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Most Expensive Purchases Made By Billionaires

Most Expensive Purchases Made By Billionaires

There are many rich people located all over the world which is involved in different businesses to earn that large amount in their life. Rich people are known to have luxurious lifestyle because they can afford everything in their life. Those people are much conscious about their lifestyle in the society and wanted to present themselves in best possible way. Many individuals in the community possessed a considerable amount of wealth and then are living high lifestyle.

The uppermost class of the society is considered as the billionaire class, and it is estimated that only 1800 people from 7 billion are included in the billionaire club. These billionaires are living and spending on many unnecessary things in life and are also known for donating a lot of charities who are living in poverty. They are known to be spending without thinking about them because they can afford everything in their life to maintain their standard of survival in the society and have made the news for this huge spending.
Here are the following top 10 most expensive purchases made by Billionaires in the world, which are as follow:

10. Sunglasses

Most Expensive Purchases Made By BillionairesMany people have seen sunglasses in the market, and even people are wearing them regularly, but this pair of sunglasses is not normal one because it is sold at the price tag of $383,609. Their price is much high because it is the product of the famous brand Dolce & Gabbana. It is the result which comes with the real gold frame and also enhanced with the precious diamonds to enhance its look. It is the one which was purchased by the richest members as they can afford it.

9. An Entire Skyscraper

Most Expensive Purchases Made By Billionaires EverIt is said that the value of everything depreciates in life, but it is the property of the person whose values does not decrease. Many individuals in the world own different properties at different locations. It is large home which includes large area and floors as well. ThisĀ is the place which is owned by the Indian Billionaire named Mukesh Ambani and includes in total 27 levels. It has employed almost 600 people for its take care and has the estimated value of $21 billion.

8. A Pair of Heels

Top Most Expensive Purchases Made By BillionairesPeople have always seen heels as the regular footwear which needs to be comfortable and safer for the walks. But this pair of heels is different one which is designed by the famous brand Louis Vuitton and is named as the most expensive heels made by this brand. It is the heels which are entirely manufactured from the solid gold and enhanced with the 2,200 diamonds which are estimated to be of 30 karats. The value of these heels is estimated to be $220,000.

7. A Yacht

Most Expensive Purchases Ever Made By BillionairesMostly people in the world love to do boating, fishing, and traveling in the water. This yacht is very huge in size and is owned by the Google ex CEO called Eric Schmidt who has paid almost $72.3 million dollars to purchase it. It has the capability to accommodate 19 people in it and is equipped with the significant facilities which includes disco, pools, gym and also the helipad which makes it the expensive option.

6. A Shark

Most Expensive Purchases Made By Billionaires Highly RatedSharks have been seen swimming in different big rivers and oceans from since 420 years ago. It is named as the greatest and fiercest predators in the world. There are people located in the world who have paid to get them to their desired places. In 2007 a fund manager named Steven Cohen has bought the shark with the value of $12 billion to keep in the tank of alcohol. The additional expenses on the shark are also very high especially to fulfill its food needs.

5. A Private Jet

Top Most Expensive Purchases Made By Billionaires EverMillions of people in the world love to travel to different places all over the world using different transport means. But few characters in the world can afford their private jets to go anywhere where they want without any tension and hassle. It is the private jet which is owned by the Russian Billionaire named Alisher Usmanov at the high amount of $350 to $500 million. It is named as the largest and luxurious private jet not only in Russia but also in Europe.

4. A Haircut

Top Expensive Purchases Made By BillionairesThis haircut is not the ordinary one but important because of its high price. It is estimated that a regular barber charges almost $30 for a simple haircut. But this is the haircut of the Sultan of Brunei who has chosen his barber named Ken Modestou who travels almost 7000 miles to cut his hair and charges approximately $20,000 for each new haircut. He is named as one of the richest people in the world with the net worth value of $20 billion.

3. A Space Shuttle

Most Expensive Purchases Made By Billionaires Ever Highly RatedRichard Branson is named as the famous and most loved billionaires located on this whole planet. He is the founder of the Maiden group who is the owner of almost 400 different companies. He has spent nearly $200 million to get a space shuttle which can accommodate eight passengers in it in the space for various tourism missions. The people traveling there need to pay almost $200,000 only for the single ticket which is not affordable for everyone only richest people can afford them.2.

2. A Clock:

Top Most Expensive Purchases Made By BillionairesWith the invention of latest technology, there are different latest products used by the people. The clock is named as the oldest invention made by the human beings that have gone through various latest changes in it. This is the different watch which was purchased by the Amazon founder called Jeff Bezos and had spent almost $42 million. It is expected to tell the time for nearly 10,000 years period.

1. A Book

Most Expensive Purchases Made By BillionairesBooks are read by everyone from many years and are the source of superior knowledge to the people. This book is very historical which includes the information of the whole civilized human history which is written by many people and includes all the topics which include history, economics, science, religion and many others. It is the books by the greatest mind of the history called Leonardo Da Vinco. It is named as the most valuable one because it only exists from the historical one which has the estimated value of $30.8 million and was purchased by Bill Gates.

Most Expensive Purchases Made By Billionaires – TopĀ Listed

Sr. No. Name Price
1 A Book $30.8 million
2 A Clock $42 million
3 A Space Shuttle $200 million
4 A Haircut $20 billion
5 A Private Jet $350 to $500 million
6 A Shark $12 billion
7 A Yacht $72.3 million
8 A Pair of Heels $220,000
9 An Entire Skyscraper $21 billion
10 Sunglasses $383,609