is that it is not available in the market.

List of Most Valuable Effects Pedals in the World

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Binson Echorec $ 2500
2 Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster $ 2500
3 Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face $ 1800
4 Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive $ 2000
5 Maestro Echoplex EP-1 $ 1000
6 Mu—Tron Bi-Phase & Flanger $ 1800
7 Roland Space Echo $ 1000
8 Tycobrahe Octavia $ 1300
9 Univox Uni-Vibe $ 1500
10 Vox Clyde McCoy Wah Wah $ 1100


The above ranking of top 10 most valuable effects pedals is given according to their prices and their performance as well. All these have the best quality and perform amazingly. Almost all these are still in the market, but some of them are now rare in the world. These are very important ones to complete the tune of the songs and to make them more attractive and then loved by the people in the world.

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