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In this article we will talk about top 10 most expensive jeans brands in the world. We all know that jeans are most important part of clothing in western countries but the trends are much changed and they are now famous in other countries as well. Mostly people think that wearing jeans make you more stylish and fashionable as well. They are now very famous all over the world and are mostly used by young generation as well. There are hundreds of brands which are making it for the people and are exporting them all over the world to reach more customers. The styles and designs are continuously changing according to the latest fashion and companies started to adopt them. There are also brands in market which are making it in very cheap price which are more purchased by the people. Mostly people associate price with quality, the price of high quality product is always high which is not always true. The cost of it depends upon the quality, name of brand, material used and labor as well. In this article we will talk about most expensive jeans brands in the world.
The following are top 10 most expensive jeans brands in the world:

10. 7 for all Mankind:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Jenz in the WorldIt is basically a denim brand which was introduced in the market in about 2000. It is also commonly called Seven Jeans. They started their business only with women clothes but now very vast. It not only makes it but many other clothing items as well like shorts, skirts and jackets as well. Their products are sold in more than 80 countries like Asia, Europe and many others. It is very famous and successful brand and are sold in big stores like Macy`s, Neiman Marcus etc. The most expensive jeans of this brand charges almost $298 which is very expensive for denim jeans.

9. APO Jeans:

Top 10 Most Expensive Jeanz in the WorldIt is very famous brand in terms of luxurious jeans. Their product comes up with silk pockets and further enhanced with precious stones, gold and diamonds as well which is the most appealing thing about this brand and their product can be used formally as well. This brand completely ensures that their all products are made with best material and they also work in customized products according to the needs and requirement of their customers which is most liked by the people. The most expensive product of this brand are $4,000 which is made with diamonds and gold on it.

8. Escada:

Top Ten Most Expensive jeans Brand in the WorldIt is basically an American brand which was introduced in the market in 1978. It is the best brand which offers its customers to customize the detailing of their product according to their requirements. Mostly people add buttons according to their needs like with a diamond as well. It also offers a different range of faded jeans as they are in latest fashion and demand as well. They also use precious stones and diamonds on their commodity to make them look more different and precious as well. The most expensive commodity of this brand charge almost $10,000 which has Swarovski stones on it as they are very precious and expensive as well.

7. Earnest Sewn Custom Fit:

World Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans BrandsAgain here comes as very famous brand which also offers their customers to have their customized product to make them look different. They also offer commodity with some stones and gold chains on them to make them more formal. This brand provides product on exact measurements and makes them fit on their waist. The most expensive product of this brand costs almost $1,000 which was made according to the requirements of the customers.

6. Levi Strauss & Co.501:

Top 10 Expensive Jeans Brands in the WorldIt is very famous brand and mostly called father of denim jeans. Their jeans are getting better as the time goes on. This brand has given a new name to the merchandise industry in the whole world. Their product can be seen in the wardrobe of every person. Their most expensive commodity was auctioned at very high price tag of $60,000 which cannot be imagine about jeans. Not their history ends here but their some other products were also sold at very high price of almost $36,000 and $46,000 as well.

5. Secret Circus:

Top Five Most Expensive Jeans Brands in the WorldIt is very famous brand all over the world in term of most luxurious jeans in the world. They have some different style and designs as well which is most liked by the people. Their products are very classy and are further enhanced with diamonds on pockets which is their unique style. They always come with some different and unique features in commodity. This is the only trademark whose commodities were sold for almost $1.3 million which is very high price and no other brand could match it in this.

4. Roberto Cavalli Jeans:

TOp 5 Most Expensie Jeans Brands in the WorldIt is very famous designer trademark and very expensive as well. All other brands in this list are manufacturers but this is famous designer. It is very famous brand for luxurious clothing brand in the world and their commodities are also very famous but are available at high price tag. This is the most famous brand in upper class. Their normal products are also equipped with some stones to make them formal. Their most expensive products were sold for $1,200. This brand is mostly purchased and used by famous celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker.

3. Dolce & Gabbana:

Top Three Most Expensive Jeans Brands in the WorldD & G is very famous luxurious trademark and needs no introduction. Their dungarees are available in different styles but at very high price tag. They also offer separate range of jeans in faded material like the material of denim. Their most famous trademark is butterfly which they normally used on their commodity. Their most expensive product cost almost $1,200. They also have their logo on the back pocket to make their products different and recognized as well.

2. Guess:

Top 3 Expensive Jeans Brands in the WorldGuess is very famous trademark all over the world. They are involved in making of different products and jeans as well. It is basically an American trademark. Their commodities are very different and come with different themes as well. This trademark exports their commodity in almost all parts of the world and loved by the people because of its well establish name of the brand.

1. Gucci:

Most Expensive Jeans Brand in the WorldNow Gucci jeans are considered as the most expensive product in the world. They are also named by Guinness World records as most expensive product in the world. The minimum price range of their commodity is almost $600. This brand basically started in about 1998. Their product come with very different style and designs as well. Their most expensive jeans is almost of $3,100.

List of Most Expensive Jeans Brands in the World:

Sr.No. Names
1 Gucci
2 Guess
3 Dolce & Gabbana
4 Roberto Cavalli Jeans
5 Secret Circus
6 Levi Strauss & Co.501
7 Earnest Sewn Custom Fit
8 Escada
9 APO Jeans
10 7 for all Mankind


We conclude that jeans are now mostly used everywhere in the world. In past, there were fewer trends of jeans but now trends are much changed. There are many brands in the world which are making jeans in all kinds of price some of them are with very high prices while some are at very low prices. Some brands also made records in terms of most expensive jeans in the world. All these jeans are not affordable for everyone due to their high price tag.

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