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Top 10 Most Expensive Magazines in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Magazines in the World
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Here you will come to know about top 10 most expensive magazines in the world. We all know that trends are much changed in the world and people are more focused towards their entertainment field. Mostly people read and purchase magazines to get some knowledge about latest trends of fashion and different interiors as well. These Most Expensive Magazines in the World are big source of latest fashion and trends in society. Some people prefer to have permanent magazine subscription to get them regularly for the whole year while some people prefer to read free magazine subscriptions online to avoid the cost of purchasing them. Magazines are made with different contents and lifestyles as well. According to the latest survey, almost 400 million magazines are sold every year which generate large amount of money which is $10 billion and shows the interest of people. Some magazines also cover interviews and life stories of famous celebrities to engage their fans in them. These days, magazines are more famous then newspapers as they cover all aspects of daily life like health, entertainment, horoscopes and many others as well. There are different kinds of magazines so that readers can purchase according to their interests.
The following are top 10 most expensive magazines in the world:

10. Saveur:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Magazines in the WorldAs the name shows, this journal is basically of food and different recipes of food. It only issues about 9 issues during the whole year and the price of each issue is almost $45 per journal. This is considered as the best journal for food. It offers recipes of all food from the world and most famous dishes as well. This is the best journal for people who are fond of make food. It also offers subscription for the whole year to grab this luxurious and yummy journal which is full of food items.

9. Unique Homes:

Top Ten Most Expensive Magazines in the WorldAgain the name of this journal shows about the content of the magazine. It is very helpful journal full of guidance about the interior of house and also real estate information in USA and some other parts of the world as well. This journal publishes about 6 issues in each year and is full of information about homes available on rent and sale as well which is very helpful for the people looking for them. This is the best option for people searching luxurious homes for them. It is considered as the symbol of luxuries in terms of homes. The price of this journal is almost $47.94 each magazine.

8. Upscale Living:

Top Ten Expensive Magazines in the WorldIt is best journal for people searching for some luxurious taste for home décor. It is considered as the most luxurious journal for home décor. It publishes about 4 issues in a year and every issue comes with some different features of home décor, automobiles and traveling destinations as well. The readers of this journal cannot ask for something different or more luxurious journal for providing them guidelines. The Price of each issue is $50. It is very famous because of its cover photos of famous celebrities and professionals as well.

7. Architectural Digest:

Top 10 Expensive Magazines in the WorldAs the name shows, it is very famous magazine which is full of architecture and home designs as well. It is basically a monthly magazine which is famous for some luxurious designs for home décor and interior of home. This is the best magazine for people who are fond of home decor and making their home look more beautiful and attractive as well. It is also one of the oldest magazines which were introduced in the market in about 1920. It is best luxurious and niche magazine in the world for home décor. The price of this luxurious magazine is almost $71.40.

6. s:

TOp Ten World Most Expensive MagazinesMostly magazines focus to keep names according to the content shown in the magazine. As its name also shows that it is full of information about cars and specifications. It publishes 6 issues during a year and price of each issue is almost $102. It is very expensive to spend this amount for a magazine. This luxurious magazine covers more expensive cars and heavy bikes as well. It not only shows the pictures and specifications but also the reviews of people which have used them. It is the best magazine for all automobile lovers and which are fond of them.

5. Robb Report:

Top Five Most Expensive Magazines in the WorldIt is best magazine in terms of luxurious living and lifestyle as well. It is also very expensive as well as its price is almost $108.88. It is best magazine as it covers almost all aspects of life like cars, jewelry, travel destinations, automobiles as well. It publishes about 12 issues every year as 1 issue in every month with all latest trends and updates as well. The cover of this magazine is very luxurious and different as well which attracts more readers towards it.

4. Willmott:

Top 5 Expensive Magazines in the WorldIt is the best magazine for people searching for more educational information. It is full of articles about latest researches, analysis and financial models as well. It is not easily understandable for everyone as it is technical. Mostly people think that this magazine is like a teacher as it answers all the answers of readers. It publishes about 6 issues during one month which are available in annual subscription of almost $650 which is very expensive but all technical people don’t mind to spend to obtain a magazine full of information. It also provides some discount offers to make them affordable for everyone.

3. Fine Exclusive:

Top Three Most Expensive Magazine in the WorldIt is basically belongs to Finland and is distributed to almost all parts of the world. It is full of information about classic wine and champagne available all over the world. It is not available at subscription but readers have to pay on each issue of it. Mostly people prefer its online copies from their official website. It also provides information about some rare wines and their use all over the world. The price of this informative magazine is almost $679.45.

2. Nomenus Quarterly:

Top 3 Most Expensive Magazines in the WorldIt is very famous and successful art magazine. Some years ago, it only focuses to provide the unseen pictures and paintings to the readers. It is very expensive magazine which is available at high price tag of almost $6,500. It also publishes some different and authentic information from many professionals and experts to provide real information to all its readers as they are paying large amount to grab this magazine.

1. Kohl:

Most Expensive Magazine in the WorldIt is the most famous and expensive magazine of UAE and full of fashion and lifestyle as well. It mostly target Asian women and their trends are shown in it. Recently they teamed up with Damas to create some attractive and different cover for their magazine. On the cover of this magazine, famous Indian actress Katrina Kaif was seen which was basically handmade and made with gold and diamonds as well. It was also displayed on the store of Damas and was auctioned as well in about 2008. Its price was $10,000.

List of Most Expensive Magazines in the World

Sr.No. Names Dollar $ Amount
1 Kohl 10,000
2 Nomenus Quarterly 6,500
3 Fine Exclusive 679.45
4 Wilmott 650
5 Robb Report 108.88
6 Super Motors 102
7 Architectural Digest 71.40
8 Upscale Living 50
9 Unique Homes 47.94
10 Saveur 45


We conclude that people are now more focused towards magazines and love to read them. Nowadays latest magazines are full of modern information about fashion and different trends in the market as that people can get information about them. All these magazines are very different in nature and content as well but are very expensive as well. These art magazines are not easily affordable for everyone but more focused readers are ready to pay more amounts to grab them.