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Top 10 Most Famous Artists Belong to Folk Art

Top 10 Most Famous Artists Belong to Folk Art

Some art forms are always associated with past and which has strong roots related to the culture of different countries. Music is quite an important thing in the world which is very big entertainment for the people. Folk music is very interesting thing which is very traditional thing and with the passage of time, its culture is decreasing. People are not more focused towards other forms of music rather than folk. Many folk artists are famous for their own times because of their attractive and entertaining songs. It is said that all music is folk music. These artists have huge associated with this form of music and affection and working to provide entertainment for the people. These folk music artists have still bright name in the world because of their remarkable performance in this field. These artists are the base of folk music in the world and have also won different awards for their performances. Some instruments are also associated with folk music and used especially with it rather than some other forms of music.
The following are top 10 most famous artists belong to folk art in the whole world:

10. Shel Silverstein:

List of Top Ten Most Famous Artists Belong to Folk ArtShel Silverstein was basically a multi-faceted artist who was not only known for his music but also his children books. He has done major contribution to the world of folk music. He has very gravely and attractive voice which attracts people towards it. His sense of humor was also best which made him very successful in the world. He has given many big hits to the world and multiple albums of melody and is also named as one of the most famous folk artists of the world at all times. His all songs were instant hit in the world and have millions of fans all around the globe.

9. Peter, Paul and Mary:

Top Ten Most Famous Artists Belong to Folk ArtPeter, Paul and Mary are the best folk band and were called as the pinnacle of folk industry only because of their first album which made him famous. Their first song called Puff the Magic Dragon was released in 1963 which provide the feeling of protests and riots to the listeners according to the specific era. They made their band on the basis of their friendship and were very successful for them.

8. The Highwaymen:

Top Ten Famous Artists Belong to Folk ArtThe Highwaymen were a band which has the perfect combination of geniuses of music and best folk instruments. They have given a big hit which topped the chart of hits songs in 1985 and made them known in the whole world which was made with the lyrics of I May come back as a single drop of rain. This only song captured the whole audience from the world which were hoping for the better and bright future and were aiming for that. Their group consists of 5 members who all were best in terms of music.

7. Leonard Cohen:

Top 10 Most Famous Artists Belong to Folk ArtLeonard Cohen was not only a best folk artist but also painter, songwriter, novelist and poet as well and he belongs to Canada. His name was also included in Hall of fame of Canada and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in America. He was considered as the king of folk music in 60`s and 70`s as well. The lyrics of his songs were very poetic which amazed the whole world and made him successful in the whole world. He was very serious and emotional artist.

6. Crosby, Stills and Nash:

List of Top 10 Most Famous Artists Belong to Folk ArtCrosby, Stills and Nash are considered as the greatest harmonies of folk melody ever in the world. Their whole group is considered as super group of folk melody which consists of many big artists. They also have a 4th member who later joins the group with the name Neil Young. They were famous for their political activism, vocal harmonies and lasting influence of their melody tunes. They have started their group in 1968 from the USA and still famous in the whole world because of their remarkable music. It is said that everything was amazing what they did.

5. Neil Young:

Top Five Most Famous Artists Belong to Folk ArtNeil Young was a musician and singer and belongs to Canada. He started his singing career from 1960 and started his band which was very successful in very less time. He was also included in Rock and Roll hall of fame because of his great music style and written songs. He introduced some deep lyrics in his song which took the whole world by a storm and made him successful. He also plays his guitar with singing and the songs written by him are considered as legendary.

4. Simon and Garfunkel:

Top 5 Most Famous Artists Belong to Folk ArtSimon & Garfunkel are a famous American folk artists and amazing songwriters as well. They started their folk career in 1957, and their albums were considered as the best-selling albums in the world. They have also done largest concert with the people of 500,000 which were a huge milestone for this band. They were also nominated for Brit Awards in 1977 and also ranked in 51th position in 500 greatest albums of all times.

3. Bob Dylan:

Top Three Most Famous Artists Belong to Folk ArtBob Dylan was basically an American writer, singer and songwriter as well. He was famous for his music and culture introduced his music for almost more than 5 decades. He has given many big hit albums for the listeners and also won different awards for those performances. He has also received Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012 by the President of America Barack Obama for his spectacular work in the field of music.

2. Arlo Guthrie:

Top 3 Most Famous Artists Belong to Folk ArtArlo Guthrie gained much success because of his first album which was a big hit called Alice`s Restaurant which was released right after his feather`s day and was released for the inspiration of anti-war activists of a young generation. He was called as the master musician in his way, and his father was Woody Guthrie. He was known in the world more because of the reputation of his father and attracted people towards his songs.

1. Woody Guthrie:

Most Famous Artist Belong to Folk ArtWoody Guthrie started his career from the radio station of California. He has made many big music albums and was named as the best folk artist of the world. He then started his group with different musicians of New York. They were also named as the most famous folk music group of the world. He has combined folk music, political and social elements in his music perfectly. Then his son was also introduced with this form of music and was always associated with the singing of his father.

Most Famous Artists Belong to Folk Art – Top Rated

Sr.No. Names
1 Woody Guthrie
2 Arlo Guthrie
3 Bob Dylan
4 Simon and Garfunkel
5 Neil Young
6 Crosby, Stills and Nash
7 Leonard Cohen
8 The Highwaymen
9 Peter, Paul and Mary
10 Shel Silverstein


Music is loved by everyone who has impressed the whole world and had millions of fans all over the world. There are many artists who are always associated with folk music and have marketed their name in the world. All these artists are still famous because of their exceptional work in the field of music and have given many hit albums for their fans.